Normani Brooks

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Party Night- No more secrets


I had been so caught up in dancing with Chris that I hadn’t noticed that Bre had left. I looked around to see if she was nearby but she was nowhere to be found. I pull Chris in and whisper in his ear that I needed to find my friends. He nods and grabs my hand as we make our way through the crowd. When we get out in the hall it felt like I could breathe again compared to inside the party because of how many people were actually there.

“Omg, fresh air” I sighed in relief.

“I’m actually really thirsty, all that dancing we were doing got my mouth dry,” he said

“Was it all the dancing or all the kissing?” I said jokingly.

“It’s crazy I haven’t seen Normani or Bre for a while. We came together so we have to party together.” I said looking around to see if they were in the hall where crowds of people seemed to be gathering.

“Sound like somebody fighting over there,” Chris says.

We both walk over to see what’s going on. As we make our way to the front of the crowd I could see a girl laying on the ground surrounded by four other girls.

“Is that Bre?” Chris yells out.

When I realized it was my friend laying on the ground all beat up and bleeding I couldn’t believe it. “BRE!” I shriek. I look around to actually paying attention to the faces of the people surrounding her and it’s Rika and Quez. Before I knew I was charging at Rika, yelling for Bre to get her ass up.

“Yall clown ass bitches couldn’t fight one on one?” I said snatching Rika to the ground by her hair and letting her have it.

As I’m fighting Rika one of her friends sneaks me from the back and I fall to the ground. The girl was standing over me about to attack.

“Oh, Shit! Shayla” Chris yells out. He runs up grabs the girl off of me and tosses her to the side.”

As Chris pulls me to my feet, I look around and see George and Normani walking up.


After George and I finished we took a walk outside just casually talking. He said he wanted to have more alone time with me before giving all of his attention to his party quests. After about thirty mins, that little dress I had on wasn’t doing much against the chilly night breeze. We decided to head back inside and when we walked through the doors it seemed like the party had moved from the dance hall and into the actual hallway.

“What is going on” George yells out.

As we got closer I could see everything “Somebody is fighting, Ghetto asses” I said annoyed.

George was upset at the commotion that he began to push through the crowd with force. “Move the fuck out the way” he barked.

Stepping from behind George to see who in the hell would be disrespecting this man party. I saw it was my friends tussling with Rika and her friends. Rika grabs Bre by her hair and drags her across the floor.

“This bitch...No ma’am” I drop my handbag, kick off my heels and charge at Rika.

“Beat her up Nori!” Shayla yells from the side as Chris holds her back.

“Damnnnn, I didn’t know Nori got down like that” Chris exclaimed.

Geroge tries to break the fight up before things escalate any further. He grabs me and pulls me off of Rika. Chris is holding Shayla back and Quez walks over standing between Bre and Rika. Everyone is breathing hard, the crowd is chanting for the fight to continue and Geroge is furious still trying to calm things down.

Just when you think em=nough shit is going on, Rodney bombs rush the crowd and lands a sucker punch to the face at Chris.

“Didn’t I tell your ass my sister was off-limits” he snapped.

“Chris stumbles then catches his balance wiping the blood from his lip “She ain’t no child she can make her own decisions” he responds.

That seemed to anger Rodney more and before we knew it, another fight broke out.

I use the opportunity to try and break free from George “Let me go, Rika thinks she bad but ima end all that shit tonight” I yell.

George had such a strong grip on me. He was yelling for me to calm down the gestured for security to come. When they get there he hands me over to them kicking and screaming. George tells them to take me away and he heads over to break up the fight between Rodney and Chris.

When he gets them separated he yells for them to stop “What yall boys doing? What’s good?” he asked.

Rodney pushed George away from him “Yall boys out of line” he snaps

“Man you out of line. we suppose to be bro’s ” Chris replies.

“Fuck you Chris” Rodney retorted.


The police show up and Shut the party down everyone was asked to leave and those of us involved were taken down to the police station. Everyone except George and Normani. We had to wait for our parents to come to get us. While sitting in lockup no one spoke a word for a while but things had to be resolved.

“I can’t believe this shit here” Bre scoffed.

“It’s all your fault! What you mean you can’t believe it?” I snapped.

“Shut up Shayla, I’m really not in the mood for your crap right now” Bre replied.

“If you hadn’t been sleeping with somebody else boyfriend we wouldn’t be here right now. Honestly, you had everything you got coming to you” I smack my teeth.

“Really Shayla, I didn’t ask you to jump in,” Bre replied.

“You right! I should have let these manly-looking girls drag you” I said.

Rika stands up “yall wanna fight again?”

Quez snatches her back down to her seat “Sit down and shut up” he snaps.

“Shayla you suppose to be her girl, why are you being so hard on her?” Quez asked.

“Because she should have never started messing around with a clown-like you” I snapped.

Rika laughs out loud “He definitely a clown”.

“And what about you Shayla? Huh?” Bre questions.

“What about me?” I sit up in my seat waiting for her response.

“Look around baby girl, Your brother and his best friend just got to fighting over you” Quez points out.

“That means I’m not the only one keeping up the drama by being with somebody you not suppose to be with.” Bre rolled her eyes folding her arms and sat back against the wall.

Rodney cut his eyes at me then finally wanted to talk about things. “So when did you and Chris start talking?” he questioned.

“Rodney, Chill okay” I replied.

" I asked you not to talk to any of my friends, that’s all I asked Shayla.” He explained.

I didn’t want to hash things out right there in front of everyone with everything that had already happened but seeing as it was already everybody’s business why not. “You ask a hell of a lot more than that Rodney. I’m tired of you acting like my damn daddy. I’m 16 when are you going to stop treating me like I’m a baby?”

“You and Normani, yall just going to do what yall want huh? I know these boys. I am these boys, what make you think Chris is not going to treat you like any other girl he has done already ?” Rodney asked.

I look over at Chris waiting for him to respond but he never does. I thought he would at least speak and deny the claims my brother was making. After a while, our parents arrive and George takes full responsibility for the disturbances, and were all released with a warning. We all go our separate ways.

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