Brother's best friend

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Alice Alexander and Jake Cadwell have a weird relationship. She is in love with her brother's best friend ever since she was a little girl. She never thought about telling it to him but one night something happens and she moves faraway from him. He searches her and finds something that will bring problems in everyone's life. He found her with someone else. This may sound like your cliche story but trust me, this is worth your time.

Jenna Stomphson
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Chapter 1

“Aiden! Stop it!” I scream at my 23 year old brother as he was honking impatiently for me. Today was the first day of mine and his last year of college. It is not my problem that my alarm was turned off by Aiden who still acted like a fucking 7 year old. Aiden and I were twins even though he came out a few minutes before me.

I look at myself for the last time. I only had time to do my mascara and some concealer, my brown hair was left open and nothing was done to it so it fell down my shoulder in natural waves, I had switched from glasses to contact lenses over the last few years, so now my green eyes were visible and I had a full sleeve top and a skirt with over the knee socks and my heel and I sprayed some perfume and I ran down the stairs.

I lock our house and ran out.

“How long do you take Alice?” he asked as I sat in his car. My parents wanted him to drive the both of us to college even though I had a car on my own. It was because I was a bad driver.

“Not my fault that my brother is a fucking 7 year old,” I say popping my air pods in my ear and play my songs. This was literally every day that happened in my house. Aiden and I always fought over stupid things.

“What do you want?” he screamed in my ears taking out my air pods and I am pretty sure I had gone deaf.

“What?” I ask rubbing my ear and he pointed outside. We were in the Starbucks drive way and I order a Mocha Frappuchino and a vanilla latte for me and Julia. Julia Stewart was my best friend since we were in pre-school, back home in California. We have practically grown together. We even got accepted into the same college.

We get out of the car as we reach the college and a group of girls go up to him. Yeah my brother was a popular jock and I was just another basic girl. I realized that I forgot my phone in the car so I called Aiden from where I was standing.

“Aiden!” I scream and he turned around. He looked surprised.

“What?” he screamed back and came to me with his group of friends behind him. They all were attractive but I had no interest in them.

“I left my phone in, open the car,” I say and he looked annoyed and muttered something but he eventually opened it.

“Hold this, I have to look for my phone,” I say handing him mine and Julia’s drink and he stared at me.

“Stop being rude Aiden. Here let me hold it for you beautiful,” some guy said and I looked at him for the first time since I have arrived in college. His brown hair pushed back sexily, his brown eyes looking so seductive, and his cocky smile and perfect set of teeth. He was my brother’s best friend, Jake Cadwell, the player boy of our college and the guy I have had a crush on since forever.

I have grown up with Julia, my brother and Jake. Jake and Aiden were as close as me and Julia and we all were in the same college. Aiden and I shared an apartment, Jake stayed alone and Julia shared a dorm with someone. We even had a room only for Jake in our apartment because he was always in our apartment and barely at his.

“Jake stop it, she is my sister,” Aiden said pushing Jake away and held my drink as I bend to search for my phone. Aiden came behind me to cover my skirt which had gone up, saving me from the embarrassment.

“Thank you,” I say standing up and took my drinks with me. I saw Julia waiting for me at the gate and I ran to her. We hugged really tight even though we met all throughout the summer.

“Look at you,” she said kissing my cheek and I smile.

“Thank you and this is for you,” I say handing her vanilla latte and she got excited. We entered into the college and we started taking about random things.

“You do realize that everyone’s looking at you right?” she whispered and I stare at her like she has gone mad. I was never the kind of girl who people used to look at.

“Is there anything stuck between my teeth or something on my face?” I ask and she cracked up.

“No silly, you have become pretty and hot now. That is why everyone’s looking at you,” she said and I looked around and saw that everyone was staring at me. I felt uncomfortable and walked away faster than before. I open my locker and dump my books in it.

“How are you Alice?” someone said and I turn to look at a guy grinning at me. Tony Huggins, the pervert dude of the college and another jock was smiling at me.

“I am good now scoot,” I say and he places his arm on my locker, trapping me. I could feel his hot breath on my cheek.

“You get away from her,” Julia said coming close to us but he pushed her away. I manage to push him away and went to my first class, English.

“Let us start with Hamlet,” the teacher said and I immediately felt the enthusiasm drain from me. I liked English but the way Ms Donald explained made me sleep. Julia looked at me and laughed. She passed on a note to me in middle of the class and Ms Donald caught it.

“Please kill me instead,” it said, I could read it. The teacher glared at us and asked us to stand up.

“Out of my class you two,” she said and we ran out of the class giggling. We never cared about English because we could do it on our own. We stayed outside the class for the whole period and then went to out next class.

It turned out that we had a free period in Physics since the teacher was sick. We started walking around the whole college and came back to class for the last few minutes. No teacher cared actually.

“Hi, I am Jonathan Juliann and I am new here,” a guy appeared and I smiled at him. He looked very sweet. He had platinum blonde hair and black eyes.

“Hi I am Alice Alexander and this is Julia Stewart,” I say and we instantly became friends. We found out that Jonathan was gay but he seemed normal, unlike those gays who act really weird.

“You are so pretty,” Jonathan randomly said and I looked at him.

“What?” I asked and he just smiled and looked at me. I decided to leave it there and the bell rang soon enough. It was lunch time.

“Let’s go for lunch,” I say standing up and we go to lunch. We saw Aiden and his friends in their usual table and Aiden called us over. We always sat together and ate lunch.

“Everyone this is Jonathan and Jonathan this is Aiden, my brother and his friends, Joshua, Nick, Ben and Jake,” I say introducing everyone and saw that there were two new girls at our table.

“Alice, this is Amanda and Amanda this is my sister,” Aiden said introducing the girl next to him and I smiled. So he found at new girl already but she looked sweet unlike the bitches he used to date.

I saw a new blonde next to Jake but he never introduced her to us so I left him. Jonathan was sitting next to Joshua and Julia was sitting next to me, opposite to Aiden.

“Guys we have a party today, want to come?” he asked and I nod. Today was anyways a Friday so why not go to a party? We all agreed to meet at our house at 6.

“Hey what is up with you?” I ask as Julia started walking way hastily from us. Jonathan and Joshua were talking to each other so I let them.

“Nothing,” she said and I let her go because I knew that she was eventually going to tell me what happened. The rest of the day was crap too. Soon we got to go home.

“Should I wear this or this?” I ask holding up 2 dresses to my body and Julia looked at me.

“The red one,” she said pointing at a red sparkly short dress with spaghetti straps. We get ready and she asked me to do her make-up. We both did a smoky eye look with red lipstick.

“All the guys will like this,” I say and she looked at me and smiled. I was trying to set her up with someone all the time but she didn’t want anyone.

“Why?” she said and I laughed.

“I know you Julia. I have seen the way you have looked at no guys and I think you are in love with someone you can’t have and I don’t know it,” I say. I always knew that Julia had a crush on someone but never told him.

“Nothing like that,” she asked and I nod. I nod

“Of course but remember this, everyone here is a jock and don’t deserve you to be honest,” I say and she nods. We got ready, strapped on our heels, sprayed perfume and went down stairs where I saw all the boys and Amanda and the new blonde with Jake. They were making out and I made a gagging sound due to which they broke apart.

“You girls look good,” Aiden said looking at us and I hugged him. Julia was blushing next to me. That was weird now.

We walk to the car and we took 2 of them. I was put in a car with Jake, the Blondie, Nick and Ben. The others were in the other one.

Nick was driving, Ben was in the front so I was sitting at the back with Jake and the Blondie. They started making out, again and I felt sick. Half way through the ride, they broke apart and the Blondie started fixing her ruined make up.

“Should I help you?” I ask and she nods. I wipe of the smudged make up and re-did her make-up.

“Thank you so much. I am Camille Blair,” she said smiling and I smiled back. She looked kind but not the kind I would want to be friends with.

“I am Alice Alexander,” I say and we get quite for the whole ride. We soon reach the party and everyone was already wasted. Julia and I started dancing together and the others were drinking.

“Hello sexy,” I heard a drunk voice behind me as I bent to pick up something not-alcoholic to drink from the refrigerator. I felt his arms going up my ass and I quickly turned around and slapped him. I saw Tony staring at me.

“You bitch,” he said pushing me against the wall and held up my hand above my head. He leaned in closer to kiss me but I move away. Julia comes and tries pushing him away but he pushes her and she falls on the ground.

“Julia!”I scream scared that something might have happened to her. He carried me over his shoulder and shut my mouth. I tried struggling to get out but I couldn’t. He dumped me on one bed and forced himself on me. I raise my hand and try pushing him aside. He might be drunk but he was strong.

Someone burst into the room and pulled Tony away from me and threw him on the ground. He started beating the hell out of Tony and started strangling him.

“You will never come near her, got it?” he roared and Tony nods desperately and the guy let him go. He hands me his hand for help and I take it.

“Jake?” I say looking at him and he looked up. So he was the one who saved me. He was looking at his bruised knuckle.

“Are you alright?” he asked and I nod. He saved me.

“Thank you so much, I don’t know what would have happened if you didn’t come,” I say and he smiled and started shaking his knuckles.

“Are you alright?” I ask and he nods.

“Yes, take this,” he said taking out his jacket and handed it to me. I accept it and wore it. He escorted me back to the party and kept a close eye on me.

“Where’s Camille?” I ask looking at him because she was nowhere to be seen.

“Oh, she went home,” he said and I smiled. Julia came and hugged me, relieved.

“Thank you so much for helping me,” I say and she cries. I wipe her tears and she smiles.

“Guys, let’s go,” Nick said and we all nod. We all just squeezed into the cars we came in and drove to our house. Our parents were out so we could crash there.

“Does anyone want beer?” I ask looking at the fridge and brought one for everyone. Amanda accompanied us, I honestly don’t know why. We all drink, talk and fall asleep in the hall.

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