Seize The Day

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Chapter Fifteen

A/N - an extra chapter as you're all so keen, and as a thank you for all the follows, votes and comments, I honestly have too many to respond to individually, but I appreciate every single one! Thanks!!

So here it is - Bill confronting Sophie!! :) Read at your peril! 

He knew her room number, so Bill had the element of surprise, he didn’t want to turn up there screaming and shouting, but he needed mental clarity, she was jeopardising him and all he wanted. A small voice tried to reason that she was exactly that...all that he wanted, but he ignored that. He wanted to cycle, he’d never be professional, so this was as good as it got. He had to see this through. Succeed or fail, he just needed to be there. Sophie Beck was threatening to ruin that.

Knocking the door he waited for a moment, but there was no answer. So he rapped again, louder this time. Still no answer. The bar and restaurant for the hotel were empty, he’d already checked that, so he knew she was inside. Was she viewing him through the spy hole?

He glanced at it, then rapped again. Sophie Beck. She invaded his thoughts again, his last vision of her was a rather elaborate good night kiss with that slug Miles Langley. He shuddered with revulsion, even if that sight hadn’t broken him in two, he’d be angry at her choice of man, he was that only by phenotype. In all other classifications he was some sort of primitive amoeba, and apparently he was the only one who saw that.

He was angry now, very angry, but at that moment the door swung open and there stood the most dishevelled, sexy, disorientated vision he’d ever seen. Sophie, in skimpy pj’s, ones he’d seen a million times, but today they only accentuated her voluptuous body, her full breasts stretched the fabric, and he could see her dark nipples, her long neck was a safer sight, but then her pillow wrinkled face, tired eyes puffy from sleep, and that full bottom lip snagged between her teeth nervously all endeared him, brought out that protective streak.

                “Have you been there long? I was dead to the world!”

Bill hated the way his body lurched the way it betrayed him with its desire for her. He had to remember his goal here.

                “I knocked twice. What are you doing here? I told you I was too busy for this!”

His anger and animosity caused her to take a step back, “I wanted to congratulate you, tell you we are so proud.”

He huffed impatiently, “I’ve been gone six days...”

She sighed, “you knew we were in Paris, Vincenza needed the break...”

He shook his head, “Huh! As if!  Don’t even try and make out that you bothered to tell me anything!”

                “I left you a note, it was impromptu!”

Laughing a hard sardonic sound he stepped back, “I don’t think so, but then when do I get told anything? I’m just the landlord!” He couldn’t hide his pain, he felt so betrayed by this woman on so many levels.

Why was this all going wrong? Sophie couldn’t believe that already there was animosity where there should be honesty at least, if not happiness. But all she could see was the flaring of Bill’s eyes as he glared at her.

                “I left you a note Bill, I‘m sorry if you didn’t see’ve never been ‘just a landlord’. I’m quite offended that you think that way!”

She made to close the door, but he’d wedged his foot in the frame blocking her, “Sophie I thought I knew you, I thought we were friends, but the last few weeks...” he shook his head. “I don’t know who you are anymore!”

Any lethargy or lasting sleepiness had disappeared, suddenly she was furious, “Mr Swift! Do not dare to stand in my doorway and insinuate shit about me. I have done nothing these last few weeks to make you think of me any differently. If anything you have buried your head in the sand and ignored me since the wedding! It was one kiss Bill, that’s all! What are you so scared about? Huh? Why are you so aggressive and resentful?”

He stepped into the room, backing her into the wall as the heavy door slammed shut, towering over her, his eyes flared, an inch from hers, “I’m not scared, I’ve never been scared!”

Suddenly there was a tension, he was close to her, nose to nose, so many emotions zinging between them, Bill was panting, his eyes not leaving hers. His fear was palpable, as was their combined desire, at some point her tingling body had been pinned against the wall by his, her breasts flush against his hard chest were burning with the contact. She was so aware of him, and as she met his eyes, those unwavering eyes, she knew that he felt it too.

                “Shit,” the word was a mumble if she hadn’t seen his lips move she’d have doubted he’d spoken. But he had, that one word before his lips found hers.

Sophie was overwhelmed with sensation, his lips were on hers, a searching pressure, warm, firm, yet instantly so familiar, his hands had somehow moved to cup her face, his fingers tingling her skin. His stubble was abrasive, and then his tongue started to probe at hers, she had no resistance, she could barely breathe, and his tongue when it met hers was more erotic than anything she’d ever known.

Groaning, Bill slid his lips to her cheek, to her jaw, this was a rollercoaster neither of them could control. Her hands reached for his t-shirt, loosening it from the waist of his joggers, as his lips continued their route to her neck. When her hands touched his skin, splaying across his spine feeling his hard, lithe body, he gasped, his mouth leaving her skin for a brief second. When they returned he bit her, sinking his teeth firmly enough to make her gasp.

                “Touché!” She breathed as she felt his hands reach for her waist, sneak under the cotton pyjamas with ease. He had such gifted hands, firm, strong, and full of intent, as they massaged at her skin, waist, then spine, he nudged her vest up with every gesture.

When his lips returned to hers, there was a roughness, a hunger that was both mutual and uncontrollable, his hands came around to cup her breasts, and he moaned against her lips as he savoured the weight of them, his thumbs snagging her nipples, roughly circling them.

Saving him the effort, Sophie took the vest in both hands, then tugged it over her head, watching as his eyes dropped greedily to her body, devouring her in a way that made her insides turn to mush.

                “Sophie...” he tried to protest, but she silenced him with a finger to his lips, she didn’t want words to spoil this moment. She needed him, she needed this.

His mouth dropped to her breast, securing a nipple in his mouth, tugging gently with his teeth, and whilst she was being swept up in a passion and desire like she’d never known, she managed to grab his shirt and drag it over his head. 

He was broad, tall and athletic, his skin was warm as her hands ran over it, light brown hair spattered over his chest, and it was soft as her fingers slid through it. He was perfect, she thought as his hands pushed at her shorts. Kicking them off as his hands thrust them over her hips, she gasped at his fingers, delving into her, touching her, gentle yet firm, deep yet not. This was everything she’d imagined, the weak knees, the heart racing that she’d always wanted, always believed was out there for her. This was how she knew it would always be all encompassing passion, desire...

Bill was struggling to control himself, her body was exquisite, and he could barely believe that she was as enthusiastic as he, as desperate. He’d spent far too long burying his face in her breasts, he needed that reassurance of her uncontrollable kisses again, so he lifted his head, then smiled at her face, head back eyes closed just feeling. His hand was investigating her slick warmth, another more than pleasant surprise she was as aroused, as excited as he was.  His free hand cupped her jaw and led her lips back to his, and there was an animalistic quality to their kiss, a frenzy he’d never felt before.

Sliding his hands to her buttocks, he lifted her clear of the floor, with a groan she wrapped her legs around his waist, and Bill held her there with the weight of his body, his still clothed erection pressed into her equally aroused flesh. It was torture.

Reaching between them he pushed his trousers and his boxers clear. As he poised ready to enter her, desperate to, she opened her eyes, pulled back slightly, and watched his face. Bill found it daunting, yet so right that she studied his expression waiting. With a groan he was in her, tight, slick and heavenly. He’d never felt anything so right in his life.

Sophie felt pulses of pleasure start to grow within her, she was gyrating frantically desperate for more than even Bill was giving her, she had the feeling she was losing control as she exploded into the greatest most satisfying climax of her life. Bill was biting at her ear, his own groans filling her head, and Sophie could tell the exact second he joined her in a post orgasmic bliss, foreheads touching, eyes closed, breath short.

There was a little awkwardness as he lowered her to the floor, she giggled as he almost dropped her, but smiling he leaned down and kissed her.

                “That was...”

She lifted a finger to his lips, silencing him, “let’s not spoil it.”

Pulling her close, he pressed his lips to her ear, “I don’t think I’ve ever lost it like that before. You’re...”

Shaking her head she slid her hands between their bodies, wanting more than anything to distract him from serious talks. As she grabbed him, holding him in her hand with intent, he broke free.

Laughing he led her to the bed, almost throwing her down on the dishevelled duvet, kicking off his remaining clothes, he dived on next to her and all self consciousness was gone as he made up for the rushed time, not that she had any complaints.

Sophie was aware of arms around her, Bill’s arms. His smell, his touch, everything about him invaded her senses. She was spooned against his body, his arms holding her tight, the even deep breathing telling her he was asleep. She was suddenly nervous of talking, discussing the future. For Bill this was a normal thing, casual sex, but she hadn’t slept with anyone in over a year.

But you couldn’t avoid things forever.

Rolling over she nuzzled into his neck, hoping that he’d wake. When his arms tightened around her, she knew he had.

                “We should talk.” She offered.

His response was to plant his lips on her head. Lifting her head she looked up at him, straining to  meet his eyes in the dark room.            

               “You’re leaving?”

Bill gave a nod, “three days time, I need to do this, it’s so important.”

                “And us?”  She asked quietly, “what does this mean?”

He didn’t want to be the one to lay his feelings on the line, place his heart on his sleeve, “you know I care about you more than anything Sophie. But I need to get this trip out of the way.”

She tried to smile, she never wanted to heap pressure on him, but she didn’t do these things lightly. “I’m so excited for you, I’ll be glued to the results on that website. Will you be able to call?”

He shrugged, “the schedule is tight, and if we’re cycling for over a hundred miles a day, and with time difference, I reckon I’ll be sleeping through most of your days.”

She nodded, “that’s ok.” It wasn’t, but he didn’t need to know that. This wasn’t exactly going to plan, thought what had she expected? Romance, words of endearment and roses? Hardly likely.

He glanced at his watch, it was midnight, they were due out at six, if he stayed here he’d get no sleep at all. He thought of the gruelling day planned.

                “I’ve got to go Sophie.” He kissed her nose, then her lips.  She responded with vigour, desperation, but she had to let him go, guilt would do him no good.

Pulling back Sophie smiled, “I’m so glad we’re friends again, this last six weeks have been hell!”

His hands slid over her bare flesh, pulling her into his arms, “I’d say that tonight qualifies as more than friends?”

She sighed, “I don’t want to lose you again, so if we’re destined to be just friends then that’s what I want.”

He laughed, a deep reassuring sound, “I want more than friendship and I’m hoping you do to.”

As she nodded in agreement, his hands roamed all over her, and they both knew it’d be a while before he left.

Bill was sat on the bed, his joggers and boxers back on, Sophie was in the bathroom, probably taking a break, and hell she deserved it. He’d been out of control. He’d been hard, fast and couldn’t get enough of her. They hadn’t used anything either, it was the first time he’d ever got that carried away. She’d assured him she was on the pill, and whilst he wouldn’t trust those words from any other woman, from Sophie he had no doubts. Saying that the thought of her carrying his baby...he shook his head, where the hell had that come from? Groaning he reached for his t-shirt and trainers, the last thing he wanted was to leave, but he had to. This lack of sleep would be the death of him tomorrow, literally.

Then she was stood in front of him, all coy and floral scented in just those ridiculous shorts and vest that hadn’t been ridiculous until tonight, until now he knew what they were hiding.  Reaching out his hands he wrapped them around her waist, resting his head on her stomach, and they stood that way for a while.

                “You should go.” She breathed finally, and reluctantly led him to the door.

                “I probably won’t call much...”

She nodded tears in her eyes, “text me, anytime, it won’t disturb me. Or email.” When he nodded, overcome by the same emotions as her, she touched his cheek, “I’ll miss you!”

He nodded again, “more than I thought possible.”

After a brief kiss she pushed him out of the room, then leaned back against the closed door, unable to clear the bittersweet smile from her lips. She loved Bill Swift.

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