Normani Brooks

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Sparks Fly


In the middle of Shayla talking, I could hear a horn honking outside. I look out the window, and it’s George. I roll my eyes and interrupt Shayla, “Oh shit girl..I gotta call you back George here”.

“GEORGE?” she shouted.

“I’ll tell you about it later,” I said as I hung up the phone. I grabbed my bag and headed out the door.

When I walked up to the car, George was driving an old school chevy that he obviously put a lot of money into because it looked damn good. He had the top back and was gesturing for me to get in. I hopped in and strapped my seatbelt on.

“I almost left your ass,” George murmured.

“Excuse me...What was that?” I asked.

“You heard what I said. Taking all day to come outside, I almost left you,” he said.

“But you didn’t, Cause you’re smarter than that,” I said, rolling my eyes.

George cuts his eyes at me, and I notice out the corner of my eye a sly smirk runs across his face. “Oh yea, cause only a fool would pull off and leave you, huh,” He said jokingly.

“Damn right,” I said, conceding. “Thanks for the ride, though. George, I appreciate it.”

George just smiled and nodded his head. “No problem Ms.Normani Brooks.”

I blushingly smile. “Why you say my whole name like that.”

“I like your name. It’s beautiful as you,” he said, licking his lips.

I looked away from him, trying to hide my apparent giddiness to his compliment. “You think you so smooth,” I whispered.

I was so nervous about being alone with George, but he was very chatty on the way to the DMV, or should I say flirty, which made me relaxed around him.

“So you about to get these L’s today, huh?” he asked.

“Yes, finally...I should have been got them, but I have just been so busy.” I sighed.

“Yeah, right..your bougie ass probably just like for people to drive you around all day,” He said jokingly.

“I mean, it ain’t like the people driving me got anything better to do,” I retorted.

“Oh yeah,” George laughed.

We arrived at the DMV, and he goes inside with me. I told him he didn’t have to stay, but he insisted on staying until I was done. He even volunteered his car for the test. I was thankful and took him up on his offer. The DMV was crowded as usual, and the seats were all taken, and the lines were long.

“This is going to take all day,” I sighed.

George grabbed my hand. “No, it’s not you scheduled to take the test, right? We have to go over there and let them know you’re here,” he said, pulling me along behind him while pointing to the empty window to the far right of the room.

“Oh...Okay...Thank you,” I stuttered.

I signed in and was told my instructor would be with me shortly. “I pray I pass,” I whispered.

“Are you nervous?” George asked.

I tried to play it off and hide my nervousness. “Please...I got this. I can drive with the best of them” I snapped my neck and smacked my lips.

“Okay, then Ms.Brooks,” George chuckled.

“You’re going to let me push your old school once I get these L’s,” I said playfully but was so severe.

“You telling me or asking me?” he questioned.

I lean in close to George and whisper into his ear,” I damn sure ain’t asking” I take the keys from his hands, then wink my eye at him biting my bottom lip and standing up to greet my instructor, who was approaching us.

“Damn, Bougie and Bossy,” George said, rubbing his hands together. “Who knew quiet Normani had it in her.”

Before fully walking off to take my test, I look back to respond, “I’m not quite, I’m conservative. It’s a difference,” I laughed.

“Yeah, Yeah, I hear you. So you bring your conservative ass to my party right,” he asked.

“Maybe,” I replied.

“Fine ass,” He smiled.

I went off to take my test, but I was so shocked at how flirty George was with me. I couldn’t help but blush and wonder if he was really into me or just being his typical playboy self. Either way, something was there between us.

After leaving the DMV, I continue to hang with George for the remainder of the day. I went to the school with him for his team meeting and waited in the library until he was done.

After the team meeting ended, George received a call from Rodney. “Aye, Yo G, where you at, bro?” Rodney asked.

“Just got done with practice. what you got going, my dude?” George replied.

“I’m headed to the crib to meet Chris and Bo bout to get on the 2K,” Rodney said.

“Oh yea, cool, I’ll come through then,” George said.

I looked at George, thinking he would be finally getting rid of me to go hang with his boys. George must have seen the disappointing look on my face because he then asked if I was rolling with him to Rodney’s house. “You want to pull up to Rodney’s house with me tagging behind you?” I knew everyone would be looking at us crazy, trying to figure out what is going on.

“Yea crazy, I don’t care anything about what nobody thinks. Motherfuckers need to mind their own business anyway,” He said.

I just smiled and nodded my head in agreeance. I couldn’t wait to see my girl, Shayla.


Later that night at Shayla’s Home.

I was upstairs when I heard the doorbell ring. I walk downstairs to answer the door, and my brother Rodney was already opening the door. It was Normani and George.

“I’m official in these streets,” Normani shouts excitedly, walking through the door.

George daps Rodney up, and the whole time Rodney has this crazy look on his face at the fact that George and Normani pulled up together.

“Okay! That’s what I’m talking about, friend congrats,” I say, running to give her a hug.” So you pull up with George Bradley?” I asked.

“Yeaaaa, he took me to the DMV to take my test and even let me drive him his,” she said with this big goofy smile on her face.

I looked at her and just smiled. I looked over at Rodney, and he clearly wasn’t happy about them showing up together. I could feel the awkwardness as the plot involving those three thickened.

I pulled Normani to the side to catch her up with what was going on with Chris and me. Rodney and George headed downstairs to the basement with the others.” I need a plan to get Chris alone,” I whispered. “He is downstairs, and I’m trying to get to him without my brother seeking us.”

“Let’s just go downstairs,” Normani said nonchalantly.

I smacked my teeth and placed my hands on my hips” Go downstairs for Rodney to clown us both for tryna hang with him and his friends....yeah right”, I said, rolling my eyes.

“Rodney does not control me. He controls your ass,” Normani said, laughing.

I looked at her with all this new spunk and just laughed” Okay big and bad, let me see you go on down there then.”

She looked at me as I looked at her, taunting her with head gestures to go ahead and go. She fixed her hair up a bit, put on some lip gloss, and before turning to say “Watch me” with so much confidence.

Normani and I creep down the stairs. I stand midway and let her continue on her own. I squat down so that I’m able to hear and see how this bold move was about to play out.



The usual crew was over, and we were playing 2k. Rodney and I walked back downstairs to rejoin everybody else. “Pass the stick bro, I have beaten you three times already,” Bo said jokingly to Chris.

“Your ass is cheating, too,” Chris yelled.

“Lightskin dudes be like,” Bo said, taunting Chris.

“Don’t worry about it, bro, Ima drag him for you don’t even trip,” I said, getting the stick from Chris.

In the middle of the game, I look up to see Normani walking into the basement. “What’s up, Normani Shayla upstairs,” I said, then continued on the game.

“I didn’t...” Normani stuttered before George interrupted. “What’s up, beautiful?” George said, gesturing for her to sit next to him.

We all look up in shock, ′did this man just call Normani beautiful’ I thought to myself. Normani was making her way over to sit next to George. I stood up and placed my arm in front of her stopping her from walking any further. I look down at George, still sitting on the sofa. “Aye yo G, What’s up with you?” I asked angrily.” I know you not pushing up on her,” I yelled.

George stands up, pushes my arm out the way, and proceeds to place his arm around Normani, escorting her to the sofa where they both sit. I was upset that he was making moves on Normani, who was like a little sister to me. I knew there wasn’t much I could do or say because she wasn’t my sister, so I sucked it up and left the situation alone.

I noticed Shayla at the top of the stairs and knew she was part of the reason Normani was down here. “Shayla,” I yelled.

She stumbled, coming down the stairs. “Yes...Huh...I mean, is Normani down here,” She said, catching her balance.” I said.

I cut my eyes at George and Normani sitting on the sofa and nodded my head at Shayla. “She over there.”

Shayla makes her way over to the sofa, passing by Chris. “What’s up, Shay,” he said flirtatiously.

“Hey, light skin,” She replies, all giddy.

I couldn’t believe these dudes were disrespecting me right to my face. I couldn’t do anything about Normani, but I damn sure had say-so over Shayla. “Aye, man, it’s time for yall to go,” I snapped.

I could hear George smack his teeth and say, “This man flipping out for nothing.”

Then Chris stands up, grabbing his jacket. “Sayless, I’m out.”

Bo throws the game controller on the table. “Yall boys serious right now” he shakes his head and then stands up to leave. “I gotta go anyway. My baby’s mother has been calling and texting for about an hour now.”

I nod my head, still mugging the group. “Yea, go handle that,” I replied smugly.

“Alright, bro, hit me when you calm the fuck down,” George said, waiting to be dapped up before he left. I just stood there looking at him, never dapping him up.


As everyone was walking up the stairs, Chris brushes his hand against mine and hands me a piece of folded up paper. I read the note, and it says to text him with his number written down. I smile and nod my head in his direction. Normani walked out the door with George when I called out to her, “Normani, You leaving,” I asked.

“Yea girl, I’ll text you when I get home,” she replied.

“Okay, cool,” I said, giving her a hug. “George, you better make sure my girl gets home, untouched,” I said jokingly.

Normani was obviously embarrassed at my teasing her. She was even blushing a little bit, knowing that girl she wasn’t about to buss a grape, let alone her cherry with George Bradley.

After everyone was gone, I started to head to my room. Rodney catches me by my arm, stopping me abruptly. “Hold up, Shay,” he said.

“What’s up,” I asked.

“You doing too much,” he said with an attitude.

I knew what he was referring to, but I pretended to be oblivious to his concerns. “What the heck are you talking about, Rodney,” I said with this confused look on my face.

He quickly snapped at me, “All that flirting you was doing with Chris. You and your homegirl better relax.” He cautioned.

“Boy, nobody was flirting with that boy, and are you mad at Normani or me,” I questioned.

He got quiet, then rolled his eyes. “Yeah, whatever, I see everything, so just know you not slick.” He snapped.

I laughed off his suspicion, “you need help,” and continued to my room.

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