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July 21st Saturday Morning 10:30 am

I was anticipating my party and making last-minute arrangements to make sure everything was setup. I had to call and make sure the local rapper OG Drip was still set to perform. All he needed was his payments. I picked up my phone to call him.

“OG, what’s going on with you?” I asked.

“Working, always working, man. What’s going on with you?” OG retorted.

“Just calling to make sure everything is a go for Saturday night. I sent the first half of the payment over already. I’ll have the second half once the performance is done.”

“No problem, everything works out. we good on my end. I’ll see you tomorrow”.

“For Sure! Bring some of them, pretty ladies, you be with too,” I said jokingly.

“Aye, young buck, you ain’t ready for the type of women I travel with,” he laughed.

Once the call end, I grab my gym bag and head downstairs to the kitchen. I could smell my mother’s breakfast cooking, and it smelled so good. She was cooking my favorite honey biscuits. When I walked into the kitchen, my mom was standing by the kitchen table with my plate already made.

“Hey baby, come on eat before everything gets cold,” she said, gesturing for me to sit at the table.

“’am,” I said, rubbing my hands together with a massive smile on my face.

“I made all your favorites,” She said, leaning in to kiss me on the forehead.

I loved it when my mother would give me forehead kisses. No matter how old I get when it comes to my mother, I was a big ole baby. The biggest perk was my mother’s cooking. Everybody knew my mom got down in the kitchen. I even had the guys on the football team asking me every day when My mother, Ms.Tye, would make another team meal.

“You got to practice today, right, George?” Yall getting ready for the new season?” She asked while blowing the heat off a fresh cup of coffee.

“It’s not practicing, just a meet,” I explained.

My mother and father were my biggest supporters when it came to my games. My older brother used to attend every game before he left for the military.

“Your brother called last night, but you hadn’t made it home yet. He reminded me of this damn party you feel the need to throw at the end of every summer,” she said sarcastically.

“You know why I do it, mom, Big bro started this, and as his little bro, I have to keep traditions,” I said jokingly.

My parents were not strict because they didn’t have to be. My brother and I were some knuckleheads for certain things, but we were good boys who took our education and good reputations seriously. As long as we got good grades and did well on the football team, our parents rarely told us no to anything we wanted. My parents were pretty wealthy. Both were lawyers who shared a law firm.

“Okay, son, your father and I decided that this year your party needs security. Last year got so out of control we don’t need a repeat shit show.” She grabbed her keys and briefcase and walked back over to the table toward me.

“Good idea, Mom. I was thinking the same thing,” I replied.

“Great. Your father and I want you and the other kids attending to be safe. No fighting, no drugs, no weapons...none of that shit George!... We will not be held responsible for the drawback behind that mess.” She said aggressively.

I laughed, thinking to myself, good luck with that. I can’t control how people will behave, but I could at least control if any weapons would be brought in with security. I hear you, Mom! It’s going to be good clean fun,” I reassured her.

“Okay, baby, I’m gone. Clean up and lock up when you leave. Love you, baby.” She headed out the door.

I eat my food up and then head back upstairs to get ready for my day. I had the football meet to get to later on and then go by the party venue and make the final payment. My phone rang, and it was my mother. She just left what could she possibly want now. “Yea, mom, what’s up?” I asked.

“Oh yea, I almost forgot I told Sheila you would take her baby girl to the DMV this morning.”

“What! Mom, you can’t be volunteering me to do favors for your friends. You take her!” I retorted.

“Boy, who in the hell you talking to? Make me turn this damn car around if you want to. Take that baby to take her test..bye!” She shouted, then hung up the phone abruptly.

I had things to do today, and here she was volunteering me to do extra shit. I was upset, but I figured what the hell, I’ll kill some time before the team meeting. I finished getting dressed and then headed out the door.

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