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Part Twenty Four

Laura came around slowly, her eyelids were stuck together and her throat was drier than the Sahara desert. She was struggling to take a deep breath, then she registered the heavy thigh and arm tossed over her, pinning her to the pillow. She hid a groan that threatened to leave her lips, as the memories of the last few hours came rushing back. Peeling open one eye, turned to her left, and then snapped the eye closed again. Oh yes, Adam was next to her, and he was naked as far as the sheet that barely covered him decently.

Taking in her own state she realised quickly that she was naked too. Then it all came flooding back to her. It had been so explosive, so dramatic as they’d come together first time that she’d almost disbelieved it. Then he’d taken his time, spending even longer teasing her, encouraging her to reciprocate. Stretching her legs she felt bruises and aches where she never imagined they could exist, and he was by no way her first lover. But he was the best! By miles! A voice inside her screamed out.

Whilst it was all a little hazy, she knew that the previous night had been one of the most monumental in her life, and that nothing would ever be the same again. She thought about how awkward this could be, if things failed and it became difficult of acrimonious, it would break her father’s heart. Hell, her father! She had no idea what he’d think of this! He couldn’t be pleased. She knew that much.

Sitting bolt upright, she started to flit her eyes around the room for something to cover her body; she needed to get out of that room ASAP.  But instead two arms encircled her waist and pulled her back to him, turning her to look at him, he smiled, “going somewhere?”

                “What if my folks come back? I need to...” the words were lost against his lips. She rued her morning breath, or rather morning alcohol breath, but he seemed uncaring, in fact he seemed hungrier than ever.

For Laura it was the perfect distraction, as she’d found last night she was powerless to resist him, and as one hand ran into her hair, securing her lips for his kiss, the other hand trailed down her body and delighted every inch of skin it touched. When he disappeared under the duvet to add his mouth and tongue to the assault, she was lost.

                “Do you want a drink?” She whispered at the comatose man beside her. Hangover sex had been more spectacular than drunken sex, and whilst Adam seemed exhausted, Laura was parched. He grunted a yes, as she slid out of the bed. Reaching for his t-shirt, she slid it over her head, glancing at the damaged; make that ruined dress at her feet.

                “I’ll buy you ten, I told you that!”

Snapping her head around she glared at him wondering how he managed to read her mind. Without speaking she left the room for the kitchen.

Adam watched her go, his libido noticing the swell of her buttocks, the t-shirt was too short to be modest, but his brain noticed the distance, the barriers she’d already re-erected in the moments since the come down from that special high. And it was special. At the back of his mind he’d known it would be, but he’d denied that there was an attraction between them, now there was nothing to hide. It was going to be a little difficult; after all they shared a parent. But he was convinced that wasn’t a problem, not really.

Jumping out of bed, ignoring the protests of both his body and head, he pulled on his boxer shorts. Striding into the kitchen he saw her at the kitchen sink, head bowed. Moving across quietly, he slid his arms around her waist and she flinched. Despite knowing that she didn’t want to, he felt her lean back into his body, and it made him smile.

Dropping his mouth to her ear, he flicked out his tongue and ran it over the surprisingly sensitive flesh, then murmured, “You keep doing this...running away.”

Laura sighed, nothing was ever that easy, turning in his embrace, she made to protest, but his lips took the words from her mouth. She wanted to resist him, to have some time away from his to think, but when he kissed her, her body betrayed that. All she wanted was to devour him, and be devoured.

As his tongue slid into her mouth, she responded, duelling with him, challenging him. Her lips were everywhere and her hands were running over his chest, that broad, beautiful chest. When she lowered her head to bite at his nipple, he threw his head back and managed to contain the roar that threatened to burst out of him. Never had a woman made him feel so out of control.

Lifting her from the waist, he perched her on the edge of the work surface and settled between her thighs, and as her legs wrapped around him, he found the curve of her neck with his mouth. As she started to squirm, tried to press her body into him, he slid a hand up her thigh, his fingers delving, teasing, and Laura collapsed back on to her elbows. Smiling Adam leaned over her and bit at her pointed breasts that pushed against his t-shirt that she still wore.

                “I can’t get enough of you!” he whispered as he once again thrust into her, and the look of ecstasy on her face as his hands continued to tease her was etched into his memory.

Laura kept her head bowed, she’d had no intention of that happening again, but there was something about him, something she couldn’t resist. One touch and she was clawing at him like a rampant rabbit.  It was quite obscene. His head was resting on her shoulder, his arms hauling her close to his body, and she was still poised on the edge of the work surface, her legs wrapped around him. She could barely tell where he ended and she began, and THAT was a sensation she’d never felt before, and it threatened her very independence.

With a sigh she lowered her legs, let them slide down to hang below her, then she gently nudged Adam away from her.

He stood upright, pulling his shorts back up and adjusting her t-shirt, the wet patches where he’d practically tried to eat her through the fabric were a constant reminder of his uncontrollable desire for her.  Her eyes were guarded and Adam hated that.


She looked up, “you know this shouldn’t have happened Adam, it’s all wrong!”

He laughed, “once would be a mistake, but girl we have tried to break some sort of record here. I have never managed this many times in eight hours...ever!” He hoped for a flippant remark but she dropped her head in shame, pushing him away.

She wasn’t proud of the way she’d thrown herself at him, the way she’d had no defence for his actions, one crook of his finger and her resolve had disappeared.

                “It’s a mistake, even if I wanted this to happen again, it can’t. We’re family for god’s sake!”

She made to march past him, to run and find some physical and emotional armour to hide behind, but he ensnared her wrist, spun her around to face him.  “Whoa! Don’t think that you can pull that card on me?”

                “What card?” she snapped, squaring up to him, hating that he stopped her escape.

                “The ‘we’re family’ card!” The words were accompanied by a childish voice. “That is total bullshit and you know it!”

She laughed haughtily, “do we, or do we not have the same father?” When he reluctantly nodded, she added, “so that makes us family! Right?”

He wanted to shake that sarcastic look from his face, hell he wanted to drag her back to bed and show her exactly what they were to each other, but instead he shouted, “Not right! YOU keep reminding me I’m nothing to do with you. That’s all you have done for the last four months is insist that I am NOTHING to do with you! Now you want to change that around, now after the time we’ve spent together!”

                “So what we throw our lives into turmoil for a night of sex?”

It was his turn to laugh, sarcastically, “woman that was so much more than a night of sex, I, if not you, have just had an almost out of body experience. You’ve turned me upside and down and inside out and I have no intention of letting you run away from that!”

Wrenching her hand free of his grip, she stepped away from him, “have you thought about what this would do to my father? If he found out?”

Adam shrugged, “we’ve both adults. It is nothing to do with him!”

That annoyed Laura, “that’s about right, waltz into his life, be the son he always wanted, fuck his daughter then screw up the whole family in the process! This isn’t all about you...or all about me!”

                “There is SO much more to this relationship than you have just outlined...”

                “Relationship?” Laura was immediately feeling pleasure at being at loggerheads with him, it was safe. “This was a drunken screw Adam Purcell. Let’s not make more of it than it is!”

Reaching for her he took a fist of the neckline of the t-shirt she wore and pulled her close, uncaring that the material lifted exposing more and more of her, “I am not drunk now, and neither are you! And can I just remind you that when you were screaming in pleasure on THAT kitchen work surface there...” he pointed to the recently occupied area of the kitchen, “that you were experiencing and enjoying more than just a screw. So don’t bullshit me Laura. Don’t do that!” She shook her head, but he wouldn’t let her do this, “you can’t pretend this isn’t special, different.”

Laura took a deep breath, detangling the t-shirt from him and smoothing it out, “our lives will rarely cross; you live thousands of miles away. There’s no future even if I wanted it to be. I rarely see my father, so I’d rarely see you. Just let it go!”

As he was about to scream at her he took a calming deep breath, and it was then that they both heard the front door open and the voices of Maggie and Stafford in the hallway.

                “Shit!” Laura froze in front of him in full panic mode and Adam suddenly looked around, she in his non-covering t-shirt him in his wasn’t a great scene for her parents to walk in on. There was no evidence of their earlier shenanigans, so he turned her and pushed her towards the spare room, and bundled her inside before reluctantly disappearing into Laura’s room himself.

Laura needed a shower, she had to wash the remnants of Adam from her skin, but she knew that it’d be a lot harder to get him out of her system. Dressing in what looked the least creased from her overnight bag, she stuffed everything else into it then re-braided her hair. It had been plaited since washing it the previous day and it was now a riotous mess. Rolling her eyes, she gathered everything and left her bags just inside the door of the room.

Her mother was sat on the sofa, her father mixing her a drink in the corner of the lounge, both were grinning like infatuated young lovers. Her mother glanced up and grinned.

                “Laura! Sorry about disappearing...”

Laura shrugged hoping her own guilt wasn’t as transparent on her own face, “you have to do what you have to do Mum...I’ve got a train in an hour.” It was a twist on the truth, but she was desperate to put some distance between her and Adam.

Her mother looked sad, but Laura needed that escape route.

                “I’ll drop you to the station!” Her father offered.

But Laura declined, “spend time with Adam; you don’t know how long he’s going to be here. I’ll call you guys ok?”

Adam was dressed but he was still shaken by the strength of his feelings for Laura. The thought of returning to the States, of not seeing her for a while was bordering on painful. There may be an element of post apocalyptic sex lust, but deep down he knew there was hell of a lot more to it than that. Gathering up her torn dress and underwear he stuffed them into his bag, he’d give them back later, then taking a deep breath and cursing his groin that lurched in excitement at just the thought of her, he made for the lounge.

No sign of Laura he noted immediately, though he knew he’d heard her voice. Stafford grinned; a knowing grin after a night of passion with his wife...Adam knew that feeling and was desperate to share it after a similar night with Stafford’s daughter. But there was a time and a place.

                “Are you both ok?”

Maggie smiled, “great. Just wish Laura wasn’t rushing off so quickly. Damn that flood, we missed spending a rare night with her!”

Adam’s heart was pounding, “she’s leaving now?”

                “I am!”

All three spun around to see Laura, the rucksack she’d collected from the bedroom over her shoulder stood in the doorway. Adam’s heart lurched, not his groin, not his libido, his heart. She looked amazing all leggy in skinny jeans and a tight t-shirt that hugged her lithe body, her small but perfect hand filling breasts. Was there any part of her body that he wouldn’t lust after lying in bed that night? He doubted it.

                “Shall I drop you to the station?”

She waved him away rather easily, “don’t be silly, I’ve called a taxi, you need to spend time with your father!”

Then with a theatrical wave she rushed out of the door!

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