Normani Brooks

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Night of the Party


Bre had invited Shayla and me to her house to get ready for the party. While there, she finally explained what was going on with her and the whole Quez situation. She seemed like she was relieved to be sharing her problem with us, and from the looks of it, Quez was one obsessed dude, and we advised her to end it with him before it got worse.

The mood seemed to be getting down, so we quickly moved on from the Quez topic and were back focused on getting ready for the party. We showered, shaved, and did our hair and make-up. We even snuck up a small bottle of alcohol from the bar Bre had in her furnished basement. Once we were all done with the basics, it was time to get dressed. I walked over to my bag and pulled out my dress. “I went back to the mall and exchanged the all-black for the all-white.”

Bre and Shayla gasped in awe. “Omg, now that all white is nasty,” Shayla said, mugging her face.

“You will definitely be turning heads in that, sis,” Bre said.

“I cannot believe I’m about to wear this out in public,” I sighed.

Bre stepped out of the bathroom in her outfit “Omg, that is cuteeee,” I said, boosting her confidence.

“Is it too tight?” Bre asked.

“YES, it is perfectly tight,” Shayla said jokingly.

“Good,” Bre said, doing a cute spin to show off her full outfit, which was a full-body catsuit all black with some pink heels for pop effect and pink lipstick on her full lips.

Shayla was next to get fully dressed, and she wore some fitted jeans cut up in the front and back along her buttcheeks. A red halter top and a fresh pair of kicks to match. She looked hot, and we left her with tons of compliments. “I’m not even going ven ask how I look cause I know I slay ed” She sid spinning around, showing off her outfit.

“I can’t deal with you, girl,” Bre said, throwing her hands up at Shayla.

I noticed her butt was out very boldly, and I knew Rodney would lose his shit about it later. “You bucking tonight, I see. I hope you prepared for the hell that comes from your brother when he sees you,” I warned.

“Oh yes, ma’am,” She said, applying her lip gloss. “I got dressed to impress Chris. I’m not worried about my brother tonight.” She said smugly.

I went into the bathroom to get dressed. “Again, I can’t believe I’m going to this damn party,” I said as I closed the bathroom door.

“Just hurry up and get dressed so we can take pictures,” Shayla yells.

I step out of the bathroom in this tiny fitted white dress with the back out. I made sure to oil my body perfectly, seeing as most of my skin would be showing in this dress. “Oh god,” I said, walking to view myself in the mirror.“I don’t think this is right,” I sighed insecurely.

“Girl, you super thick in all the right places. Tall, big tits, and smart as shit, the guys are going to love you, and the girls are going to hate,” Shayla said, clapping her hands at my grand reveal.

“Yall are so crazy. I just am into my work and staying focus. I don’t want or need any guy... okay,” I said, rolling my eyes. “I’m only going because yall begged me, that’s it!” I reassured.

“Yea, but you were reluctant to go, but now since you and George doing whatever you and George doing, your more willing to go to the party, sis,” Bre said sarcastically.

I couldn’t even lie. I was excited to go to this party to see George. I would have never thought I would be this attracted to someone like him. “Whatever,” I said, trying to hide the huge smile I get at the mere mention of his name.

“Okay now, Normani, you got on this all-white. It won’t be long before you mess that up,” Bre cautioned.

“Yea, maybe you should have kept the black Nori. I feel like as soon as you ruin that dress, you will be trying to leave all early,” Shayla said sarcastically.

“Do I look like one of you clumsy mofos?” I said, still looking into the mirror.

“Well, alrighty, then Ms. Brooks, party on,” Bre said, rolling her eyes.

After everyone is dressed, Bre fixes everyone a cup of liquor, and they all take shots and pose for pictures.


“Jasmine, why the hell you keep playing with me? All these childish ass games,” I said, yelling into my phone.

“Rodney, I told you I do not know who that guy is,” Jasmine yells back.

“You lying. Why is the dude calling your phone then? how he get your number?” I asked angrily.

“How the fuck would I know, Rodney!” She snapped.

“Alright, Jasmine, cause you to think I’m crazy. Everybody told me about you, and I tried to look past your reputation and get to know you on a different level, but I see it was a waste of my damn time.” I hung up the phone.

I was so upset with her because I honestly did like the Girl. She was showing me different from what I had heard about her. When she gets with her bum ass friends, her personality changes, and I can’t for the life of me understand why she pretends to be something she’s not. My phone rang, and I snatched it back up off the table, thinking it was Jasmine, but it was George.

“Pulling up in 10 mins,” George said.

“Bet,” I said, hanging the phone back up.

I grabbed my wallet and headed out the door. When I got in the car with George, he immediately noticed the attitude I had. “you good bruh,” he asked concerningly.

“Yeah, man, I just broke it off with stupid ass Jasmine,” I said in a low tone.

“Bro, I know you not letting that brawd get you upset. On all days, today is not the day to be worried about that Girl. Especially when this party is about to bring the baddest of the baddest out to play tonight,” George said, dapping me up.

“You right, G, I’m good, bro,” I said, taking a deep breath to calm myself and forget about Jasmine.

George pulls out his phone and checks his social media to see if his party is the trending topic. As he scrolls Instagram, he sees a picture of Bre, Shayla, and Normani come up. “Oh damnnn,” he whisper.

“What’s that,” I asked curiously.

George had this big ass smile on his face and held his phone at an angle so I couldn’t see what he was looking at. “You gone be pissed if I show you this,” he said with a smirk on his face.

“What is it, bro, some bad bitches” I asked eagerly to see the picture.

“Ehh,” George said, shrugging his shoulders. “They are most definitely some bad bitches, and I mean no disrespect when I say bitches” he said, laughing.

I was getting annoyed because I didn’t understand why he was hesitating to show me the picture. I snatched his phone. “Bro, let me see shit.”

I was laughing until I realized the ladies in the picture were my sister and her friends. “I’m going to beat her ass, bro,” I retorted.

George thought the whole thing was hilarious. he couldn’t stop laughing. “Chill, bro, be cool,” he muttered in between laughter.

“G, my baby sister out here dressing like a hoe and heading to your party with her ass out for a bunch of dudes to try her,” I snapped. “I can’t be cool bro, hurry up and get to the party so I can send her ass home.”

“Damn bro, when you say it like that Normani looking good in that dress, dudes definitely are going to step and I can’t have that,” George said, sitting up in his seat and pressing on the gas.

“Normani...So you serious about that?” I asked him. I was not a supporter of him dealing with her.

“Yeah, at first, I was just harmlessly flirting, but something sparked, bro. It’s something about her that I really like,” George said.

“Yeah, whatever, just don’t play games with her, bro. She’s not like these other girls. She is a good one,” I reassured him.

“You saying this as her fake ass brother or something more, bro?” George asked jokingly, but I knew he was serious.

I didn’t want him to think my being protective of her was more than just that, so I reassured him that she is just a sister to me and I have to look out for her.“I know how you are with the ladies’ man, and I just don’t want her to get hurt, that’s it,” I said, holding my hand up for him to dap me.

“I got you, bro, I won’t hurt her,” He said, hitting his fist against mine.

“But Shalya...I’m killing dudes bout her,” I said with a firm tone.

“Hell yeah,” George agreed in laughter.

As they arrive at the Party, Rodney and G spot the rest of their friends awaiting their arrival. Rodney gets out of the car and greets Bo first. “Yall boys looking good,” he said, hugging Bo.

“Aye, man, you see this turnout. It’s crazy out here,” Bo said excitedly.

“Can y’all hurry up so we can get inside before all the pretty girls get taken?” Chris said anxiously.

Bo receives a phone call pulls the phone out of his pocket to see that it’s his baby mother “Damn, she gone try her hardest to ruin my night, man,” he said annoyingly.

“I’m glad I’m single with no kids. I don’t have to answer to nobody,” Chris said jokingly.

“Alright, let’s do this walkthrough. OG Drip Drip should be hitting the stage soon,” George said, adjusting his watch on his wrist. They all walk inside the building, and the line was wrapped around the building. His mom had security at every end of the building outside and inside.

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