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Book 2 of the Beast series. This book focuses on Kristian, the original vampire and Daniella a nice girl looking for a roommate for her Santa Monica apartment. What was supposed to be a friendly favor to move her ex roommate's things out of Daniella's apartment, turns into love at first touch. Kristian discovers his mate and will do anything to be more than just her new roommate. Daniella was not looking for a relationship until she is cornered by into letting Kristian move in. To Kristian's surprise, she knows a lot more about his kind then he thought she would.

Romance / Fantasy
4.6 105 reviews
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Chapter 1


I woke with the sun on a warm August Saturday morning. With no work on the weekends, I was able to wake up whenever I wanted.

I headed to the kitchen and grabbed a mug from the cabinet to make a cup of coffee. I had just pressed the brew button on the Keurig when I heard my cell phone ring from my bedroom. I followed the echo of At Least I Look Cool by Sasha Sloan.

I padded into my room on the soft cream carpet to the side table when my phone sat charging. The picture on the phone was of me, Em, and Alex at a club taking a selfie in the line for the bathroom. It was Alex. I picked up the call and made my way back to the kitchen.

"Hey Als. Find a place yet?" I grabbed the creamer from the fridge and poured just enough into my coffee. I took a sip to taste to make sure.

Alex laughed softly. "I did..."

I paused at her tone. "And..."

"I...I met someone." She said shyly.

I took a slow sip and swallowed the liquid before speaking. "Explain.." I coaxed.

"I have a...boyfriend?" She sounded unsure of the title.

"Was that a question? Are you sleeping around?"

"No!" She said hurriedly.

"Alexandra!" I said exasperatedly.

"I'm not! I swear." She sounded honest...

"Alright. So you are having sex with one guy. Is he having sex with you exclusively?" I asked somewhat concerned but I knew Alex was smart about these things. He must be really hot if she's already sleeping with him.

"Yes." She sounded confident. "I'm living with him." She sighed.

I froze. "Alexandra!"

"I really love him Daniella. I'll send you a pic." She pulled away from the mic to send the picture. I waited until I heard a ping. I checked the message and looked at the picture of sexy guy with short blonde hair and hazel eyes leaning against the counter looking at Alex smiling smugly.

I pulled the phone phone back to my ear and sighed. "Damn. He's..." I trailed off not able to put it into words.

"I know." She laughed.

"Well, I have no complaints." I picked up my coffee taking another sip before heading to the couch.

"Nick thinks I'm incapable of moving my stuff from the apartment, so he is sending our friend Kristian instead. I hope that is okay." She asked hurriedly as if I would say no.

"That's okay..." I mulled it over. "When should I expect him?"

"When would it be okay?"

"Anytime is fine. I took sometime off work since I met max amount of vacation hours." I took another sip of the warm coffee and placed it on the coffee table and pulled the throw blanket onto my lap. I picked up the remote looking for something to binge on Netflix.

"Great. I'll let him know. He is cute too so...I know you will freak out if I don't tell you ahead of time. Last thing I want is you calling me yelling in my ear that he caught you in your pj's." She chuckled.

"Well...At least text me his flight plan. So I know when I need to be presentable." I begged.

"I will as soon as I know. I gotta go. Breakfast is ready."

"Alright. Bye Als."


I put my phone down on the arm of the couch as I continued to peruse through the selection of tv series. My phone pinged. I picked it up. It was a text from Alex. I opened it and there was a picture of a man. He had short blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, muscular body, and a sly sexy smile. Damn. He was hot.

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