Siberian Wolf

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What He Wants


The next few days looped over the same series of events. Ahote would avoid Honon. Aponi would confront him, and Ahote would talk back to her and they would fight, filling the hallways with their yelling.

I didn’t know what to do most of the time. It wasn’t my fight to fight, and I didn’t think butting into this would be helpful. I stayed clear of Honon for the most part and even when Lapu would directly pick a fight with him I would pretend like I didn’t see anything. I doubt Honon has even heard me say a word before.

As for the situation with Elan, it wasn’t going well. Honon had suggested that I stayed away from the boy for a while to see if things would work then. Ahote had protested, but somehow, we decided to give it one week. I would keep my distance for a week and see if Elan would stop being ‘confused about who was his dad’ like Aponi had but it. It was day four out of seven now, and it hadn’t worked. Not even a little bit.

Tonight, was one of those nights Ahote would have a lengthy argument with Aponi. I could hear them through the walls. As anyone could guess, I was the reason for it. Sometimes things would calm down, but then someone would raise their voice, causing the whole thing to start over. I was sitting in the bed in Ahote’s room since I had to leave Honon’s. A sigh left my lips when I heard Lapu’s voice join the back and forth. I was starting to get a bit worried, but I didn’t leave the bed.

There was some more yelling, but it died down, and I couldn’t hear anything for a long while. An hour passed, and Ahote’s scent mixed with the sound of feet approaching the door made me look up. The door had creaked open, and Ahote was now standing by the post with his hands on the door’s handle. His hair was wet, and he was in simpler clothes. He must have taken a shower to cool off.

“Sorry for the noise,” he said in a small voice, giving in a forced smile. He looked exhausted. It made my wolf shift a bit in distress. He walked into the room and closed the door behind him when I didn’t say anything in response, before walking over to the bed and sitting at the edge.

“Aponi’s asking for more time,” Ahote muttered, resting his head on my shoulder as he looked out into the room. “I thought he wasn’t going to stay long, but it’s been two weeks now...” he trailed, snaking his hand under my arm before giving it a squeeze.

“Are you talking to your friend?” Ahote asked, looking at my phone. I nodded, and he smiled I had told him about Adrian who had been my second in command when I was still a Kappa back in my pack.

“Do you think they would come all the way to meet you if they heard you were getting bound?” Ahote asked, and I snorted, watching as his thick brows came together in a small frown. I wasn’t sure how to explain to him that traveling as a werewolf from the Siberian mountains was tough. For one thing, we weren’t integrated into human society like the wolves at Peace river were. We just moved north anytime humans fell the trees and occupied more land. No one had passports, citizenship or anything. I traveled as a wolf for the most part to avoid problems with this.

“I don’t think they will,” I said, taking hold of Ahote and pulling him fully into the bed. “But they’ll be very happy for me,” I said, watching as Ahote smiled at me. He climbed onto my lap, straddling me. For a minute my mind blurred and I had to blink back a bit. Ahote smelled nice even with all the scent masking. He was in heat right now, and I had to be extra careful since I was in heat as well. I could control it with no problem but was just harder around Ahote.

“You’re hard.” My face warmed up at Ahote’s words. He wiggled in my lap, only making the situation more embarrassing.

“Y-yes,” I managed, feeling my face grow hurt and my heart beat faster in my chest. Since we’ve started sleeping with each other he’d built some confidence around sex. He was more eager to initiate it, and he was a lot blunter about things like this too.

He chuckled a bit, taking a hold of my face as he pressed kisses to my forehead and eventually my lips. He tasted sweet. His scent was so sweet. In Siberia, I was used to people smelling of things like rain, smoke and the plants that sprouted from the snow lodged grounds in the brief summers. Here, people’s pheromones smelled like nuts and fruits - Ahote smelled like peaches.

Ahote deepened the kiss, coaxing my tongue with his. I kissed him back as my hands found their way under Ahote’s loose shirt. Touching his chest made him squirm and let out low moans. His nipples were sensitive and turned into hard buns from being brushed and gently tugged. Ahote’s skin was a lot softer and warmer. It was something brought about by his heat. I just couldn’t stop touching him, and sometimes my and will stray too far, brushing and between his legs before my rationale took over. Ahote was making that hard in general - me staying sane. My breathing would hike up with every moan he made, and Ahote made to kiss and bite softly along my collar bone my eyes blurred and my mouth watered.

I don’t think what we were heading towards really dawned on me until I felt Ahote’s palm me through my trousers. Startled, I took my hands away from him, putting him at arm’s length as I stared at his doe eyes that had gone wide with confusion.

“We’re in heat, we might get a little out of control,” I muttered, trying to get my heart to stop racing. Ahote looked like he was trying to understand what I was saying. He had a far of look in his eyes as he pushed down my arms and readjusted his position on my lap. I felt blood rush to my privates, and it was painful to just stare at Ahote and do nothing, but I held myself back. Ahote could get pregnant, and I was sure he didn’t want that now.

“You’ll get pregnant,” I said, trying to bring him out of his trance, but he only smiled, moving to kiss my jaw as he hooked one of his fingers in one of the hoops meant for a belt. He tugged at it, moving his fingers to fumble with the buttons. He managed to get them undone, and soon he was stroking the full length of me when he pulled the band of my briefs far down enough.

I pulsed in his hand, getting harder from the teasing rubs.

“You’ll get pregnant,” I repeated myself, starting to get a little afraid of the fact that I might slip into a heat daze too. Ahote’s hand felt good - wonderful. I closed my eyes, trying not to look at myself ooze precum.

Ahote suddenly let go after a while, and I opened my eyes to find that he had climbed out of the bed to take his clothes off. I knew that I should have looked away, but I held Ahote’s gaze, watching him smile as he stripped. With each piece of clothing that touched the floor the sound of my heart pumping would get louder in my ears. I wanted to get up and get a hold of him. I wanted to make him mine in the most intimate way possible, but I stayed frozen at the edge of the bed with my fly open and clothes on because I feared what would come as a result of it.

When he was done undressing, he smiled at me as he undid the braids and took out the beads in his hair. I kept watching. There was something about the man I was in love with standing stark naked a foot away from the bed with an erection. It kept me transfixed.

When Ahote was done with his hair he went over to his drawers to grab a bottle- lube - before he came up to me and knelt beside me. He tossed the bottle on the bed before resting his head on my thigh and staring into my blue eyes. He touched me again, stroking me before sticking his tongue out to lick my tip. I swallowed down the moan in the back of my throat as Ahote found his way between my legs to suck on me better.

I tossed all my restraint out the window when I felt him gnaw playfully on me. I let a low moan, taking off my shirt before allowing myself to run my fingers through his dark hair. His mouth was warm, and his slick tongue pulled little gasps from me whenever he licked on the slit of my head. From time to time he’d look up and lock eyes with me, and I was sure I came a little bit in his mouth each time.

“We should stop here,” I murmured, feeling myself about to come, but Ahote let my penis slip out of his mouth with a pop before he covered my tip with his thumb and stared up at me. There was a teasing smile on his lips, and I had to look away when he licked his lips that were glistening with saliva and precum.

“You’ll get pregnant. You’re in heat. don’t think you’re thinking straight because of it. We don’t even have a condom. We ran out.” I was rambling now, trying to get all my words out before my lust took the best of me. I wanted this more than anything, but I didn’t want Ahote to regret anything.

“No,” Ahote said in a soft but firm voice. “I can take something tomorrow morning to get rid of things, so don’t worry,” he insisted, kissing from the base up. He pulled away, smiling as he tugged at the legs of my loose pants. He managed to take them off without any resistance from me. My heartbeat was loud, and I was just trying not to combust.

“It’s been a while, hmm?” he muttered, straddling me again as his hands touched my chest.

“Yes,” I sound myself agreeing, taking him off my lap and playing him on the bed, back first. I hovered over him, leaning down to kiss him as I ground against him. He moaned, burying his fingers in my hair as I let my hand roam down his stomach before eventually touching the length of his erection. I stroked him, making him buck up with little whimpers.

I found the bottle of lube from before and helped myself to some. I touched around Ahote’s entrance before pushing a finger in. He squeezed around my finger, moving his hips in a slow pace to meet my strokes. I slipped in another finger, leaning over him as I kissed his chest and felt his hands in my hair. When he seemed loose enough, I took it slow. Easing into him and pressing kisses on his collar whenever he let out a little gasp.

When I was fully in, I stayed still for a while, letting myself enjoy Ahote’s body squeezing against me as he let out throaty moans while running his hands down my back.

I started moving. Slowly, with long thrusts. Ahote bucked up against me, taking my face in his hands and moving to kiss me deeply.

“Feels good,” he muttered, pulling away to look me in the eyes. “It’s so hot.”

He meant that literally. Our bodies were on fire from out heat, and Ahote’s scent was everywhere. Whatever mask he had put on being overpowered by what we were doing. I couldn’t control mine either. I stared down at his features contorted in pleasure. His pupils were wider, and I could spot the little sharp canines whenever he gasped. Strands of his hair were stuck to his face from sweat, and he kept taking deep breaths like he was drinking my scent the way I was doing his. I couldn’t help wondering what Ahote thought of it. Did he like the smell? Did he find it as inviting as I found his? This was the first time I was in heat around him.

“You smell like pine bark,” he muttered, answering my unasked question. “I like it. It’s nice,” he sighed as he twitched and shivered a bit from a thrust.

“Can you go faster? Rougher?” he asked, twirling a strand of my blond hair in his hand as he looked at me with lust filled eyes.

That was all I need to put down the restraint I had on myself. I got a gasp from him, surprising him by holding his hips and pulling him against me with force. I did it a few more times, increasing the pace as Ahote got nosier. The sound of his hips smacking down on me mixing with the sound of him moaning my name made my sight blur as I felt myself starting to reach my peak. I tried to ease out of him before it could happen, but Ahote reached out to grab my hands, holding me in place.

“Inside,” he muttered, using his cloudy eyes to hold my gaze. “Inside. I want it inside.”

The look alone was enough to make me cum. I shook, watching Ahote come as well in successive spurts. There was a smile on his face. He looked pleased. Ahote reached out to grab my hands, pulling me down on him before hugging me to himself. The feeling of his beating heart and rising chest against mine made me shake a bit. We stayed liked that until Ahote slept off and I was able to peel his hands from me. I rolled over to the side, heaving as I looked up to the ceiling before looking to the side to stare at him. He looked peaceful and unbothered with his skin was glistening with sweat. His hands were curled under his head, and his long hair was spread out like a messy sheet.

I watched his gentle breathing. My heart was racing, and I couldn’t for the life of me shut my eyes since my mind was flooded with thoughts.

Right now, Ahote could be pregnant.

The fact produced a weird warm feeling in the pit of my stomach. I found myself turning to the side to better stare at Ahote’s face. My eyes soon traveled downwards, looking at his washboard stomach that held a beautiful dark happy trail. I could spot the evidence of what we did caked up on his tights. I reached a finger out, tracing down his stomach before resting my palm flat on it.

There could be a baby we made together in there.

I took my hand away, shaking my head as I stuffed my hands under my pillow. Thinking about that was crossing the line - getting attached. Whatever was, or could be, would be gone tomorrow. Ahote said he would take something so I shouldn’t worry.

“Don’t worry.”

Remembering his words made me cringe. It was a mix of despair and conflict. It wasn’t me I was worried about when I kept trying to get us to stop. It was him I was worried about. About what his pack would think. About how things would play out.

I had been worried about Ahote, not myself.

If anything, I wanted a baby.

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