Normani Brooks

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What a Scandal

George POV

After everything that had happened, I made sure to get Normani away from the drama. When I caught back up with her, she was calm and ready to go home. The ride to her home was quiet, with neither of us saying a word to one another. When I arrived at her home, I decided to finally break the silence. The last thing I wanted was for everything good that happened between us to be clouded by this stupid ass fight.

“Tonight has been crazy as hell,” I scoffed while rubbing the back of his neck.

“Honestly, This has been the most exciting night I have had in a while.” She laughs

“You beat up some chicks and say it’s exciting. You lucky they ain’t lock you up, young Floyd.” I say through laughter.

“One thing I have never been is scary. I’m a whole G out here, G.” She laughs again.

I was glad she was laughing and having a good time. I had hoped that this fight that had nothing to do with either of us would come in between what she and I had going on.

“You know you surprised me in more than one way tonight, girl. I lean in and kiss her softly on her lips, changing the mood in the car to a more intimate one. I knew I had caught her off guard because her eyes widened up, and she just stared at me.

I laughed, sitting back in my seat. “Are you okay with everything that happened tonight with us?”

She took a minute to respond, then snapped back into focus. “Honestly, yes, I am. You seem to bring out a whole other side of me, George.” She said in a low tone.

“is that a good thing or a bad thing?” I questioned.

“We will just have to wait and see, won’t we” she flashes that sexy ass smile at me one last time before turning to get out of the car.

I grab her by her hand. “Hey, wait, so does this mean we together now? You’re mine, right?“.

She laughs. “Yes, I’m all yours, and that means you better be ALL mine, okay!”

“Ain’t nobody but you, believe that,” I yell out the window as I watch her walk inside.

I was happy as hell. I smiled the whole drive home.


Rodney POV

The next morning, I still was pissed off about all that shit that happened. I was more pissed with Shayla, and if she thought I was letting this shit go, she had another thing coming. I woke up early, showered, and got ready for my day. I headed down to the kitchen and fixed myself a bowl of cereal, waiting for the rest of the house to get up. The first person to walk into the kitchen was my mom.

“Malika!” I yell.

’What, boy?! Damn, yelling my name like that?” She says, startled.

“You need to check your daughter. She running around here like a Lil hoe.” I shout.

Before I could get another word out, she slaps me.

’Watch your mouth, boy, and what did I tell you about that Malika shit?” She says, rolling her eyes and pointing her finger at me.

“Mama seriously, you saw what she wore out of here last night. Her ass all out attracting the wrong kinda guys. I swear she gone make me kill somebody behind her Mama.” I raged.

My mother must have thought I was over-exaggerating because she was paying me no attention.

“Boy hush, you’re not going to kill anybody, and I saw the outfit. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. She says while shrugging her shoulders.

I jump up from the table and walk over to my mom. “See, that’s the problem right there. You keep okaying her BS. You can’t see she outta control.” I asked.

She mushes my head back with her finger, “I said hush, It’s too early for this shit,” and continues prepping the table for breakfast.

Candance walks in from behind me and over to my mother and kisses her, “Good morning, baby,” she whispers.

My mother grabs her ass and responds, “Umm Umm morning, beautiful.”

“What’s all the commotion down here, more shit from last night,” Candace asks.

“Baby, we raising convicts apparently,” Malika scoffs.

Shayla walks into the kitchen, rolls her eyes at me while sitting at the opposite end of the table. I jump up, cutting my eyes at her. “I’m out. I got work.”

“Bye, Ugly,” Shayla yells out.

“Hey, Hey, Hey yall, stop that shit right now,” Candance says firmly.


Shayla POV

“He’s the one overreacting to everything I do. Oh, so now I’m not supposed to grow up,” I rant.

“Calm down, your brother loves you, and he means well. Ever since your father left, he just feels like it’s his job to see about you.” My mother explained.

“I love him too, and I understand all of that, but please, mom, I’m begging you to talk to him.” I pleaded.

“I’ll see because you know how your brother is, and I don’t have time for his crazy self either.” My mom laughs.

“All that boy needs is a good girl to manage all of that crazy,” Candance suggests.

“A good girl like Normani,” My mother shouts out.

I burst out in laughter at the thought of Normani being able to control Rodney. “No, ma’am, Normani has a man now,” I gloat.

“A man,” they both gasp.

“Yep, my girl done showed out and snatched up Rodney’s homeboy George,” I explained.

“Fine ass?Chocolate ass?Rich parents having ass Georg?” Candance was filled with giddiness.

My mom wasn’t feeling Candance’s outburst. Her face was saying it all “umm if you don’t calm your ass down,” she barked.

I laughed at their drama and then dismissed myself to get my day started. I head upstairs to call my friends and see what they had planned for today. When I picked up my phone, I received a text message from an unknown number with a video link. I clicked it, and a sex tape played. I couldn’t recognize the two people, but the more I watched and focused closely, I realized it was NORMANI! I scream, causing my moms to rush upstairs to see what was wrong.

’You okay?” Candance questioned.

“Yes, I’m fine. Could one of you take me to Normani’s house,” I ask, trying to hold my composure?

“Sure, I’ll take you after breakfast.” My mom says.

“NOW! I mean, please, it’s urgent.” I pleaded.

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