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I run-up to my room to text Chris; he responded right away that he was waiting for me outside and that I should try to sneak out. I was hesitant at first, but I wanted to see his fine ass. I texted back to give me thirty minutes. I wanted to shower and get cute, put on something a little less than what I had on. I wasn’t expecting to do anything this soon, but I did want him to know the quality of the goods.

Thirty minutes turned into an hour, and when I finally made it out of the house and to his car, he was about sleep. I knocked on the car door window, and he opened the door. “You been out here all this time,” I asked.

“Hell yeah, I wasn’t leaving until I saw you,” He said, giving embracing me in this long hug.

“Awww,” I replied with a massive grin on my face.

“I been thinking about you heavy since the other night” He placed his hand on my thigh.

“Have you?” I asked flirtatiously.

“Hell yeah, that kiss you put on me, how could I not” He teased.

“You kissed me,” I said, rolling my eyes.

We both laughed, and he sat up in his seat and leaned in to give me another kiss. He placed his finger under my chin, pulling me into the kiss. I melted from the chills my body was getting.

“I wanna see you more, but damn baby, your brother will trip” He laughed.

“I’m not worried about him. He doesn’t run shit,” I snapped.

He burst out in laughter. “Oh yea, I hear that.” He leaned in again. “Are you going to let me kiss you again?”

Biting my bottom lips, I knew I couldn’t handle too many more kisses from this boy. My body was already overheating. “These kisses are not for just anybody,” I said playfully.

“Good, because I’m tryna be the only somebody getting them.” he started kissing me on my neck.

“Umm, you run a good game,” I whispered.

“It’s not a game though, baby,” he said, blowing in my ear.

I had to shake myself back. I didn’t want to be getting carried away with him, and he wasn’t planning on taking me seriously. I pushed him away from me and sat back in the seat. “Look, I know how you and my brother them roll. If you bout games, we need to end this now.” I warned.

Chris attempts to pull me back closer to him. I pull away again. “You not about to play, have me all in my feelings about you and shit.”

Chris lets his seat back and then reaches over to let mine back. I was getting annoyed because it was like he just wasn’t listening to what I was saying. He leans over to me and whispers, “Come here; let me show you something.” He lifts me up and over to sit on top of his lap.

I was so nervous, thinking to myself, how in the hell did things get to this point. He was my first guy experience. Despite how I may come off, I had never really been this intimate with anyone. My mind told me to say no and stop everything right now, but my body was betraying me. I was feeling things that felt great, but I was scared to go any further. “Wait, Chris, I’m a virgin,” I blurted out.

Chris paused and looked at me with a blank stare “Damn, I just assumed you weren’t,” he muttered.

“Why would you assume that” I snapped.

“I don’t know you’re 16, and I just assumed...I just thought...” Chris said, stuttering.

“Wow!” I gasped. “So you pushed up on me because you thought I’d be an easy fuck, huh,” I snapped.

Chris was looking confused. “No, Shayla. It’s not like that,” he said.

I jumped back over to the passenger seat, fixed my clothes, and got out of the car. I couldn’t believe he played me like that. I should have known better, but I was too busy lusting.“Whatever Chris, I’m gone,” I said, slamming the car door.

Chris jumps out of the car running behind me ” wait, ain’t like that, Shayla damn.” He said, grabbing me and forcing me around. “Why you assuming the worst out of me, girl,” he asked.

“Because you assumed the worst out of me,” I replied with my arms folded, averting eye contact.” I’ve seen how you and my friends move with these other girls, but I’m not the one, Chris” I threw my hands up, releasing the grip he had on my arm. I turned to walk inside the house.

Chris catches up to me and blocks the entrance to the door. He pushes me up against the wall. I whisper for him to get off of me, trying not to wake my parents or Rodney.

“Calm down” He kisses me lightly.“I’m not about games, not with you. I’m cool with you being a virgin. If you, not ready, that’s ok too. It’s no pressure, baby girl.” He said.

I was still a little upset, but I let go of most of my anger and immediately felt those butterflies for him again. “Can you let me go now?” I said in a low voice.

He backs away from me and smiles. “Ima call you when I get to the house answer the phone.” He demanded.

I just stared at him and nodded. I do like this boy, I thought to myself before walking back inside the house.


I hadn’t seen my girls since I left them at the mall a couple of days ago. I felt awful for ditching on them unexpectedly, but I couldn’t be in that situation with Rika and Quez. I had been seeing Quez off and on since last year. I knew about him and Rika, so I never really gave the relationship too much energy, but he and I had gotten closer over the summer. We were seeing each other more and getting to know each other better. The more I was getting to know about him, the more I was regretting ever knowing him.

When I ran into him and Rika at the mall, I just couldn’t be bothered to face them. I got the hell on because I didn’t have time for the drama. He texted me right after that too, and we met up, but I would tell my girls about that later when they came over to get dressed for the party.

My phone buzzed, and when I picked it up, it was Quez again. He had been calling and texting me non stop. It was starting to worry me because I liked the guy, but he had some deep-rooted issues. As I was responding to his latest text, my phone rang. It was my girls. “Heyyyyyy,” I gushed.

Shayla and Normani were just as excited as I was to hear from them. “So what’s new ladies? What I miss?” I asked. They both started to laugh. “Why are you both so giddy? I asked, folding my arms.

Shayla spoke first, “I have been calling you for two days now to catch you up. So where you been?” She asked.

I laughed and rolled my eyes. “You first, what has happened that you two are acting all weird,” I said.

“Well, we are this close to being in real relationships, “Shayla said, boasting on the phone.

“Relationships with who,” I shriek in disbelief.

“Chris and I and Normani and George,” Shayla whispered.

I just about choked on my spit. “Excuse me! When did all of that happen.”

Normani joins in on the conversation. “When you were busy avoiding us,” She said sarcastically.

At that moment, I decided to just tell my friends the truth about what was going on “The other day when I left the mall...I just wanna apologize. I just wasn’t comfortable sitting at the table with Rika and Quez.” I stuttered.

“You weren’t comfortable because when Rika finds you out here recruiting her man, she’s going to be all over that pretty face of yours,” Normani said jokingly.

“Girl, I knew about you and Quez. I just didn’t realize it had gotten so deep,” Shayla said.

I took a deep breath and then lowered my head. “It was never supposed to go this long, but it has, and I don’t think it should go any longer. ”

“Why do you say that what’s going on?” Shayla asked.

“Yesterday, I was leaving Fred’s house to walk home, and out of nowhere, Quez pops up. He grabs my arm, and he’s going off about me, ignoring his calls.” I sighed. “I have been rethinking this whole situation with him, and I’m noticing things about him that I don’t like. He is clingy and very aggressive. It kinda scares me.

I could see the worry on their faces. “If Quez is hurting you, Bre, you need to kick his bum ass to the curve!” Normani snapped. “Why did you even give that fool the time of day?” she asked.

I paused, then sighed ” We use to just chill, then things escalated, and we were on some no strings attached shit, which was cool for me because I wasn’t tryna be with him like that. Somewhere in between all the chilling we were doing, he started catching feelings.”

“Damn girl, your box that good. He went crazy like that,” Shayla said jokingly.

“Shut up. This man is really bugging. I blocked him and told him I needed some space. Now he is texting from a number I don’t know and calling private” I shook my head then walked over to my bed, falling into my pillow breathing heavily with annoyance.

“Good!” Normani shouted. “You don’t need no man like that.”

“You better hope Rika doesn’t find out, or that’s gone be two crazy-ass people you’re hiding from,” Shayla teased. “I think you need to leave him, alone girl. Let Rika keep dealing with that clown. You deserve so much more, baby girl,” Shayla said encouragingly.

I felt somewhat better after sharing my situation with my friends, but I didn’t want my issues to spoil my night, so I quickly brushed that topic to the side. “So how in the hell did you end up with Chris?” I asked, teasing Shayla.

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