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Part Thirty Six

It took a few moments until Laura realised where they were heading, the car eating up the miles of the Pacific Coast Highway. A stunning road that hugged the rugged and sandy coast as it wound away from the City towards Malibu. She was glad of the distraction of the sea to take her mind away from her impending doom. And the conversations coming.

Adam swung the car into the driveway and stopped outside his modern glass fronted home. Cutting the engine he got out then strode around to Laura’s side, as the automatic gates closed, sealing them inside the contained area.

Laura looked up at Adam nervously, but then sighed with relief when he opened the car door and extended a hand at the same time he smiled. An Adam smile. Her shaky legs and pounding heart took over from her anxiety at the thought of arguing, or being abandoned. She took his hand and left the car as elegantly as she could, in heels and a dress.

                “So this is my home.” He offered stepping back so she could view the house. He was proud of it, it was modern, and whilst he did love the character of old buildings, a beach front property clearly should be like this, glass, views and a haven of sun. He smiled as she nodded appreciatively, she was nervous, the way she bit her lip told him so much.

                “Have you lived here long?” She asked trying to make small talk, following him into the large bright and airy hall.

Her comment was met by a chuckle from Adam, “I can no way start on small talk. Come in here, sit down.”

The lounge was more impressive than the hallway, the whole side of the room was floor to ceiling glass, and they view out over the small veranda and hot tub to the perfect Pacific Ocean was divine. Laura immediately envied him this, she’d loved the cafe in Wales, but the weather was nothing like this, and that part of the grey stormy Atlantic was nothing like the clear Pacific. In front of the window was a huge dining table, surrounded by chairs, and the some casual sofas gathered around a large flat screen TV, the area was flanked on the far side by an open plan kitchen.

And that was where Adam had paced, opening the fridge he pulled out a couple of beers, cracking the top of one before handing her the other, “I need this!”

He took a long slug then smiled at her, “talk?”

Laura nodded, and then sipped her beer; she needed him to speak first. But he was playing the same game. So she shrugged, attack is the best form of defence. “So your girlfriend’s not here?”

Adam’s eyes flared then he shook his head slamming the bottle down on the work surface of the kitchen island that separated them. “For Christ’s sake Laura! Kristi is...” he searched for the right word. “She’s someone I dated for a while, a long time ago. I went to a dinner with a few weeks ago...”

Laura hid the gasp at the speed and intensity of the pain that fact caused. Within weeks of leaving her he was ready to date her? “I’m glad you got over things so quickly...arguing with my father that is...” She quickly added.

Adam stalked around to her standing in front of her with his hands on his hips, “Jeez Laura, you just don’t get it do you?”

Scowling she squared up to him, “I get every inch of it Adam Purcell. You left that hotel after promising me everything, then fell straight back into a fling with the bloody super model!”

                “NO!” He grabbed for her arm rather too tightly, “YOU rejected me! You chose your father over me, and I GOT that! I really did. I didn’t get him rejecting me. But that didn’t hurt, not really. I’ve gone thirty years without him, what does a few more matter? It was YOU that hurt me Laura! You!”

She shrugged free of him needing some distance, “it didn’t stop you rushing back to the fake tits and dyed hair of Hollywood, did it?”

Following her retreat step by step he couldn’t control the snarl as he responded, “I didn’t rush back into anything. I was TRYING to be normal! But I failed! The inane conversation, the self obsession! It used to be enough, I used to like distance from the women I dated, but now, now it’s ruined! Do you hear me?”

Laura felt the firmness of a wall behind her, stopping any further withdrawal, so she lifted her chin, “how can I not? You’re screaming at me like a child!”

He threw his head back and groaned before returning his eyes to her, “you are the most infuriating woman I have ever met! You won’t give me an inch here! Did you JUST come here to apologise for your father? Was that the only reason?”

He wanted her to tell him that she wanted more from him, with him, that she hadn’t slept since he’d left, that she was more lonely now than she ever had been. But she was scared. “Well it sure as hell wasn’t because I wanted to meet Fake Kristi!”

For Adam that was the chink he’d been looking for, she’d been derogatory about Kristi until now, but that last comment was tinged with sadness, she was upset that he had been with another woman. That was hopefully enough of a sign.

Taking the bull by the horns, he reached for her, running his fingers through her hair to touch her scalp, then with a little tug, he tilted her head back and brought his face close to her, “did you come back because you missed me?”

Suddenly her throat was dry, she licked at her lips, then spotted the reaction that elicited in his eyes, “I’ve never had a brother, of course I missed you!”

                “Witch!” He hissed his lips a fraction from hers, but there was humour in his eyes now, and desire. “I am NOT your brother, so don’t even joke about it, ok?”

She nodded mutely, and he wound his hand tighter into her hair, tilting her head to force her to look at him, “did you miss me?” His voice was gruff and it made Laura’s body heat up at least five degrees and her legs swoon, as she slumped back against the wall she grunted at the tension his hand in her hair caused.

                “Yes.” It was a quiet confession, “more than I thought possible.”

No reply was needed, not a verbal one anyway, his lips covered hers, and the silence was as exotic and erotic as the hoarseness of his voice.

Laura had missed Adam, but she’d missed his kisses more than anything. His lips had started gently, but that only lasted a few seconds. Within moments they were ravaging each other, hands tearing at clothes, reaching for bare flesh, teeth snagging lips and ear lobes,

It was Adam that pulled back, lifting his head to stare down at her dazed face with eyes as lust filled as her own. “Wow!” It was almost a sigh, but she greeted it with a chuckle. And he started to laugh too.

                “I have the most enormous bed upstairs...”

It took Laura a moment to digest that hint; did she want to consciously climb the stairs to his room? There was something safe in spontaneity, but as soon as she agreed to move upstairs, then she knew things would change, and she still had to protect herself. Didn’t she?

Adam rested his forehead against hers, “I KNOW, we need to talk, there’s a lot to say. But I can’t focus on anything else at this moment, I’ve never wanted anything as desperately as I want my bed.” he didn’t add that he wanted to be able to remember her in these places if she walked away, and he still feared that. “Don’t over think this Laura...” Not yet!

Nodding Laura agreed, then followed him as he led her by the hand up the stairs. The bedroom was as spectacular as the ground floor. More floor to length windows, but now she could barely make out the sea, it was getting darker by the moment.  The headboard of the low, ultra modern bed touched the glass of the window, facing into the room. The black and white bedding matched the minimalist furniture, and the pictures on the walls. It was a very modern room, but also a very masculine room. She loved it, though she immediately started to think of ways to change it!

Adam moved towards the window, then pressed a button which saw all of the windows instantly darken.

                “Nice gadget!” she offered but the words ended in a strangled sound as he came determinedly in her direction.

                “Instant black out! Gotta love technology!”

And that was the last word spoken. Adam was demanding, towering over her as he backed her to the bed, lips occupying her consciousness, his hands finding his way under her dress. He only managed to pull back long enough to lift the dress over her head, and then continued the assault with a groan.

Not that Laura was passive in it all, whilst he was nudging the lace cup of her bra down with his nose; her hands were unbuckling his belt, pushing his jeans down over his hips, and appreciating him as much as he was her. It was powerful, passionate, and definitely out of control, and Adam took every effort to show her how much he’d missed her, and Laura basked in that attention to detail. But as he finally, after all the coaxing and cajoling, the teasing of her body, entered her, joined them together, they were both stunned into silence. For a moment all they could do was stare at each other. THIS was what they’d both been looking for, both been waiting for. And Laura knew in that moment that no one would ever take his place.

Adam was sat up in bed sipping at his beer, Laura draped over him accepting the odd tilt of the bottle. He had music on now, Matchbox 20, and she was relaxed like she hadn’t been in ages. Stretching, she sighed at the feeling of the rough hair of his thigh against the delicate and very sensitive flesh of hers. Reaching out she trailed a finger over his chest, scuffing over his flat nipple, and smiling as it responded by hardening into a small point.

                “Don’t start what you’re not ready to finish...aren’t you wanting to talk?”

She rolled so that her body half covered his, “sounds like you might be struggling to recover...”

Sniggering at the feeling of his body tensing, she glanced at his eyes and saw the challenge there. “What are you hinting at Miss Marshall?”

Laura fluttered her eyelashes dramatically, then smiled, “I think you’re feeling a little bit...old?”

That was the only spur he needed, flipping her over, he pinned her hands above her head, and chuckled as her eyes flared with concern. Not that he’d hurt her, or that she’d think he would. With a devilish grin he lowered his mouth to her breast, sucking her nipple into his mouth until she moaned. All the time the hand that wasn’t securing her hands above her head was sliding over her subtle curves and she was unsure which action was exciting her more. Then his hands slid between her thighs, probing, teasing and touching her in such a devastating way. And as she exploded into yet another powerful orgasm, he drove into her and it wasn’t long before he joined her there.

                “So,” Adam was again the first one to talk. It was somewhere between midnight and early morning, and they’d not slept a wink. Though they had collapsed in the same place several times. Each time with him just got better, and Laura could barely concentrate for the feel of him pressed against her. “You wanted this?”

She lifted her head and looked at him, beautiful, his eyes, were in shadow, but she could almost feel the intensity of his gaze. “I came to LA because I wanted to see you, and yes, at some point I decided that this was what I wanted.”

                “So you realise that I was right all along? That you should never have sent me away?”

                “Adam! Don’t make this a competition! Did know...”

He laughed at her misplaced insecurity, as if he hadn’t shown her how much she meant to him, rolling over her again, pinning her to the mattress, “I have been torn between hating you and wanting to see you walk through the door at the next moment since I last saw you.” He kissed her deeply, and she rushed to respond in full, then he pulled back, and ran his fingers through her hair, framing her face with his large warm hands. “I’m more than glad you’re here. I know we have to talk about what happens after tonight, but I just want to enjoy this, is that ok?”

Running her hands down his body, stopping them to cup his firm and shapely buttocks, she murmured, “we don’t have to plan a wedding! I just want to enjoy this too. Ok?!”

And it was, wasn’t it?

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