Normani Brooks

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Viral status

Normani POV

I had just gotten out of the shower and was about to get dressed when my phone rang. It was George. I blushed and smiled as I hurriedly answered the phone.

“Good morning beautiful.”

“Good morning,” I said, falling on the bed.

We talked about everything that happened last night and then about the new coming school year. “School is starting back, and I have to focus on my academics. I don’t need no distractions,” I explained.

“Never a distraction baby, I want you to focus on your work so you can be a successful black woman.” he chuckled.

“Aww, you so smooth, but thank you for being a supportive boyfriend. Now when are you coming over? I wanna see you?” I said, biting my bottom lip.

“Oh, you wanna see me, huh, I wanna see you too...hold on,” He went silent.

I sat up on the bed in confusion “hello....helloo baby, you there?” I yelled through the phone.

“fuck, let me call you back!” he yelled, then hung up the phone abruptly.

I was holding the phone, half angry and half worried. A few moments later, I hear the doorbell ring and Shayla’s voice.

I stands up and heads to the bedroom door to open it.



Downstairs, Normani older sister Tasha answers the door. “Girl, you knocking like you the police. What’s wrong with you?” she questioned.

“Oh, hey Tasha, I’m sorry. Ummm, is Normani here? I’ve been calling, and she is not answering her phone” I was antsy.

“Tasha gave me a weird look, noticing how urgent I was looking for Normani she could tell It was important. “Yea, she is here. She’s upstairs in her room.

Tasha yells for Normani to come down.

“It’s okay, I’ll go up to her” I brushed past Tasha and head straight for Normani’s room.

Normani Was halfway down the stairs when she runs right into me. “Ouch,” she screams as our heads bud.

“I winces in pain but gathers my focus back on the matter and grabs Normani by the wrist, pulling her back up stairs and into her bedroom.

Normani was confused, “Shayla, Girl, what is your problem? ”

I began pacing the floor biting my nails. I gave Normani a worried look “Bitch, I been calling you all morning. Did you get any suspicious text from an unknown number?

Normani chuckles. “No, I don’t think so. I have been on the phone all morning with George.” She smiled.

“Humph, Sooo last night you and George did the nasty?” I questioned hesitantly

“Yesss, omg, I couldn’t wait to tell you, Girl. It just happened, and...” she pauses.

“How did you know Shayla?

“Did George...?” She pauses again with a confused expression on her face.

“Okay, sit down first. I have to show you something, and don’t freak out,” I urged.

I pulled my phone out and played a video recording for Normani to see. “That’s you and George, right?” I asked Normani.

Normani went utterly silent as she watched the video of her and George having sex be played. She lowers her head into her hands. “I can’t believe this shit! she screams. “Who the fuck would do this, Shayla?” Normani questioned, holding back tears.

I attempt to console my friend ” I don’t know, but it’s okay will figure this shit out,” I reassured.

Normani laughs through frustration and anger. “This is not okay! Nothing about this situation is Okay!” she yells out.

Her phone begins to ring and chime from text messages she received from people who had all seen the video. When she picked her phone, she had calls from her friends and tags on social media where the video went viral.

“This is going to ruin me,” Normani says as she burst out into tears. “OMG WTF,” she screams.

I grab Normani and hug her. “Don’t cry, Normani, calm down.”

Loud rushing footsteps were approaching the room Normani looks up to see her big sister Erica in rage. “Normani! Wtf is this shit?” She questions, shoving the phone into Normani’s face.

Normani pushes Erica’s arm, causing her phone to hit the floor. Normani, still in tears, stands up and gets in Erica’s face. Tasha pushes Erica to the side. “Shut up Erica, She doesn’t need to hear your shit right now.”

Tasha wraps her arms around her baby sister and pulls her in for a hug. “Cry it out, baby girl.”

“The fuck if she doesn’t need to hear it. There is a viral video of my little sister having sex going around.” Erica sighs in frustration. “How did this happen?” she questions Normani.

“Relax, Erica” I jumps up to defend my friend. “I’m sure she didn’t knowingly make a sex tape.”

Normani was in a daze. They were speaking to her, but Normani could not hear them. Their voices were fading as she thought back to that night with George. She replayed everything that happened over and over, trying to see where she let her guard down.

“George, I gotta call George,” Normani whispered.

Erica crossed her arms in frustration, “Call George? How you know his playboy ass didn’t release it?”

“Shut up, Erica,” Tasha said, rolling her eyes. “Normani, just call him and see what he says.”

Normani steps aside to call George.

“You do know that this will ruin you. All of your hard work will be for nothing. This damn sex tape is all people are going to remember about you. I mean, all of those scholarships will be revoked.” Erica ranted.

“SHUT UP, ERICA DAMN” Tasha yelled.

Erica pauses in her rant and takes a look at Normani. She takes a deep breath in, and then calmly walks over to Normani. “I’m sorry this is happening to you, but this is no time to break down. We have to figure out who released the video and get it pulled before mom and dad hears about it.”

“Right, Mom and dad are going to freak,” Tasha says worriedly.

“omg, you guys can’t tell mom and dad, at least not right now. You both have to promise,” Normani begged.

I place my hand on Normani’s shoulder to get her attention “Normani, was anybody else in the room with you guys?” She asked.

“Yea, maybe George and his friends set you up?” Erica suggested.

“Wait, my brother is one of those friends, and he would never do anything like this to Normani. Not knowingly anyway.” I said in defense of my brother.

Normani agrees with me. “I don’t think George would do this to me,” She whispered.

Normani was calling George, but he wasn’t picking up. She began to panic because her phone continued to chime non-stop with notifications and messages.

“look, don’t check your phone for a while. I’ll call around and see if anyone knows anything. I’m sure the streets are talking Girl, and who better than your bestie to get all the tea. ” I said, trying to comfort my friend.

“George still isn’t answering the phone,” Normani sighed.

“Are you surprised?” Erica snapped.

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