Passing Through (Love/Hate Part Three)

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Part Twenty One

 Chapter Twenty One

The alarm cut through the pleasant fog that wafted around Natasha, a combination of fatigue and the delicious scents coming from the man wrapped around her, and he was wrapped around her. Arms, and legs entwined, his nose in her hair, and something rather pertinent pressing against her buttocks.

Reaching for the bedside table, she silenced her phone, then tried to untangle herself. When he stirred, she kissed his cheek.

"I've got to be in early. Delivery comes at seven."

He managed to open one eye, "I've got this damned Pilates class at eight anyway. Go get a shower and I'll drive you home, I may go swim first. Ease out the kinks."

That made her blush, so he added, "you are so easy to wind up."

Poking out her tongue she watched him drag himself up and head for the lounge, leaving her to dive in his shower before redressing in last night's clothes. Walk of shame hear I come.

Coffee in a travel mug was so thoughtful, and she sipped at it as he drove the short journey to his house. A local radio breakfast show was the only sound in the car, but it wasn't awkward, and the roads were quiet, it was that early.

She hadn't intended on staying the night, but it had just happened. He hadn't wanted to let her go, and he'd told her that in no uncertain terms. And shown her. She blushed as she remembered various parts of the evening, then glanced across at him, his eyes forward on the road. His hands gripped the wheel, strong hands, firm forearms, she blushed again, how could a sleeveless arm with a watch wrapped around her, want to make her slide across the car to sit astride him?


With a squeak, Natasha met Bo's eyes, suddenly aware that they were stopped at traffic lights, and she was practically drooling.

Shrugging, she started to rifle through her bag, which only seemed to make him laugh.

Stopping the car outside her door, he leaned across and cupped her face with one hand, "have a good day?"

"I'll try...." she offered, but the words died on her lips as he thrust his on them. Damn that man can kiss.

Breathless, she almost fell out of the car, then waved as he disappeared in the direction of the gym. It was only as she unlocked the door that she realised they hadn't made plans to see each other again.

Was this it?

Pilates was a bitch, that was official. The whole squad was panting on their mats, all looking beaten. How could one woman ruin twenty fit, athletic men? It shouldn't be possible, but it was.

Jax was grunting as he stretched, "why do sit ups not hurt? I'd rather do a thousand of them, that never do this class again."

Bo rolled onto his side and agreed, but he could see why they did it, core strength, coordination, endurance and proprioception. All things that were difficult to attain, it reminded him of all the ice dancing classes he'd been forced into as a youngster. The intricacies of pirouettes and leaps really helped his skating. Coop thought outside the box, and that was why this team was improving, gelling.

"They've said we can use the sauna for a bit, then it's skate practice."

Blake laughed, "nothing like a quiet Thursday."

"At least we aren't travelling this weekend," Peter added on. "It's nice waking up in your own bed."

Jax laughed then ruffled his hair, "and not having to put up with your snoring, I might ask Coop if I can change roomies."

Bo closed his eyes, they were right on all counts, he wasn't sure he'd ever want to wake up in bed alone again.

Climbing to his feet, he found his phone and messaged the woman he was thinking about.

Is it bad that Pilates pain makes me think of you?

He had barely got out of the studio when there was a reply.

The question is which is more painful? An hour with your instructor, or an hour with me?

Fuck, that wasn't the response he expected, even his text had been intentionally flirty. Now he had to sauna with his teammates and the hard on from hell.

Tennis. Usually it was a highlight of Natasha's week, but tonight she was distracted. Steph was badgering her for gossip, but all she could think about were the racy texts she'd received through the day, and not a single serve or volley. A recipe for disaster.

She lost every game.

In the bar afterwards, Steph sat opposite her smirking.

"So, nothing to say?"

Dropping her eyes, Natasha toyed with her glass, she'd been worried in the morning that Bo hadn't mentioned seeing her again, but by lunchtime in his repeated text replies, he'd described far too graphically how he wanted to taste her again. She melted at the memory of it.

"Not a lot."

Steph rolled her eyes, "you slept with him?"

Shrugging, she conceded, "I did spend the night."

"Good? I presume that's why you're so dreamy."

Natasha laughed, "not sure about that....but yep, it was worth it."

"Lucky we aren't playing tennis for money, we'd have lost a lot tonight."

She wasn't biting, instead Natasha ordered them some food, then turned to Steph, "so, you're going away with Ethan?"

Steph's kind of hot/cold boyfriend was taking her to the coast, a small hotel in a secluded spot.

"It's make or break, Tash. If he doesn't step up to the mark...then I might start chasing after a certain Porno."

Mentioning Jax's nickname in public caused a few heads to turn and the two of them chuckled.

"I hope it works out, you were so happy with him."

Steph nodded, as they sipped at their drinks, awaiting their food.

An hour later, Steph dropped her home and Natasha was glad of the relatively early night. Curled up in bed, the radio on quietly and her latest book open, she was starting to nod off when her phone bleeped.

So, did you win? Or were you too busy thinking about me?

Rolling her eyes, even though Bo wasn't there to see it, she thumbed a quick reply.

Cocky much?

He sent her a message back almost immediately.

I'm 'something' when I think of you....which has been ALL day.

It was flirty, it was a little bit naughty and made her squirm in bed. Before she could think of a reply, he added another message.

I was so tempted to come over, camp out on your doorstep earlier. Will you come over tomorrow?

She had thought about that, and made some changes to her diary.

I've planned to do a lot of prep baking tomorrow for the next couple of days, and got someone to open up for me Saturday morning. I was hoping you'd come to over for dinner. I'll cook.

His reply was instant.

That sounds amazing, I've sampled your cupcakes....(he inserted a wink emoji) I can only imagine dinner. We've got a midday skate before our game the next day, so no rush to leave, but I can literally have a couple of glasses of wine max. Will you come to the game?

There was only one answer she could give. Ignoring his presumption that he'd stay over, and the self proclaimed cockiness over it all.

Of course.

She loved Italian food, and knew that pasta was easy, a bake with chicken, fresh veg and lashings of cheese was easy to prepare whilst she was still at work. She was shutting the cafe at half past five, and that gave her just over an hour to prepare for him.

An extra day's baking and cooking, meant that she could leave everything ready for the next day, and after a quick call to Lara who was opening up for her the next day, she closed shop. And relaxed....for five minutes.

Her home wasn't the tidiest as she had hardly been there, so she quickly cleaned through out, duster and vacuum in opposite hands, then laid the table.

The food was ready to go in the oven, but wouldn't take more than forty minutes, the wine and beer were chilled. So she dived into the bathroom for what she hoped would be a relaxing shower....and it was until the doorbell rang.

Wrapped in a towel, she rushed to the door and answered the intercom.

"Hey, it's me. I'm a little bit early."

That he was.

"No probs, come up, the door's open, I'm just getting changed."

She chuckled at the growl that came through the handset, then released the door, before running to her bedroom.

She had pulled on a summer dress, sleeveless, mid thigh, comfortable, and dragged her damp hair back into a clip.

When he emerged, Bo was stood looking at her bookshelf, he was wearing a collarless polo shirt, tight around his sculpted body, and jeans that clung to his firm arse and huge thighs. That had been the first thing she spotted about him, it was definitely a hockey player thing.

He turned, hearing her arrive, then gave her a pointed look, "you checking me out?"

She could lie, but he'd caught her read handed, "just noting that your arse looks good in those jeans."

His face turned pink, and she laughed, "have I made you blush?" She stepped closer, grinning, "I though that was my thing?"

Rolling his eyes, he reached out and grabbed her pulling her into his arms, then he planted his lips on hers, and the tension eased, the atmosphere lightened. It was just what they both needed to get over their anxieties. She reached up onto tiptoes, and his arms wound around her as they dissolved into each other.

"Hmmm," he sighed, finally lifting his lips to kiss her forehead. "I have been thinking about doing that all day."

She was goo in his arms, "me too."


Leading him to the sofa, they sat together and Natasha loved the way their limbs entwined, and they relaxed into each other so easily. She had been so anxious prior to him arriving, and that ice had well and truly been broken by a toe tingling kiss.

"So how was your day?" he asked tucking her into his side.

"Busy, there was an open day in the university so we had a lot of extra trade, and I had already planned on prepping and doubling up my baking, so that I can have a easier day tomorrow. So I was glad to get out of there this evening."

"And then you're cooking for me."

She grinned, looking up at him, "I didn't mind that, I kind of live life in a hectic way. Plus, we have nothing to do except eat and relax."

Smiling he pushed her back onto the sofa, then reached for her legs, "let me just...."

And he started to massage her feet, thumbs squeezing into the arch of her instep, fingers raking over her forefoot. With a moan, she dropped her head back over the arm of the chair.

"I could get used to this."

"I am a willing masseuse."

More moans escaped out of her lips as his hands moved over her calves, to her knees, then back down to her feet.

"You tease." She hissed, and that made him laugh.

"You want more?" his thumbs ran up the inside if her shins, stopping at her knees. She squirmed in response, rubbing her thighs together, desperate to ease the sensations he was stirring. With a guttural laugh, he raked his finger tips up her thighs, just as far as the edge of her skirt.

"Mmm." Her voice was a breath. "That feels ama..."

The word froze on her lips as his thumbs sneaked under her skirt, just far enough to set off goose bumps everywhere.

Smiling wickedly, his eyes didn't leave hers as his hands worked higher and higher. She'd feel embarrassed if she wasn't so turned on, so desperate, her breath hitching as she anticipated the next flick of his fingers, the next graze on his thumb.

And then the timer in the kitchen sounded.

"That's dinner, ready..." biting her lip, she slid her legs free of his hands, and pulled herself up to sitting, suddenly mortified that she was spread out and at his mercy within minutes of him arriving in her home. Straightening her dress, she was about to stand when he reached for her, pulling her back against him.

"You are so sexy," he breathed as he kissed her bare shoulder. That made her smile.

"You won't say that if dinner is burned."

Helping her to her feet, he shook his head, "tonight is already amazing. You can't blow it."

That made her blush as she disappeared in the kitchen.  

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