Passing Through (Love/Hate Part Three)

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Part Twenty Two

 Chapter Twenty Two

They ate, they talked, and most importantly kept their hands to themselves for the next couple of hours as they got to know each other a little better, sharing childhood stories. He had told her several of his golfing disasters, as he loved the game but wasn't great at it, though it seemed that past and present teammates loved nothing more than a competitive game, and he was happy to indulge.

Then suddenly there was an awkward silence, as they reached a point of decision making, it was late enough that he could decide to go home, but they both knew he wanted to stay.

Sensing the awkwardness, she offered, finally standing from the dining table, "we could go to the pub, or...."

Then he kissed her again, and she knew that neither of them was going anywhere. She craved him like oxygen, and whilst that terrified her, in the midst of the fire that blazed between them, she had no logical thought. Backing her across the room to the sofa, she collapsed down onto it when the rear of her knees hit it, and he towered over for a long moment.

Kneeling between her legs, for a brief moment he looked down at her, face flushed, eyes sparkling, she was perfect. With a groan, he leaned into her, and their kisses resumed, fervent, almost violent in their nature, Bo was driven to be part of her, he wanted to consume her, be in her, but not just in a sexual way, he wanted to inhale her. He'd never felt like that before, she made him laugh, made him angry, made him challenge himself, and it had been a long time since he'd felt that alive.

And now, leaning over her, kissing her, feeling her firm breasts pressing against him, her tantalising thighs wrapped around him, he could quite happily die. He had never been romantic, but as he lay over her, he wanted to spout out poetry, and for the first time in his life, he understood Shakespeare writing sonnets.

His momentary lack of concentration saw her hands fly under his t-shirt, teasing his skin, touching him everywhere, and it was like a match to kindling. Within seconds he'd turned her, had her laid out on the sofa, and he was revealing her slowly and deliberately. Inch by inch. She was quivering as he explored her skin as he bared it with his teeth and tongue, nibbling and sucking at her neck, then licking her hard nipples through the lace of her bra. When she moaned and arched into his mouth, he managed to slide his hands beneath her and unfasten that item of clothing and tossed it theatrically over his shoulder. That made her chuckle, a light, flirty and sexy sound.

Throwing one of her legs over his shoulder, the other over the back of the sofa, he growled before diving in to explore her warm and wet flesh with his own mouth and inquisitive fingers. She panted as he teased her, but he could feel her body tighten, then she blew apart with a scream, and it was the greatest sound in the world.

"Come on," he held out a hand once he'd climbed back to his feet. When she took his hand, he pulled her up. "There's a comfy bed here somewhere," she nodded and he smiled. "I have not finished with you yet."

A lie-in was a luxury for them both, and as Bo awoke, muscle by muscle, joint by joint, he savoured the stiffness in his body. And he didn't mean the one pressing into the gentle and soft buttock in front of him. They had literally performed a decathlon the previous evening, first on the sofa, then lots of messy fun in her bed, which led to the shower antics, where she'd knelt and taken him in her mouth. His body shuddered at the memory, and then how he'd repaid her several times over in the comfort of her bed.

He'd always had a healthy relationship with sex, enjoyed it, he had good stamina, which had always served him well in his life, but other than Daniele, he hadn't really had a relationship, regular or repeated contact with the same person. Now, with Natasha, suddenly he felt like a teenager, on one hand everything was too quick too dramatic, he could barely contain himself, but also now he wanted to experiment, out of the blue he thrived on trying new things, new ways to make her fall apart. As he lay in bed, feeling her body against him, he was tempted to start watching more movies or googling things just so that he could find new ways to please her. Not kink, that wasn't him, not really, but adventure.

She was curled up, her back to his chest, spooning, something he couldn't ever remember doing with a woman before, even Daniele rarely stayed in his bed all night in the whole duration of their relationship, so this was different, and whilst he hadn't experienced it, he felt a sense of familiarity, and he liked it. She smelled amazing, and he couldn't help but drop his nose into her hair and inhale deeply.

He was still rock hard, so much more than morning wood, and when she started to stir, wriggled her bum against him gently, he only wanted her more.

"Morning," she breathed sleepily, her hands coming to rest over his on her stomach. "Did you sleep well?"

He nibbled at her neck as a response, "like a log."

That obviously pleased her as she almost preened in his arms. His lips were on her neck and his hands raised to cup her breasts, thumbing at her stiff nipples. Natasha moaned, and he nipped at her earlobe.

"That sound makes me want to explode."

Giggling, she turned in his arms, "is that before or after you spear me with that?"

She ran her hand down until she could wrap her fingers around him, and gave a squeeze that made his eyes roll to the back of his head. That was greeted with another giggle, she met his eyes when his finally came back to centre...and then with a wink, she disappeared under the duvet, and it was a long time until his eyes returned to normal position again.

"You want breakfast?" she asked, stretching one again in his arms. Natasha had woken again, much later, to the sun on her face, and her cheek on Bo's chest. Her alarm clock told her it was ten am. She had to show her face in the cafe by eleven, but as her phone hadn't rung with any disasters, she wasn't about to head there before it was necessary.

He kissed her forehead, then murmured, "I could eat you?"

She gave his ribs a soft elbow, "cheesy, Mr Holding, and you have actually done that several times. I was thinking more along the lines of an omelette? Or maybe fruit or something, I know you athletes have odd diets."

He nodded, "not odd. But I don't usually take on lots of carbohydrate, more like high protein, but today is game day, so I can load with whatever I like."

"So you'll have toast with it?"

Smiling he nodded, then rolled over her, "can we start food in another fifteen minutes?"

Wiggling her eyebrows, she embraced what was likely round five.

"The plan of the night, is like it was last weekend," Coop was giving a team talk to everyone whilst glaring at Vaughn. Suddenly, everyone was starting to see the side of the prick that Bo had always seen. It was the end of the second period and they were losing, by a single goal at home. And there had been a few harsh words between the lines during the first forty minutes, and Coop finally realised that it was down to Vaughn and his cronies being selfish and in particular keeping the younger players out of the game.

"Nails and Eli have been left hanging ALL game, they are an integral part of out team as they are changing lines, finding their feet. Whilst we want to win, we also want to strengthen, to build this team into one that can challenge, in this country, but also ultimately in Europe. It seems that some people aren't aware that hockey is a TEAM game. Change it, or it'll you'll be wearing a suit for tomorrow's game, as we'd rather have a reduced committed bench than one full of SHIT individual players. You can stick to golf!"

People cringed, there was no guilt in Bo's game, he had always appreciated the older players when he'd been a rookie, they had helped him shape his game, nurturing another generation was exactly what he wanted to do.

As they left the changing room, heading back to the ice, Coop smacked him on the back, "I'll be benching certain people if things carry on. You up for more ice time?"

His leg hurt probably ninety percent of the time, playing didn't make it that much worse, the thought of more ice fed that need in him, adrenaline defeated the pain every time, and he was beaming as they hit the third period face on.

Freya came back to their seats squeezing past a couple of the other wives before handing her a glass of wine. They were sat in a section of the rink reserved for families and some of the sponsors, Lizzie was sat to the other side of Natasha, but she wasn't partaking in the vino as she was still breastfeeding her youngest. Freya and Oscar's parents currently had both women's children, all six grandchildren, which seemed no mean feat, but Lizzie was heading home immediately after the game to help them out. Freya was keen to hang around in the bar until the men were done, and Natasha was glad of the company, she wouldn't have come to the game on her own.

And wine helped.

"So, looks like lover boy is having more ice time."

Natasha had noticed that, but still wasn't happy talking about Bo. Even to these two who were so understanding and sportive.

"Must mean he's feeling better with his knee," was all she offered. The two women shared knowing glances, and she rolled her eyes, "I don't know anything else."

They were quiet for a moment as the game unfolded, and after a few minutes of pressure from Bo's line, he passed to Jax, who flicked the puck past the keeper.

The whole arena erupted, and as the two celebrated, Bo looked into the stand and met her eyes, after holding her gaze for a little longer than was usual, then gave a little nod, acknowledging that he was seeking her out to celebrate the goal.

Freya nudged her, then offered, "don't know anything else?"

Another goal, saw the whole building explode, and hanging on for a single goal victory, the whole team skated around the rink in celebration.

Lizzie left them once the celebrations had wound down a little, and the other two perched on stools in the corner of the bar, watching the evening unfold. The place was bouncing groups of fans, drinking and cheering, sponsors in a quieter area, enjoying the free booze, then there was a murmur, above the normal hubbub of the bar, and Natasha looked towards the door and spotted the first of the smartly suited players enter. Oscar was there, handing them beers and directing them to various situations, Coop to entertain the sponsors, Blake the captain to speak to the local newspaper.

Women flocked around them, and the man she now realised was Bo's nemesis, the man who tried unsuccessfully to chat her up, Vaughn, he was loving the attention, even though he seemed to have been benched in the final period. Women flirted and he lapped it up.

"He's a piece of work," Freya leaned in and whispered to her. "Coop says he's a lazy selfish bastard...and he never slates anyone in his team usually."

Natasha nodded, "seems him and Bo are arch enemies."

Freya's eyes opened, "ah, so he's got common sense too." When Natasha looked at her quizzically, she laughed, "as well as being hot!"

At that moment he entered the room, she felt him there, rather than saw him, and as she sipped at her wine, she looked around, and spied him at the door, engulfed by half a dozen men, waving the match program at him for autographs and patting him on the back.

He was hot, she could admit that Freya was right, but only to herself.

"So," Freya leaned, "you going to share the gossip?"

She rolled her eyes, she was usually so private, she didn't share a lot of things even with Steph. "He stayed over last night, it's casual...nothing serious."

Eyeing her for a minute, she shook her head, "I wouldn't be wanting to let that one go."

Neither do I.

Oscar had whisked him to the other end of the bar to them, and he was talking to some suited men, though none of them looked as dramatic and handsome as Bo. His height, his shoulders, those amazing thighs...he filled his suit like no one else. That was for sure.

His head turned as he glanced her way, and caught her gawping at him, his face erupted into a smug grin, but his eyes were smouldering as he quite obviously checked her out too.

"He isn't looking at you casually." Freya quipped from next to her, and she reached for her wine with a dramatic tut.

Turning her back to the room, Natasha pulled Freya into a baking conversation, it was a mutual love, and soon they almost forgot where they were.

"Hi ladies," a voice disturbed them, and they turned to see one of the bar staff holding two glasses of wine. Theirs were empty. "From the gentleman at the end of the bar."

Freya grimaced, "not another fan trying to get in with me? They all want to get close to Coop. I am an easy route."

Both craning their necks, Natasha gasped when she immediately recognised the profile, and as he turned, that cocky smile.

Bo had sent them a drink. So, so sweet.

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