Gangleader's Girl (ON HOLD)

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I was a somewhat normal girl. Then I met him and my life felt like it was never fully lived. He rescued me, and hurt me at the same time.

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Chapter 1

Evelyn P.O.V.

Hey, y’all. I’m Evelyn, but I go by eve. So, you see, I’m going to this new school today and I’m kinda nervous. I change schools a lot, but every time there are new people. Like, I know the cliques, and each time I fit in to be a different one. Now, when I walk in a school, I can instantly know who is in what clique. Today I have on my faded blue jeans a graphic tee about Star Wars and an oversized sweatshirt. I’m also wearing blue and purple glasses and grey converse. My hair is dirty blond and it normally has dye in it. My parents are making me put spray die in it to go with my look better. Today, I’m a nerd. My hair is down to my waist, so I put it up in a messy bun and put on my chapstick.

My brother has been here for a week before I got to come. So, there’ll be someone I know. He is always a popular jock because that’s him in real life. He is one day older than me (A/N: Yes ik that's not actually possible but my theory behind it is that she was later than she was supposed to be), and it sucks. “Come on sis, we’re gonna be late!” Oops, that’s him, and he sounds angry. I go running down the stairs, grab my backpack that is teal with cyan zig-zags, and a piece of toast. I finish the toast, brush my teeth, and run for the car. My brother, Jayden, is already in the passenger seat. He says, “Geez, you took forever. Are you being a nerdy girl again?!?!" I just look at him and nod my head.

When we get there I am super excited. Jayden runs out of the car ahead of me, to make sure he isn’t seen with me. I walk up to the front of the school, just as the bell rings letting the kids in. People start bumping me and don’t even turn around, it’s rude. I am walking to the office when I see my brother standing in the hall with three other guys and 4 cheerleaders. So, this clique is obviously the popular kids. Apparently, I am staring because one of the girls yells, “Hey nerd! I know you're jealous but stop staring!” At that, I snap out of my trance and turn my head to walk away when one of the guys walks in front of me and blocks my way.

I look up at him. He is really built, with black hair and grey eyes. He’s wearing a tight black shirt and blue jeans. Get this, he’s wearing converse too, omg, so surprising. I’m being sarcastic, by the way. Once I meet his eyes, I can feel him looking me over. At that moment I feel as if I just walked into school in my underwear! I start to back up when I run into a guy behind me. He has shaggy dirty blond, but still blond hair and emerald green eyes. I don’t know what to do. I’m trapped, and my brother is just watching. The guy I ran into starts to raise his fist. I’m kinda scared. Then, for no reason, I yell, “Oh my god you bastard, get them away from me Jayden! Stop watching and do something!” Then the guy that had been raising his fist stops and just stares at me. Jayden walks over and, you won’t believe this, he slaps me. I’m shocked and pissed.

I run over to him and punch him in the jaw while yelling, “You bastard, don’t hit me dammit!” His jaw moves a little and he snaps it back in place. Then, the girl who was hanging all over him starts glaring at me. I walk up to her, and say, “Don’t look at me like that, or those fake teeth with be holes in your mouth and those extensions will be ripped out.” Everyone is staring at me and then I turn, and walk towards the office.

Once I’m in the office I get my schedule and am told I will have 2 people come to help me out. Turns out, one of them is the black-haired guy, who is apparently named Lucas and the other is named Nate. He has brown hair with blue on the tips and a tight dark grey shirt on. He has midnight blue eyes, and I can’t stop staring at them. It’s like a trance. Then I feel this weird sensation in my body and my stomach feels like it is rolling. I run out of the office and run to the nearest bathroom. I throw open the bathroom door and run into an open stall, not bothering to shut the stall door. I start getting sick in the toilet. I hear someone open the door and two pairs of feet shuffling in. I just keep getting sick and I don’t know why. I feel like my nails are growing longer and my head is pounding.

Nate and Lucas walk in and Nate softly says my name and asks what’s wrong. I say, “I dunno, this hasn’t ever…...happened before.” Then I stop getting sick and say, “I need to get to class before I’m late!” Then the bell rings and I groan. I stand up and start to run out the door towards my first class, History. I’m about halfway there when someone grabs me and pulls me into the next hallway, with four boys in it. One is smoking. He has black hair, green eyes, and a black shirt. The one holding me has dark brown hair brown eyes, and a dark green shirt. I can only hear the other two laughing. I start to struggle against him, at least to see him full-on, but he’s too strong.

He says, “Don’t struggle little lamb, it’ll be over soon."

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