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Part Twenty Three

A/N Sorry at the delay in this chapter SO busy! ANd huge thanks to Kaisha for the awesome new cover! Hope you all like!! :)

Laura wanted to walk home, it was approaching midnight, and it was a two mile walk, but he had indulged her, this had after all been a night for Laura. If she wanted to end the night with a walk, who was he to argue.

But after twenty minutes Adam was rolling his eyes at her protests, her feet ached, she was tired...

                “You wanted to walk!” he exclaimed stopping in the street. “I suggested a cab!”

He was right, but she’d wanted the time to sober up a little, she was feeling a little too close to Adam tonight, and curled up in a taxi...if he touched her. She shook her head; she didn’t want to think of what her reaction would be to that. She was so aware of him now, since he’d sung to her in the pub earlier, and he HAD sung to her, rather deliberately, she’d been feeling a bit quivery, and the way he listened to her stories, her dreams, her past, was all contributing to her feeling like she wanted to throw herself at him, the one person she should least be inclined to. If he felt the same way it would be disastrous, and if he didn’t, she’d humiliate herself, neither was a great option, so she walked, hoping the pain in her feet and the fresh air would bring her back to a reality where she barely tolerated Adam Purcell.

                “Right! That’s it! Jump on!”

He half lowered himself in front of her offering his back, and she felt a shiver of fear wash over her.

                “I’m fine!” Her protest was half arsed, her feet were killing her, but she couldn’t jump on his back. That didn’t bear thinking about!

He shook his head, “you’re being a diva, get on my back, we’ll get there in half the time, then I can relax without this incessant bleating!”

With a “Humph” of anger, she climbed on to his back as he directed. She was wearing a short dress, and her fear of it lifting to reveal her lacy underwear to the world was her foremost fear, until his hands connected with the flesh of her thighs, and he gripped her to him standing up ready to carry her home, her bare legs wrapped around his torso.  All she could feel was Adam invading every inch of her being, and it was as scary and exciting as she’d imagined it would be.

Adam took two paces before he froze. This was the greatest mistake he’d ever made. His hands were securing her firm bare thighs to his body; the heat of her pelvis was pressed against the small of his spine, and there was very little separating her from him. And the thoughts he’d been trying to ignore all day and night were suddenly very real, he could no longer block them.

Releasing her legs slowly he moaned as she slithered down his body, a body that shook with anticipation and sensual realisation of every cell of hers.  Closing his eyes, he felt her arms leave his neck, and he stood for a moment wondering why the hell he’d chosen the option of wrapping her around him. He’d had an erection for most of the evening, though he’d tried to deny it, and now he’d made himself REALLY aware of how attracted he’d become to Laura.

Finally opening his eyes, he turned slowly, expecting her to be fuming, but Laura was stood there, her bottom lip snagged between her teeth in an innocent gesture, and a bolt of lust shot through his body, as in reality it was as sexy as hell. Their eyes met and suddenly he realised this wasn’t one sided, she was as lust driven as him.

Neither moved, but their eyes were locked. Laura couldn’t breathe. She didn’t know who took the first step forward, her or him. But there was a split second of realisation, consent, and they came together. Adam’s hands flew to her face, both hands cupping her jaws and pulling her towards him, when their lips met, Laura closed her eyes and sensations exploded through her.  She’d never felt this excitement, this desire, this pleasure in a simple kiss.

But the kiss was anything but simple; Adam’s lips represented an assault to every one of her senses. He smelled of citrus, clean, fresh, which was intoxicating in its own right, his soft lips were drugging pressuring, probing.  Then her lips finally parted under the pressure of his tongue, the taste of mint and whisky tingled the tip of her own tongue.

Then there were his fingers fanning into her hair, setting her scalp on fire, a firm insistent pressure on her skull, pulling her closer to him, whilst their bodies entwined almost naturally. Laura’s hands which were pumping in and out of fists in muted frustration at their lack of use, finally won the battle with her brain, the brain that was slowly getting more and more befuddled by this overwhelming man, and she slipped her arms around him, fingers splaying out over his hard spine.

He moaned against her lips at the actions of her hands, and she felt another surge of heat engulf her, and a sway as her knees weakened. It was Adam’s turn to smile, though the sensation barely made it as far as his industrious lips, he was too busy feeling like a horny teenager, out of control with a surge of testosterone. And he was thirty one, a distant voice called out to him, but he was as deaf to that as he was blind to what they were doing.

In the street.

But her lips were so enticing, so absorbing,  her tongue shy yet cheeky in its inquisition was firing his furnace. As her hands roamed under his t-shirt, tingling over the skin of his spine, he suddenly needed to do the same, feel her. Dropping his lips from hers, Adam licked and nibbled his way down to the soft contours of where her neck met her shoulder, unable to resist, he sank his teeth into her skin gentle enough not to hurt, but hard enough to thrill.

                “Adam!” Laura gasped as his hands ran up her bare thighs, heading for her bum, lifting her dress as they went. “We’re in the street!”

Her voice was breathless, and when he lifted his lips from her collar bone, he almost shuddered at the look of desire in her eyes, her swollen lips were parted, inviting, full, red...he suddenly realised he could write poems about that thoroughly kissed mouth. For a moment he sympathised with all the true romantic poets who’d verbalised exact things like this!

But she was right, they were in the street. He was sure that William Shakespeare wasn’t usurped by car headlights and streetlamps!

                “Sorry Laura, but I couldn’t...I can’t resist you.”

The words were music to Laura’s ears, but she also knew that this was ridiculous, that once they got a few moments to calm down that Adam’s ardour would calm. This is exactly what she’d wanted to avoid, now they had an awkward walk home.

Freeing herself from his arms, she turned in the direction of home, but a hand restrained her, circling her wrist. Without speaking he pulled her close, cupped her cheek again with that inquisitive hand, then planted his lips firmly on hers. This kiss was slightly less of an attack and far more promising, he was tasting her, teasing her rather than devouring her, and she once again squirmed ridiculously. This was so bloody stupid! But she was powerless to resist.

When he finally stopped the kiss, he lifted his head and nodded with a smile, “just because we’re in the street,” his voice was hoarse, “does not mean you can pretend this hasn’t happened. I have no intention of embarrassing you here, but once we get back to the apartment, I promise we will get back to this.”

Laura nodded mutely, there were so many questions, so many doubts, but she had to get home before she let him embarrass her in the street. For he’d proven that she had no restraint or control when it came to him.  His hand holding hers, he led her at a fast pace across the streets of Chelsea, until he saw the foreboding house on the horizon. Glancing over his shoulder he smiled at the mixed emotions contorting her face. He loved the confusion, the desire halted in such a dramatic fashion still evident in her eyes, then there was doubt. Not something he wanted to see.

Smiling Adam swooped down to claim her lips again, and within a few seconds of their lips touching, that flame wasn’t just reignited; it was burning like a furnace. But he still needed that sign, a sign that she was pushing this as hard as he was.

And then she reached up and nipped at his earlobe, a small bite, then a tug. And as her tongue flicked over the sensitive sworls of his ear, he couldn’t contain his ecstasy and pleasure.   “Oh Laura!” With a groan, he grabbed her hand and ran up to the house, his hand dragging her along behind him.

As she opened the door to the apartment, and stepped inside, Laura felt petrified, she’d had that feeling of anxiety eating at her since she’d seen Adam singing to her hours earlier. The passionate kisses had only increased her unease. She had kissed many men, but she’d never felt as desperate or as hungry for someone as she did for him. As the door clicked closed and his hand reached for hers, panic flashed through her. It was wrong, she kept telling herself that, he was family, they were related. What would her parents say? SO many negatives, and then he tugged her, spinning her into his arms, and those equally blessed and cursed lips took hers once more.

Within seconds all doubts were washed away, all she knew was the raw desire for this man that overpowered her once again. All promise had gone and he kissed her with abandon, his teeth tugging at her lips, his tongue probing against them. With a sigh she ran her hands up to link behind his neck, and then parted her lips to meet his tongue with her own. It was furious, desperate, frantic even. His hands found the back of her thighs and lifted up to cup her lace clad buttocks, the exact same gesture that had caused them to separate earlier. But now, instead of the world seeing her exposed flesh, she was snug against the hallway wall.  Her back pressed against the wooden panelling.

                “We can’t do this!” She finally managed to rasp when his lips left hers to tease the skin of her neck.

                “I can’t stop...” it was more a plea than a statement. When she didn’t answer he lifted his head, looked down at her.

Laura was about to push him away, break this up, when a hand that was now on her ribs met the gentle curve of her breast. With a groan she pushed herself into his hand.

“You want this. Tell me you do!” He demanded, the other hand securing her head, forcing him to look at him.

After a pause, she nodded, she needed this more than wanted it, there’d be hell to pay the next day, but her desire for more of him outweighed anything else. She’d always been impulsive, reckless on times, but this didn’t seem like that, this was essential, she could no more walk away than she could stop breathing.

Taking her hand, he deliberately led her along the hallway to her bedroom, partly because he wanted this to be leisurely, luxurious, everything that she deserved, but also it gave her time to change her mind. But she followed obediently, only pausing to kick off her shoes.

A soft glow from the table lamp illuminated the room. Adam walked towards her with purpose, and Laura felt her heart pound frantically. Taking the initiative, she reached for the hem of his t-shirt before he had the chance to kiss her. Widening his eyes in surprise for a brief second, he stopped and lifted his arms, letting her slide the garment up over his shoulders. She’d seen him shirtless a few times, but never this close up. He was toned but not over muscular, and there was a thin smattering of hair, surrounding each flat nipple, before trailing down to his jeans. His broad shoulders bore a tattoo on each side, but she was too busy to study them.

Using her thumb nail she scratched at one of his nipples and was rewarded it with it wrinkling into a small point. He sighed at the touch, then almost whimpered as she lowered her head to bite it. He loved the mixture of confidence and insecurity; she was leading the way, but was really unsure of herself. And it turned him on beyond belief. As she nibbled at his chest, he lowered his lips to her cheek, then neck. Her dress was a halter neck, and tugging at the straps with his teeth, he was rewarded by a tearing sound, and the strap fell loose.

                “This is my new dress!” she chastised breathlessly. She’d bought it from a merchant at the festival just the previous week; it was limited edition, a one off.

Reaching behind her he grabbed the fabric in his hands, and tore it from top to bottom, “as the fabric fell to the floor, he grunted, “I’ll buy you ten more!” Then his eyes descended on her and he promised so much more than new clothes.

Laura was only glad that she’d worn reasonable underwear. Her strapless black lacy bra shaped her small breasts into an impressive cleavage, though she did wonder if he was a man who preferred more in that department. But the way his hands cupped her breasts, then pulled the cups down to free her dark pink nipples, he seemed enthralled. As he lowered his head to engulf one of her breasts with his mouth, his other hand found the clasp behind her and he scrambled the item away from her body.

He eventually lifted his head to see Laura was swaying on her feet, each touch was pulling a sensation deep within her stomach and she could barely concentrate. Reaching for his jeans, she was relieved when Adam actually helped her pull them off, though she had no idea of the view she was giving him of those cute lacy boy short panties, and how it was purely a selfish action.

When she stood back to face him in just her shorts, he sighed, “god you are beautiful Laura.” Bowling her back on to the bed, he kissed her again, before his hands started to run all over his body. She reciprocated, sweeping her hands over his buttocks, then around to the front of him. He was huge, impressive and rock hard, and the thought of what that meant, but as her fingers ran over her, he moaned, and it was such a liberating sound. Especially when Laura was feeling almost self conscious at the way she was throwing herself at him.

Adam threw her back onto the bed almost aggressively. “What the hell are you doing to me?”

Then things got really frantic, he was struggling to devour every inch of her, she fought to free them of their remaining clothes, as she finally managed to kick her knickers across the room, Adam wedged himself between her thighs, and then buried his face in her.

Laura threw her head back, unable to cope with the wild sensations pulsing through her; every nerve ending was in tune with his tongue and the thumbs that exposed her, the fingers that probed her.

Then with a woof of exquisite pleasure she exploded, blood surged around her pelvis, flushed her face and neck, and every nerve ending tingled as for a moment she became hypersensitive.

It took a few seconds to calm, for her racing heart to ease, and when she opened her eyes, Adam was above her, nose to nose, propped up on his elbows that rested either side of her shoulders. When he smiled at her, that lazy, sexy smile, she melted all over again.

                “Next time I want to watch you, cos it sure sounded like fun!”

Acutely aware of how exposed she was to him, she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him close until he was poised to move into her. He swept another kiss to her lips and at the same moment he thrust into her.

Within moments Adam knew he was struggling to stay in control, he’d thought the copious amounts of alcohol would have the opposite effect on his libido, but here he was about to explode like a teenager within seconds. Using his hands he teased her, exploring flesh still sensitive from her own pleasure just a few seconds earlier, and within seconds he was rewarded with her eyelashes fluttering and his name escaping as a moan from her lips. Uncaring now that she was ahead of him, he threw everything he could into loving her, and then almost screamed as pleasure overtook him and he wondered how the hell he’d got to thirty one without having this woman in her life before. 

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