Passing Through (Love/Hate Part Three)

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Part Fifty Nine

A/N Sorry for the delay with this chapter, so hectic at the moment, but it's here. Just a lengthy epilogue to come, as these two have finally come to an end. But there is another story coming very soon. Thanks for all the posts, comments and love. Each makes me smile, and strive to work harder. MZxxx  

Chapter Fifty Nine

Somehow, Bo had managed to drag Natasha upstairs, though he wasn't sure how. His legs were wobbly and his libido out of control, as the front door slammed behind them, he turned and pressed her up against it.

"Do you mean it?"

She nodded, "I can't stop thinking about you, can't stop wanting you."

Her words were breathy and elicited the same reaction in him, "fuck."

He slid his hands down her body, and under the waist band of the loose leggings she wore, and as he slid them down her hips, his lips found hers. Power, he dominated her for just a moment, before she fought back, lips crashing, teeth snagging, it was fast, it was furious, and it was the most special, most exciting thing he'd ever felt.

Her bare skin under his hands, her hands on his skin, there was a desperation that he'd never felt before, even though things had been explosive before. As her hands spread over his chest, he groaned into her neck, but as they tweaked his nipples, he couldn't control the bite into that soft flesh.

She merely moaned, uncaring, lifting her hands and his t-shirt, tugging it free throwing it over his head. And even though he had her pinned against the door, she took over, stooping to lick, his pecs, his shoulders, a suckle at each of his nipples. Then her hands ran down to his waist, cupping him through his jeans and he was about to lose all control. Plastering his hands across her lace covered arse, he lifted her, and as she wrapped her legs around his waist, he pressed her into the door, using his body weight to keep her there.

"Jesus," he murmured as he managed to reach a hand between them and tug down his sweats. Poised to enter her, he realised he didn't have a condom to hand, and grunted in frustration.


He tried to move, without losing any contact between them, but it wasn't easy with his clothing wrapped around his ankles, "need a condom."

She bit her lip, then shook her head, pressing down on to him, "we're good."

That made him freeze, she'd been so adamant to date.

She nodded, "I'm covered, the injection...I just never..." She dropped her head to his shoulder and murmured, "I never trusted you properly until now."

It all slotted into place, she didn't trust him not to get her pregnant, to abandon her, she was fighting history repeating itself.

"If we ever got caught out, I'll be there, a million percent. You know that? I'm not him, I'm not running away."

She bit her lip again, staring into his eyes, and he could see the tears welling. "I know that, Bo. Now are we doing this, or what?"

Laughing he thrust into her, and all words fled her lips at the same time as any coherent thought. It was fast, it was hard, it was angry, it was passionate, but most of all it was love. Proper unbridled and reciprocated love, and neither of them had ever had that before.

They made it to the lounge, where he devoured her with him mouth on the sofa, and she reciprocated in the kitchen. By the time the reached the bedroom, they were both exhausted, sated, and besotted in equal measure. For both of them, giving up their inhibitions, their past and embracing what they shared, just lifted everything to a different level.

"I never knew it could be like this," he breathed into her hair as he held her close, wrapping his body around her.

She sighed, "me either. Shit. I have no idea how I'll manage to work if you do that every night."

He laughed, "like you are an innocent in this."

"I'm a partner," she offered, kissing his lips, "and a lover..."

"And a very fucking sexy girlfriend." That made her blush, and grinning, he ran a hand over her cheek. "I love you, more than anyone, ever before."

Still blushing, she forced him back, climbing over him, she sat astride him. "Ditto."

His parents returned the following day, and as there was a game the following day, Bo's training was fairly light and he collected them from the station before heading to his home. T|he home he planned to vacate as soon as they left to move into Natasha's.

She wanted to cook for them all, but as she was working, it made more sense that she came to them later. Plus, he knew that his mother loved to cook. Her roots were the fish dishes of Sweden, but over the years she spent in California, fish tacos became her speciality. And he loved them. He knew Natasha would too.

Having only met his parents once, Natasha was still anxious as she headed to Bo's apartment. But she knew that the previous encounter had gone well, she had nothing to worry about, not really. But it was all very serious, so her heart did race as she climbed the stairs to his floor.

He answered before her hand had returned to her side from knocking, and pulled her into a kiss that curled her toes.

"Miss me?" She asked, grinning.

He nodded, "like you wouldn't believe. Busy day?"

He helped her out of her coat, small talking, until they entered the open plan living area. His father was in the corner, absorbed in his laptop, and Agnes, his mother, was in the kitchen.

As soon as she entered the room, his mother dropped the spoon she was holding and rushed towards her, cleaning her hands as she simultaneously offered her a hug.

"Natasha, it's so wonderful to see you again." After the hug, she turned to glance at Bo, "if only for that smile you've put on his face!"

Natasha followed her gaze, Bo really did look like the cat that got the cream. It made her smile too.

"Well it is a treat to see him so happy."

Agnes grinned, clapping her hands, "Robert, she is so perfect!"

Bo rolled his eyes and swatted in Natasha's direction, "It's you that keeps the scowl on my face!"

Despite his words, he reached for her, wrestling her into his arms, uncaring that his parents were watching as he kissed her.

"Put her down, son. You pair of lovebirds are making us oldies feel a little awkward."

Bo ignored him, resting his head against Natasha's, "Ignore him, he is just that, old."

Smiling, she pushed him away, then reached in her bag for the bottle of wine she'd brought with her.

"Seems you are forgetting time and place," she rolled her eyes, but she was smiling as she handed the bottle to him.

Agnes was chuckling, "he's like a school boy. So cute."

Bo tutted, then opened the bottle, pouring a measure for her and his mother.

"Beer?" he called to his father. When he finally turned around after sorting out his father, his mother and Natasha huddled together, giggling. It was going to be a long night. He couldn't help but laugh. Nothing made him happier than seeing Natasha get along so well with his family.

When they returned to hers that night, she was subdued. Upstairs in her home, above the cafe, he pulled her into his arms, "what's up? You were so happy earlier, but you seem sad."

She shrugged, and for a moment he thought she'd push him away, instead she sighed, "sorry. It's just your parents are so're all so much fun..."

Shit. He pulled her into his arms, "that makes the distance with yours even more poignant?"

Nodding she dropped her head into his neck, "I don't think of them much, really. It's just all teasing each other, laughing...I felt it here." She tapped her chest.

His answer was to kiss her, first her lips, but then the tears that fell down her cheeks, "they don't deserve you, they don't deserve your sadness."

"I know, but it feels like it should be a basic human right, parents who will do anything for you and love you unconditionally."

Nodding, he swept the hair from her face, "and it sucks that you didn't have that. But you have got friends, you've got me...and you've got my parents, who, if given a choice would choose you over me, if tonight is anything to go by."

That made her chuckle, "they do like me, a lot."

"And who can blame them," the kiss this time was far more than a gesture of understanding.

"You've changed my life," she offered when he finally released her.

He stared at her for a long moment, "really?"

She nodded, "before I met you, I had a couple of friends, and fairly low self esteem, and the biggest secret past. Now, I have so many friends, who will do anything for me, I've got an open past, and a man who loves me."

He grinned, "you have got that right, babe."

She shivered at his words, suddenly liking the term of endearment, "I love you."

Running the business was starting to become a bit of a chore, especially when Natasha had to drag herself out of bed before dawn, and leave the warm embrace of Bo. But once she was in her kitchen baking, or behind the counter serving customers, it was all worthwhile.

Today was game day, a top of the league clash against rivals at six pm, so she was planning to close in plenty of time to get across town to watch.

Saturday mornings were quieter than the week, but it got busier later on, so she was alone in the cafe at eight o'clock when the door opened and all three members of the Holding family walked in.

Agnes grinned, "we've been told this is the best place to get breakfast on a match day?"

She grinned back, "I'd argue that should be every day." Then glared at Bo in jest.

He held up his hands in surrender, "the question was 'where's good to eat before a game?'"

"Forgiven, Take a seat and I'll bring the menus over."

They ordered coffee and pastries, then various versions of toast with hot toppings, bacon, eggs and mushrooms, and tomatoes for Agnes. A few patrons came in, but she was able to spend a little time sat with them and conversing.

When they got up to leave, Bo smiled, pulling her into his arms, "will you collect my folks to go to the game?"

She nodded, and he whispered how he didn't want them wandering around the arena un-chaperoned. It was a hilarious concern, as they were so distinctive, so traffic stopping that everyone would see them and know instantly who they were. But he wanted that last little piece of privacy, wanted to know that Natasha was keeping things organised. That she wasn't letting them loose on to the fans and employees at the ice rink. She didn't know what he was scared of, but she was happy to help out, help him keep that distance.

Making sure she closed on time, or rather left the cafe on time; she had to get used to trusting others with her 'baby', she drove across town to Bo's apartment, where his parents were waiting, then drove the three of them to the ice rink.

Saturday evenings saw the Hornet's get their best crowds, and as they entered the rink, they were met by the smell of ice, a combination of sweat and wintergreen, and match day hot dogs, and the sounds of a crowd. The warm up was underway, and a lot of fans were shouting and cheering at the players. Natasha's eyes were instantly drawn to Bo, his number 31, emblazoned across his back.

She could recognise him from fifty other hockey players, that was without those warm brown eyes that found her as soon as she got into the rink, and smouldered.

Shit, when did things get this hot between them?

His mother waved, much to his embarrassment, and the two women laughed at his eyes roll, before he skated off to his place in the warm up drills.

"He's like a teenager!" Natasha laughed, as Agnes slid her arm through hers.

"He always tried to keep us separate to his hockey," she offered, as they climbed the steps to what qualified as the hospitality section of the arena, filled with other wives and families.

Natasha introduced the Holdings to Freya, then to Oscar and Lizzie. By them time she'd pointed out the player's family members, the game was about to start.

She had always loved watching hockey, but this was her first time since her confrontation with Torrie, since the murky past that she'd hidden, the shame and guilt were all lifted, and it was like being a teenager again. It was so liberating.

Bo was welcomed back with cheers that almost lifted the roof, and his parents beamed ecstatically. He scored, two, which made them all cheer wildly, and after each goal, Bo's eyes found hers, and she was filled with warm happiness.

A victory saw the team take top place in the league, the first time in their history, and the whole arena was bouncing as the final buzzer sounded. To top it off, with his two goals and an assist, Bo got man of the match.

Upstairs in the bar, his parents were treated like gods, employees and fans of the team alike were circling them and gushing over Bo and the season he was having. Smiling, Natasha made for the bar, and a glass of wine, this was what he and his family needed, a little celebration for all that he had achieved, coming back from a horrendous injury.

She was sat on a stool at the bar when Freya appeared beside her, and nudged her gently. Turning, she smiled at the smaller woman.

"Hey, friend."

Freya grinned at the welcome, "ditto. How are things?"

Natasha couldn't stop smiling, "great, all thanks to my Cooper friends."

"The talk helped?"

She nodded, "you are married to an amazing man."

Freya laughed at that, "do not...EVER...say that in front of him." Freya hugged her then, ordered herself a drink, "so the parents?"

She nodded, "going well. They like me."

"Who wouldn't. We can all see how good you are for Bo."

"And him to me."

Freya held her at arm's length, "you were always brilliant, he took a little shake up."

She could do nothing but bask in the compliment.

If there was a perfect day, then to Bo, it was that day. Returning to play after a career threatening injury, and whilst he'd done that before, he hadn't had his parents watching, and didn't have a women he would end it all for.

The three of them had been sat together, and every time he looked up, his father was gazing at the ice with pride, his mother looked ecstatic, and Natasha looked like she wanted to rip his clothes off. He thought about locker room sex, against the wall, still wearing his skates, and warmth washed over him. But as Coop stood in front of him congratulating him on his game, he had to change his thoughts or he'd embarrass himself.

As was the tradition, he was first into the arena bar, and had a standing ovation, rounds of applause from all gathered. He blushed, that wasn't him, but before he had time to process things, his mother was fighting rather dramatically through the hoards of people, then threw her arms around his neck and smothered him in kisses.

"Put the boy down, Agnes," his father literally pulled her off him, and he smiled at him gratefully. "Great game, son." He clapped him on the back, then slid the arm around his shoulders, "I imagine you still hanker after the NHL, that level...but seeing you out there were a king, and I've never been prouder."

Bo thought he was going to cry, his father had always been supportive, but to hear those words, he almost collapsed. As if sensing his reaction, his father turned him into an embrace, literally hugging the shit out of him.

When they pulled apart, he smiled at his father, it was a moment they hadn't had before and it was all that Bo had ever wanted.

"So you can hug him, but not me?"#

His mother disturbed them, and they both looked at her, "no one ever said no to you, Mom."

That made her roll her eyes, then wave her empty wine glass in front of his father's face, "in that case, I'll take a refill."

Robert groaned, then nodded to Bo, "beer?"

Bo nodded gratefully, then slung an arm around his mother's shoulders, "so don't think I looked too rusty?"

"Looked like you hadn't missed a game in months. I'm so proud of you."

Swoon number two, despite his previous level of success, they'd never been so honest, so open with him, or proud. And he was stunned. His mother hung on his arm, a bizarre sight at her more than six foot frame dwarfing most of the people in the room, and he entered the room, not having made it past the doorway before his parents descended on him.

The room was full of smiling faces, all wanting to talk to him, clap him on the back, shake his hand. He felt as though he'd won some sort of one sided boxing match and he was David as oppose to Goliath, but it was as Natasha always said, he was giving these people something with every game he played, and now that he was realising that, it all felt so much more personal.


Without appearing rude, he tried to scan the room for her, but it was too full, too hectic. Too many people crammed into a room that was usually empty.

Then he caught a glimpse of her russet hair near the bar, craning, he met her eyes briefly, of course they were trained on him, and of course she was laughing. Teasing him. Ignoring that, he blew her a kiss, then started to make his way towards her.

When he finally reached her, he shrugged off his mother, and turned his back on everyone else, instead placing a hand on the bar either side of her, enclosing her close to him.

"Hey," he murmured as his lips found hers.

Her nudge reminded him that they were in public, and as he pulled back, she smiled, like that cat that had all the cream in the world.

"Hey, you. My popular."

He rolled his eyes, "as long as I'm popular with you."

Grinning, she slid her arms around his neck, "you are officially the best."

Uncaring of who was there, who was watching, he kissed her again, because no one, or nothing mattered more that the love and support of the woman there, in his arms. Everything that had happened, every trauma, every drama had all led to this moment. After coming through hell, he was on top of the world, and he couldn't ever remember feeling so lucky, so special, so happy.

Natasha was the catalyst to it all, and he only hoped he could keep proving his worth to her for the rest of their lives.  

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