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Amelia Morrison didn't think her life would turn upside down. Especially when she meets him, the king of all werewolves.

Romance / Fantasy
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Note From Amelia

Hi, my name is Amelia Morrison, or at least it was until I found out the truth. Anyway, I’m here to warn you about the monsters. . . uh supernatural as they prefer. It has been two-hundred years since they came out of the shadows and took over. Werewolves control of the western part of the world while the vampires control the other. I was born on werewolf territory which is extremely lucky considering what vampires eat. . .drink. . . whatever. There are some that aren’t so lucky, but that is how life has been for two hundred years. It was peaceful until I was brought into the picture anyway.

My warning to you is if you can stay away and hide. The biggest supernatural war is yet to come, but it is drawing near. Hide, go underground, move to a place no vampire, werewolf, or any supernatural would look, because if they know you are there, they will find you and it won’t be pretty. Stay in the shadows like they once were, because maybe, just maybe if you follow those steps, you’ll survive the war coming.

You might be wondering why I am telling you all of this. I don’t want anyone to follow in my footsteps and becoming involved in the supernatural war; more involved than anyone should be. Don’t make my mistakes because they will lead to deadly consequences. My deadly consequence was falling in love and maybe if I had died that night of the attack, all of this drama could have been avoided.

Yeah, if. . .

You Have Been Warned,
Aмεliα Моrrisοη

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