Seize The Day

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Chapter Eight

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They stuck to each other like glue the rest of the evening, the odd dance, trip to the midnight buffet, and then coffee on the veranda much later. The only time that Sophie left Bill to visits the bathroom, was an opportunity to Melody, and Sophie emerged to find her so called friend making doe-eyes at Bill and swooning. At her own wedding! If she wasn’t so angry she’d feel sympathy for Hugo Milton, he probably didn’t deserve a bitch like Melody. But then that wasn’t her problem.

As she walked towards the couple, Bill spotted her and ensnared an arm around her waist, pulling her towards him, ensconced at his side she smiled at him, ignoring Melody completely, and was rewarded with a kiss. Another of those toe-curling kisses that he was so good at! For a moment she didn’t have to pretend Melody wasn’t there, she really forgot.

When he pulled back she couldn’t take her eyes off his, then with an awkward smile looked around to see they were alone. Melody had gone, tail between legs no doubt!

                “You’re good Mr Swift, very good!”

He grinned, leaving his arms around her, “and you look every inch the sexy siren! Think we’ve both done very well!”

She nodded, “our part is done!”

As he led her by the hand from the ballroom, he glanced down at her, “feeling good?”

Sophie thought about the day, she hated Melody, had had Miles flirting at her. All she felt was sad, sad that poor Hugo Milton had been sucked into this superficial family, and sad that Melody had wanted her to be there purely to gloat at. Any pleasure she got from wrong footing her friend was outweighed by the whole ridiculousness of it all.

                “I feel sad.” She concluded, “sad and pitiful that they needed me here. Why? I’m still not sure. But yep, any perverse pleasure I thought I’d get at tossing a finger at them all, is lost in how pathetic it all is.”

He nodded knowingly, “everything is about show...just like my family. Now you know why I avoid ‘society’ like the plague. Though today has been fun!”

Grinning, Sophie reached up to kiss his cheek, “you are the best friend a girl could ask for!”

Back in the safety of their room, Sophie ached, from head to foot. Kicking off the shoes from hell, she dived in the bathroom, needing a shower. She scrubbed every inch of her skin, as well as washed her hair. Only then did she feel ready to turn off the jets. Sliding into her pyjamas, she was towel drying her hair when she emerged from the room. Bill stood there, waistcoat and shirt half undone, tie hanging around his neck, looking as exhausted as she had felt.

                “I’ll just shower...”

She’d loosely blow dried her hair when he emerged and was feeling much more human.

                “I’ll take the sofa...” he started to open cupboards looking for a spare pillow or duvet.

It was a chivalrous offer, but Sophie laughed. “Don’t be stupid! You look like I feel...exhausted, we’ve shared beds in the past...and despite what Miles said earlier, I don’t bite!”

She slipped under the duvet and patted the mattress next to her, then rolled on to her side looking away from him. She was asleep before he moved.

But it was a restless sleep, her overactive mind reliving large parts of the day in vivid and glorious technicolour. In truth it was more realistic than a dream, Miles’ face had filled her head since she’d come to bed, that smell of sandalwood aftershave, even the powerful muscles of his neck. Now that she was away from him, she was very imaginative in her memory of him up close, then those chaste yet passionate kisses with Bill confused her swirling mind again.

Then it all upped a gear, from memories of conversations to actual contacts, she could feel his heavy arms holding her close, hungry lips devouring hers, delving to the soft flesh at the base of her throat, a firm tongue flicking out to lash at her earlobe. A groan escaped her lips, this was more erotic than any dream she’d ever had, and then her imagination went wild as a thigh nudged between hers, and a hand lifted to cup her breast. It was so real, so exciting, her body throbbed with anticipation, and raising her hand she reached for the head of Miles, that thick short hair that she imagined felt like velvet. But as she encountered the head she found longer softer hair, and a head that wasn’t Miles. For a moment sleeping Sophie was happy to enjoy the kiss and the hands that excited her.

As teeth bit down on her lip and a rather impressive erection buried itself in the soft flesh of her thigh, her eyes snapped open and she suddenly realised this wasn’t a dream. Sensing the change in mood, her assailant stopped too, but she could still feel the warmth of his breath on her cheek. She reached for the lamp, but didn’t want to turn it on, really didn’t want to know. But as she hit the switch, the light illuminated Bill, and he genuinely looked as shell shocked as she did.

                 “Sophie! Sorry...I don’t know what happened...I was asleep then...”

She believed him, obviously they’d rolled into each other and nature had taken its primitive form. “I think we were just sleep kissing! Not something I’ve ever done before.” As Bill blushed she didn’t tell him that her dreams had been filled with images of Miles.

Switching off the light they both tried to resettle, but Sophie knew that she’d not find sleep again; instead she’d have the pleasure of lying awake all night and analysing just how she came to be passionately kissing her best friend.

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