Normani Brooks

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A trip to the Mall

DAY 2 July 20th

Friday Morning 11:15 am at Normani’s House

The next morning came, and I was up showering when my phone rang. It was Shayla letting me know the mall plans were pushed up, and she was on her way to get me. I was confused because Shayla damn sure didn’t have any L’s, let alone a damn car. Before I could inquire more about what she meant by picking me up, the phone hung up. I continued to get ready and brushed it off.

An hour went by, and I went downstairs to grab something to eat when I heard a loud horn honking outside my door. Next, my phone rings, and it’s Shayla again. “Girl, I know like hell this, not you honking outside my door.”

“Come out and see,” Shayla laughed.

I walk outside to see Bre, Fred, and Shayla in a 2019 Mercedes Benz. “Who car is this, Shayla?” I asked in disbelief.

′ My mom’s car she let me drive to go to the mall, but I have to have it back at a certain time.”

“Okay, Mom’s must be feeling generous today, girl. You ain’t even got no L’s,” I said, standing back with my arms folded.

“Girl, I got my permit, and Bre got her L’s, so as long as she in the car, we good.”

I could not believe this girl was whipping a brand new 2019 Benz. I wasn’t passing up this ride. So I shrugged my shoulders and hopped in the car.

“Okay now Shayla, pick a lane and stay in it,” Bre cautioned.

“I just pray to the lord that today is not my day,” Fred said, putting on his seatbelt.

“Just buckle up and ride” Shayla mashed on the gas, and the car took off.

Arbor Place Mall 12:30 pm

We arrive at the mall, and we separate from Fred, allowing him to do his own thing while we girls do what we do best.....SHOP! We went into about three different stores looking for the perfect outfit for this party. I had an idea of what I wanted to wear, but it was nothing compared to the outfits Shayla and Bre were looking for.

“I’m trying to have all my ass out and my tits sitting high. Walking through turning heads.” Bre gushed.

I shook my head while laughing at her comment. Shayla was going to be dressed so slutty at this party. I, for one, was not going to be following her lead. I walked off to look at some of the discounted items hoping to find a nice pair of jeans and a cute top. I was going to be as simple as I could be while being affordable.

“Hey Normani, what kind of outfit did you have in mind?” Shayla asked.

I hesitated at first, trying to avert the question. “I’m not sure. Still putting it together up here,” I replied, pointing my finger to my head. Shayla looked at me with this confused look on her face. I pretended not to notice.

“I think you should wear something breathtaking. Something that’s going to have everyone mind blown....especially Rodney,” Shayla teased.

I cut my eyes at her and then heard Bre snickering behind me as well. “Y’all play too much. I already said I don’t want anything to do with your big head brother,” I shouted.

They both looked at each other then burst out into laughter. I was getting annoyed with both Shayla and Breanna. When I was about to suggest we go to another store, Shayla was approaching me with a dress she found hanging in the back of the store. “Normani...Girl, this is it!” She exclaimed. “This is the dress for you, this little black dress with the back out. It will look so good on you girl.” Shayla was ecstatic about the dress.

I saw how short and revealing that damn dress was, and I just knew homegirl had lost her mind. It was like she just didn’t know me at all. “You gotta be out of your mind if you think I’m wearing that,” I declared.

Bre walks over from the clothing rack she was at to see the dress “Omg, that is too cute, Normani try it on first before you just flat out dismiss it,” she insisted.

“Yea, just try it on,” Shayla agreed.

I throw my head back and sigh in annoyance. “I’ll try this dress on, but I’m not getting it,” I said firmly. I walk to the dressing room and slip the little black dress on. I turn around to face the mirror, and all I could stutter out was, “Damn.” I can not believe I look this damn good in this dress. The dress fitted perfectly, showing off all of my curves. Wearing the dress, I felt sexy. It was doing something for my confidence but seeing how short and revealing it was, I had second thoughts about the dress.

“Hurry up, Nori,” Shayla Shouted.

“I don’t know about this dress, you guys,” I retorted.

“Just bring your ass out here,” Shayla said, knocking on the dressing room door.

I take a deep breath and finally step out of the dressing room. “Okay...What do you think” I asked nervously?

“Damn girl, you have been hiding all that body under them boring-ass clothes,” Bre exclaimed.

Shayla walked over to me, circling me with this massive smile on her face” I knew you would rock this dress, it,” she demanded.

“Are you guys sure I don’t look weird?” I asked worriedly.

“WOW,” Fred was standing behind Normani. “You look damn good, girl,” he reassured.

We didn’t even know Fred was behind us but seeing as he was done with his shopping and we were too, we decided to head to the food court and chill out for a while. I walked to the register and purchased the dress. I just went against everything I originally stated.

FOOD COURT 3:00 pm

Walking through the food court, it was packed with people from the neighborhood and some of our old classmates. We looked around for a table, but they were all taken. When I looked further back across the floor, I saw my homegirl Rika waving to get our attention.

“Hey! Y’all come sit over here with us,” she insisted.

I tapped Shayla on her shoulder and pointed to where Rika was standing. “Look, let’s go over there. We can sit with Rika and Quez.”

“ guys go ahead. I’ll just catch up with yall later.” Bre stammered.

I could see some discomfort on her face. “Are you good, Whats’ up?” I asked.

Bre whole composure had changed. She was backing away and nervously laughing in an attempt to brush away our suspicion. She folded her arms and then began to speak faster than usual. “Yes... I... I’m okay. I just..umm... I forgot that I had to.. actually” She laughs nervously while still backing away.

“I have to go help my mom with something. I forgot that Fred and I promised to help her out,” she said, grabbing and tugging Fred away with her.

After Bre and Fred left so abruptly, I couldn’t help but notice how weird she was acting. “What’s her issue?” I asked Shayla as we made our way over to sit with Rika and Que.

Shayla took a deep breath and then smacked her teeth before getting into the gossip I assume is part of the messy mess that had taken place throughout the summer break. “girl...she has been sleeping around with Quez, and she scared Rika gone find out and beat that ass up” Shayla laughed.

“I know you lying!. Well, at least she knows to be scared of Rika because that girl doesn’t play. She drags everybody she fights with.” I laughed. I was honestly fearful of the girl as well.

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