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Part Thirty Eight

"I thought you were bringing breakfast!" Laura was breathless, her back pressed against the cool glass of the wall of windows, Adam's forehead was dropped onto her shoulder, but he was still inside her, still holding her pinned against the window, her legs wrapped around him. She'd been self conscious when he'd immediately pressed her to the glass, his tongue parting her lips, delving into her mouth. But he promised against her lips, that the beach behind her was private, only a few people had access, and they'd not see because of the tinted glass. But it was his hands that persuaded her not to care, more than any words could.

Now in the aftermath, she could barely stop her stomach rumbling.

Adam lifted her head and looked at her, "really? You're thinking of food now?"

She nodded, "as much as I loved that little interlude," she flexed her body as if to emphasise the point, "and as much as the last thing to happen was me meeting your is the primary concern here!"

He grunted then dropped his head again, using his teeth to nip at her neck. "Lucky I picked up some bagels and bacon on the way then hey? There should be eggs on the fridge too."

Laura eased her legs to the floor, instantly hating his body leaving hers, and when Adam gave a sigh, she knew he felt the same way. "Sounds like my fave kind of breakfast!"

They cooked food together in a relaxed and comfortable away, Laura found it hard to believe that she hadn't known him seven months earlier. When things were quiet there were so many things that she wanted to ask him, but there was never enough time, or opportunity, and it was never right. As he cooked bacon, and she buttered the grilled bagels she was desperate to know whose dogs he'd been walking the other day, and that automatically took her to the beach in Wales all those months ago, why was he there? That was before she thought about where she'd stay tonight, and what the future held for her, and for them. She had six weeks until Christmas, and then another four weeks until the wedding in Hawaii. But other than being here, on Adam's doorstep, she had no plan B.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Adam smiled at Laura's confusion. They were sat on the veranda at a small round table, both eating ravenously.

Laura took a deep breath, "why were you on the beach in Wales? Before I knew about you. You never told me."

He exhaled slowly, resting his bagel back on his plate, "my researcher had found you, the company uses a PI..."

"Which is how you found me yesterday?"

Adam nodded, "it's common in business Laura, you know forewarned is forearmed. And it was a really confusing time. I wanted to know what I was heading into, meeting Stafford. But you were off the map. No one could tell us anything about you. And you lived in a surf place...the two things merged into one, and I came out for a few days."

Laura processed that for a moment, nibbling nervously at her sandwich, "and you don't hate dogs?"

He laughed, "I love them, and want to have some here, but I'm away too much. My mother has two for company, and I walk them a lot. Your crazy dogs in Wales just threatened to expose me, that's all, I was defensive!" He drank some coffee before adding, ""Are you sure you're ok about my mother earlier?"

Rolling her eyes, she lowered her bagel, "it was SO embarrassing, I was dancing around in just this shirt, to Neil Diamond of all things. Devastating! And she KNEW what was going on!"

Adam gave a hearty chuckle, "really? Can I get a replay of that? Sounds indecent! But seriously, my mother is a little on the back foot at the moment, I think me meeting with Stafford has unsettled her."

"She doesn't know you've fallen out with him?"

He cradled his hot mug of coffee in his hands and studied her for a moment, "I've not told her a lot really. She knows some serious shit happened, I'm no actor and I've found some things really difficult to manage, but I haven't told her anything of note. So she didn't know who you were today. No clue."

"Can't wait until she realises I'm Stafford's daughter. She'd going to jump to conclusions. Everyone will..."

Placing a hand over hers, he squeezed her fingers, "it's no one else's business what we do. You have to let that go."

Laura looked up at him with a watery smile, "bit difficult when my father has reacted the way he has. I mean he has virtually disowned us."

Adam's gaze was intent on her, "when he told me I wasn't good enough for you, 'someone like me', I have to admit I felt rejected all over again. But then my mother acted almost exactly the same to you. I suppose we have to accept that parental care isn't exactly uniform. Sometimes they interfere in a bad way. We have to decide what we want regardless of them. Do you see that?"

Laura pulled herself up into standing; it was so easy to believe that when they were cocooned up here together with nothing but each other. But life was harder than that. She loved her parents, and she knew that she didn't want to make an either/or choice about them. But she also knew she shouldn't have to. Moving across the veranda she leaned on the rail looking out to sea, unaware of the vision she became to Adam, still sat down as the breeze whipped at her hair and the shirt that was still the only item she wore.

Standing, he followed her, moving behind her his hands either side of hers on the wooden rail, his mouth near her ear as he spoke. "Honestly, we have this one chance, it may not be popular with our folks, but they have to learn to accept us, don't they? I mean I've never felt this way about anyone Laura; I can't let you go again. I just can't."

She sighed, but couldn't stop her head pressing into his, needing that contact like oxygen, he was right, they needed each other, they had to see if this was as special as it felt. But was it indulgent to put themselves first?

"I can hardly stay here forever though Adam, I've got to find my way. I've got no job, no money, no prospects; I've always worked, always been independent. I can't be your kept woman. And I KNOW you'd do that for me, support me..."

He turned her in his embrace and smiled at her confusion, "think of this as either a prolonged holiday, or a scouting mission. You're halfway to Hawaii anyway, there's no point in leaving first, or heading there early. Can't we just see how things go until then? You can look for options here. It's hard to get a visa to work, but I can try and see what I can do...or there's school?"

"Back to college?" She cocked an eyebrow up at him. "Wow! Not thought about that as an option!"

Her face was such a display of conflicting emotions that he couldn't resist sweeping down to kiss her lips. It was only a brief kiss, but he added, "let's just see what happens. Will you trust me?"

It was a no brainer, she needed to spend time here with him, she hadn't been able to focus since he'd walked away, and she knew that she had to put them, him first for a change. So despite the consternation, she nodded, "I do trust you. More than anything!"

Two hours later they were surfing together; they'd headed to her hotel and thanked Marina Porter for her help and hospitality, before checking out and taking all her things back to his. Adam grinned when he spotted the wetsuit taking up most of her luggage space. This woman was amazing, and so far from the likes of Kristi.

The surf wasn't the greatest off the private beach behind his home, but it was cathartic for them both, it kept his mind off work, her's off family, the future and anything else. That evening he drove them down the coast to a small restaurant where they had lobster and champagne, and laughed together like they hadn't laughed in ages.

When it came to bed time, he led her upstairs by the hand; suddenly the whole situation was awkward. But like a true gentleman, he made for the bathroom, giving her time to change into her pyjamas. This premeditated trip to the bedroom without the spontaneity of their previous nights together was making them both struggle. Once he came out of the bathroom she took her turn to clean her teeth brush her hair...and waste a little time.

Adam was lying in bed, flat on his back, hands behind head, and snoring softly when she emerged. So much for awkward and difficult. It was a battle to turn off the lights, everything in this house was modern and a little more difficult to use than it should be. Then she slipped into bed beside Adam. If he was awake he didn't let on, instead he instinctively wrapped his arms around her, and she fell asleep warm and safe with him.

They'd woken in the night, and fallen into each other's arms for a brief yet passionate coming together. But it was early morning light that woke Laura in the morning. For a moment she'd feared that he'd left her and headed to work, but then she heard the shower in the bathroom. Within five seconds she was sliding into the cubicle behind him and taking him by surprise. He turned towards her protecting her from the powerful jets, and taking a moment to take in every inch of her, with his eyes and then his hands.

"You are about to make my work suffer AGAIN Miss Marshall." But his face broke into a devilish grin as he lowered his lips to her. In a few moments he'd lifted her against the tiled wall and joined them again, neither was able to control their ardour. When he finally lowered her jelly legs to the floor, he took a sponge and applied a liberal amount of shower gel. Then Laura was mortified as he soaped every inch of her with great care. She tipped her head into the hot spray to cover her embarrassment, but she was powerless to do anything other than absorb sensations when from his position on one knee in front of her, he dropped the sponge and replaced it with his fingers, and then lips...and tongue. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she dropped back against the wall and exploded like a firework.

"I'll call you a bit later ok?" Adam was trying to rush his cup of coffee, all business in his suit, crisp shirt and tie. He was handsome, clean shaven and all authoritative, though she still preferred the barefoot bare-chested beach bum she'd come to love. She loved every part of him, and every version, though she was yet to tell him that, though she had to soon, or it would slip out when she least expected it, and that wouldn't be good.

"I've not got any plans!" She offered lightly.

He lowered his mug to the kitchen surface and smiled, "I'll sort out a few things for you later, hold on till then, ok?" Reaching in his pocket he pulled out a business card and handed it to her. "Sounds a bit crass I know, but you can call me any time. If in doubt call Barb on my office number and she'll find me, ok?"

"Why do I feel like a prostitute?" it was said half in jest, but Adam could tell there was a serious element to her comment.

Pulling her close, he planted a huge kiss on her lips, "you are anything but. Things will work out, you'll see."

Nodding she watched him leave.

Mid morning whilst she was watching daytime TV and enjoying some time to think, he called.

"In the cupboard in the hallway are keys to all my cars, in the garage. I've insured you on the white one. So you can use it to your leisure. My lawyer will call to speak to you later; I've given him your number. He needs a few answers before he looks into immigration." He paused for a moment. "I er...I..."

Laura giggled at his sudden nervousness, "I have money! If that's what eating at you! I'm not rich, but I can survive for a bit longer!"

He sighed, "sorry, but your prostitute comment is weighing heavily on my mind."

He was so genuine, and his concern touched her, "it was meant as a joke," she offered, "sorry!"

She could hear the smile in his voice as his reply promised to debate the finer points of this later. Then he hung up. Leaving Laura to dress, find her car, and then head out onto the streets of LA and find a solution to her problem.

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