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Part Thirty

It was as overwhelming and unstoppable as the previous kisses had been. Whilst his lips started gentle yet firm, within seconds Laura was responding to his every nuance, and clinging to Adam in a wholly indecent way. Her hands were wound in his hair pulling him towards her, and what had started as him punishing her with a kiss, soon became her taking over greedily, clawing at him in an almost frenzied manner. His tongue penetrated her lips and she opened her mouth thrusting her own to meet it, dancing crazily with his.

Adam moaned against her mouth, and it was the cold wakeup call that Laura needed. Dragging her lips from his, she fought him until she was standing then pushed him away.

"You contrived that!" She exclaimed turning away. And she flinched as his hand rested on her bare shoulder.

"Yes I called you on that kiss Laura, but I couldn't make you respond like that! This is what I keep telling you. This is special, what's between us! You can blame me, you can deny it...but you can't fight it!"

With a tug he pulled her back to him and she almost stumbled into his arms, when his lips met hers again she did try, her hands firm on his chest, but again in seconds she could do nothing but embrace the passion between them. Adam's hands were large and strong on her spine, every inch of her body and brain was tuned into every inch of contact between their bodies, from lips to hips.

It was all becoming a blur, the pressure of his lips, the swoop of his tongue were pushing away all of her concerns, all her doubts, and every single reason why she shouldn't be there with him. For the first time in ages she felt that she belonged, that this was her home coming. She'd had such a confusing few weeks, and this felt like she was finally coming back to the place she'd been searching for. And it was confusing, but so very right too.

Adam's lips trailed across her cheek to nuzzle and nip at her ear lobe, electricity sizzled under her skin, and heat swirled through her body, her pelvis. As his teeth nibbled at her throat, Laura knew she was rubbing herself up against Adam, like a purring and content cat. His chuckle against her throat should have annoyed her, but instead it caused another burst of shivers to erupt over her body and she shuddered in pleasure, every line of defence smashed away.

"Don't stop this," he breathed, "it feels so good, so right."

For Laura it was like drowning, common sense was there, but she wasn't able to find it, she was submerged in the sensations that he was creating, and her determined independent self was losing the battle.

Lifting his head he cupped her face in his hands, and for a moment he savoured the spaced out, relaxed and content emotions on her face. "Come up with me...please?"

She sighed, "I don't think..."

He silenced the protest on her lips, "exactly! Don't think! Let's just be. For tonight?"

Nausea and apprehension were knocking at the door, but for a moment she ignored that, realising that what she really wanted, what she needed was a night of belonging, of feeling complete...and she knew that was with him, in his arms.

Unable to believe that she was succumbing so quickly with no persuading, he led her to the door, walking backwards and guiding her by both hands. And once again those lips, hands and the excitement they caused kept Laura entranced until the door to her room closed behind them and she knew she couldn't have avoided this if she'd tried.

Adam's eyes fluttered open and he couldn't hide the moan that left his lips at the realisation of the head resting on his shoulder, the hair fanned out over his arm, then there was the soft breast against his ribs and the arm tossed over his chest, and the soft smooth leg wrapped around his rough hair covered one. It didn't get any better than that.

Not wanting to disturb her, fighting to keep deadly still, he thought back to the last two hours. Once the hotel door had slammed behind them, complete desperate chaos and ensued. Glancing to his left he spotted the upturned chair next to the table he'd swept clear with a wild swipe of his arm, the contents strewn across the floor, and immediately memories of her bent over it at the mercy of his hands, mouth, and then so much more flooded his mind. He'd still been inside her, their bodies joined as he moved them to the bed, only separating from her to turn her around, so that he could watch her face as they both climaxed for the second time.

His body was already betraying his quest to stay still and silent as he remembered tasting every inch of her, and being tasted. There had literally been no stone left unturned. He'd never felt so satiated in his life to date. But then her smell, light soft, wafted into his nostrils and he couldn't resist rolling towards Laura, adjusting them until they were nose to nose, body to body, and he was hard against her inner thigh.

"Aren't you tired Adam?" She didn't open her eyes, but her hands started to knead his shoulders before one wandered down to his bare buttock. Then she groaned. He wiggled his hips against her until she was left with no doubt as to how he was feeling. "I'm sore!" She breathed, "too sore!"

Laughing at her protests, he cupped her cheek, "then I'll just have to kiss you better!"

And much to her amazement, he did. ALL of her.

It was much, much later when Laura woke. She had no idea what the time was, nor how long she'd been asleep. Her body ached, but then that was to be expected, she'd contorted herself into some wild positions the previous night, on several occasions. The aching hips, the tight hamstrings were a little uncomfortable, but the deep internal ache was a welcome reminder of how often her body had exploded at the actions of his body, and that was something she'd have to savour.

Sliding from under his heavy thigh, she rolled herself to sit up, she needed a shower. As she stretched the shrill call of a Brazilian parrot came from her bag beside her. She was searching for her phone when a large hand slid up over her ribs to encase one of her breasts.

"Ignore it!" Adam's voice was hoarse and full of passion, and immediately Laura could feel her body responding to that gruff sound.

"Could be important!" She mumbled, hardly able to concentrate as teeth bit in to the flesh a couple of inches above her hip bones, hard enough to thrill her, but not hard enough to be painful.

"Adam!" She exclaimed brushing his hand away, but he was persistent. Then finally locating the phone she stared at the screen for a second, before tossing it onto the bed and sprinting to lock herself in the bathroom.

Three vigorous shampooings didn't help her feel any more clean, and every inch of her body stung from the aggressive scrubbing it had received, but she still felt dirty. She'd ignored the hammering on the door, instead choosing to sing loudly, drowning out the sounds of Adam calling her name. But dry, a towel wrapped around her body, hair damp trailing down her back, she had nowhere to run. She had to face up to him.

Opening the door she was almost relieved to see the room empty, but then she also realised that her bag was gone too. What was he playing at now?

Groaning she retrieved her phone from its place still on the bed where she'd thrown it and checked her missed call. Then pressing call, she connected to her father's phone, the only person who could have doused her ardour so comprehensively.

"Hi Dad!" She called brightly as he answered; she was stood looking out of the hotel at the horizon, still wrapped in a towel. She had nothing else to wear.

"Hey Laura, how was it? We tried to call you last night, but you didn't answer!"

She sighed SO glad that they couldn't see the flush of heat sweeping over her. "It was hectic Dad." She was giving him a resume of the evening after a chat to her mother when she heard the door behind her open. Not turning she continued the conversation to its end. Hanging up the phone, she turned slowly to see an angry Adam still stood in the doorway, showered and in jeans and a t-shirt. She immediately felt defenceless in just a towel.

"Don't do this AGAIN Laura!" He stepped towards her and she was relieved to see her bag at his feet.

"Adam! My father called, I couldn't speak to him as you groped me, it's all wrong!" This was a conversation she wasn't happy with.

"Groping? Is that what I'm reduced to now? Insults? Jesus Laura!"

She shook her head, this was never going to be easy, "I am not devastating my father's life for good sex Adam, and let's face it, that's what this is."

He laughed, "really? 'Good sex'?" He was almost menacing in his expression as he walked towards her, "is that what you think this is?"

Laura had nowhere to run as he stalked towards her, and as he grabbed her, pulled her against him, she was fighting to keep the towel wrapped around her. His mouth swept down to hers and she tried to avoid it, but his fingers were firm on her chin, drawing her towards him.

And it was like a match, instantly her body erupted into life.

Within seconds the towel was tossed across the room and she was against the wall helping Adam rip at his jeans. Fast, furious and uncontrollable. He drove into her and she fought with him every step of the way needing him as violently as he needed her. Despite the aggression there was a closeness, a special connection in that moment when all they could do was turn to each other, that to Laura it was the best sex they'd shared, and that was a tall order. He was ruining her, no one else would ever make her feel this special. SHe knew that with a sense of foreboding as she climaxed as violently as every other aspect of that coupling had been.

As they both recovered, deep panting breaths, Adam placed his forehead on hers, but she closed her eyes not wanting to face him. It was too much; she hated her reaction to him, that it was so out of control, so wanton. She tried to imagine what her father would say, and could only conclude that he'd be upset, confused. They were crossing a family boundary in his eyes; they were BOTH his children even though there wasn't a blood link. How would Stafford Marshall feel about them? And if this explosive sex WAS only that, then it would run its course. What would happen then? She had visions of a hostile relationship developing, of them fighting, family occasions becoming a war zone. Her family, her parents' happiness was important, more important than her own? She wasn't sure. But she didn't know where this with Adam would go. Gambling on him, on that could be the worst thing she did. But it could also be the best thing.

"Did I hurt you?" She shook her head, it was far from pain, it had been amazing, she'd never known she could drive a man that wild. "Laura. Please. Talk to me."

Opening her eyes slowly, Laura met his, just a few inches from her own. His pain was so obvious, he wasn't the devious man she'd believed he was all those months ago, he was open and honest, and at that moment he wanted her, or at the very least wanted to understand why she wouldn't allow that.

"Sex is sex, this..." he gestured around them with his eyes, "this is so much more. We have a connection Laura, and I can't throw this away."

Laura sighed, then pushed him away, dropping her legs from around him to the floor. He was still dressed; she was completely naked, so she reached for the towel and recovered herself.

"What is my father going to think Adam? You are his son, I am his daughter. He'll not be able to cope with this. It's not the done thing. How can he hold his head up high? He's spent the last few months showing you off to all and sundry, now you want him to have to tell people that you are screwing his daughter? How will that work for him?"

He sighed, "I get that, but I've never felt like this before, never wanted someone so badly. It may sound selfish, but I don't want to let you go."

She slumped to the bed, her head in her hands for a moment, "it's not just us, you have to think of him Adam, he'll be devastated."

"Let's talk to him, see what he says at least. We're speculating here, he may think it's fantastic news."

Laura laughed, "I can guarantee he won't. Think about it Adam, put yourself in his position..."

"I can't let this go, I can't let you go!" But she could see that his vehemence was fading. Whether he agreed with her, or just knew her own determination he was resolving himself to this ending.

She stood and took his hands, "you have to. As much as this was a wonderful night, every night with you, every moment has been amazing..."

"But it can't be any more than that."

She smiled sadly at his agreement with her, "it's not fair. The world doesn't revolve around us."

"It should!" he offered sadly. "I can't agree with this, not really, but I'll respect what you're saying. I still think I should speak to Stafford."

She shuddered, "please don't."

Turning away from her he lashed out in frustration, punching at the wall in anger, then taking his bag he left the room.

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