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Baby Kicks And Paws


“Ouch!” I blinked, feeling the imprint of a little paw claw my insides. I bit down on my lips, trying to stop myself from screaming in excitement.

A kick. I said in my head, bringing my thumb to my finger.

“Oww.” I winched, cradling my lower stomach.

There it is again! A smile replaced the little frown of distress I had only a moment before. The last had felt less painful, like the hand of a human baby. Wolves in the womb had the same problems as toddlers. They shifted often, from cub to human baby around the same time you started to feel kicks.

My baby was shifting.

My baby was kicking.

A million different emotions were rushing through me at the same time, but the joy was the overwhelming one, and the need to share that joy with Alek was strong. I felt a deep-seated urge to look for him, but as I turned towards the door, I got a whiff of his scent. The snow and pine scent that made my heart beat rapidly. He was already here.

The door creaked, and he walked in. I could feel my heart get caught up in my throat at the view of him. His hair was free and sat on his shoulders. His blue eyes were glittering with mischief, and the smile on his lips had me flustered. I had to look away for a bit, cursing my pregnancy hormones for making me so sensitive to every and anything. I was in no position to think about things like that.

Especially when you look like this. I shook my head, trying to push the thought to the back of my mind. Sure, I was all plump and dressed in unflattering outfits, but it was only for a bit, and it was worth it for what Alek and I were going through together. The baby mattered a lot more than my desire to be kissed and touched. Alek wasn’t shallow, and I didn’t think he would lose interest in me because I looked bad for a few months.

“Hey,” Alek muttered as he shut the door behind him. I looked up, being brought out of my thoughts from the sound of the door banging closed.

“How was it?” Alek’s voice was low and raspy. I could tell he had jogged here from the way he was breathing.

“It was fine,” I muttered, and Alek nodded as he walked over. Yes, I had liked the little couching section the head matron had with me. She had told me what to expect when the time came. She helped me with my posture before handing me some needed medicine.

Alek nodded, and we stared at each other for a bit before he walked over to me. On instinct, his eyes fell to my stomach, and my heart started beating faster. It was a wonderful feeling to feel that both the baby and I were loved. “The baby kicked,” I said in the moment, and watched as Alek’s eyes widened. I reached out and too his hand, pushing it under my shirt so he could have a feel for himself. There was no guarantee that the baby would do it again, but it was also good for me to have my partner close like this—touching me and my baby with love.

Ahote spread out his fingers, and I shuddered at the feel of his cold palm. He had probably been outside just a while back.

I shut my eyes closed as I bit down on my lower lip when I felt the baby’s hand again. It seemed to be looking for Alek’s and it made my heart swell.

“Babies sense their parents,” Alek muttered. We both knew that, but it felt like he was still in awe at the fact. “That’s our baby,” he muttered, making me look up at him. He was smiling at me and staring at me with the softest look. I wanted to reach out and touch his hair—his face. I wanted him to kiss me, but I fought the thought by looking away.

“Don’t look away,” Alek said, pulling me against him by the waist. “Please?” He seemed to beg as he pressed my face into his shoulder before running his fingers through my hair.

“It makes me feel unwanted—”

“I don’t think you want me in this state.” The words left my mouth before I could hold myself back, and when I noticed what I had said I pulled away from Alek. He held on to my hand, pulling me close to him until he could catch my lips. I moan left my lips, followed by a series of gasps as he deepened the kiss. My hands found their way to his arms as I felt more comfortable responding to his kiss.


“Hmm?” My head was a haze, and I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. The feeling of Alek’s hand on my cheek excited me, and I could feel my lower stomach twist with emotions as he moved to kiss my jaw and then the tip of my nose. I just wanted to touch and be touched.

I wanted to be touched so badly.

“It’s been a while,” Alek muttered as his hand slipped into my pants before cupping and feeling me. I squirmed, moaning as I let my hands squeeze his arms. He caught my lips, and before I could say anything I was pulled from the ground with a swift movement. I wrapped my legs around him, and he made sure to stare intently at me as he walked us over to the bed. He sat down, and I adjusted so I was straddling him properly. We were still both in our clothes. Me in my big shapeless blue shirt and baggy cotton pants, and him in his blue jeans and a sleeveless top.

“You know I love you a lot,” he muttered, pressing our foreheads together. “I’ll never not want you, so don’t say things like that,” he muttered, hissing my temple before moving to take off my shirt. My first instinct was to cover my chest. My nipples had grown a bit and looked strange, but there was no way to cover the weird shape of my stomach. I just didn’t have enough hands.

Alek didn’t fight with me, he just kissed the hands I had covering my nipples, and with time I let go, allowing him to flick them with his tongue, coaxing them with clear saliva before sucking on them a bit.

It felt good. I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing his hair and pressing him against me. I didn’t want him to stop, and things only became more thrilling when I felt Alek’s hardness pressed up against me. I moved my hips as he kissed my chest, and I let my hands wander under his shirt. Hard muscles. A nice happy trail.

He let out a low moan, pulling away from my chest when I made to undo the button of his jeans. I touched hid through his underwear for a bit, before taking out the length of him to give it light strokes. He reached for my trousers as well, doing the same, and soon we were petting and touching each other in sync—catching each other’s moans with soft kisses and quick pecks. The feeling of the warmth that came with Alek coming made me shiver and do the same. We stayed still for a bit, panting in the aftermath. Alek kissed my forehead before pulling me off his lap and placing me on the bed. I moved to over my chest again when he got up from the bed, hurrying to find a cloth to clean us both with.

When he returned to the bed, we talked in low tones as he wiped himself down, and then me. He got me a new shirt to wear, and a new pair of trousers.

“You seem nervous,” I muttered, interrupting Alek who was still going on about the initiation and bonding ceremony that would be happening in a bit. It had to be pushed back because they wanted to just have one with both Alek and Zeke instead of having two separate ones. I was impatient to be bond to Alek, but I realized it would be mostly sentimental. In all intents and functions, Alek was already my mate, and that’s what mattered. Having a bonding bracelet/band was just a further signifier to everyone else aside from the markings we gave each other.

He looked at me, shrugging his shoulders. “I am.”

I rested my head on his shoulders, moving to take a hold of one of his hands with mine. I brought it to my stomach, humming as I looked out into the bedroom. “Everything will be fine.”

“You think so?”

“I know so.” There would be no problem. The whole pack had warmed up to him.

The room fell into silence, and I had the odd feeling Alek wanted to tell me something. His eyes kept darting from corner to corner as he nibbled his lips. I frowned, pulling my head away from his shoulder to have a better look at him.

“Do you want to tell me something?” I must have startled him because he blinked back before his eyes went wide. “Do you?” I repeated, reaching out to run my fingers through his hair as I gave him a warm smile. I wanted him to be comfortable telling me about whatever it was.

He let out a sigh, nodding as he reached out to hold the hand I had buried in his hair. “I want to talk to you about Aponi.”

My mode visibly shifted, and I could see the regret in Alek’s eyes.

“I’m sorry for bringing her up, but I have to,” he muttered. “She apologized, and she wants to talk to you.”

“She says she was wrong, and she can see that we’re good for each other,” Alek went on. He seemed like he was rambling at this point—trying to get as many words out before I would burst into tears like I always did when we talked about her betrayal and meddling.

My lips trembled as I pulled away from Alek. I covered my face with my palms, taking deep breaths as I tried to clear my head. I didn’t want to forgive Aponi, not in a million years, and I felt disgusted with myself for feeling relief that she accepted us and was sorry. God, I wanted to talk to her. How couldn’t I? She’s been my mother since my mother died. There was no way I couldn’t forgive here.

“I-I’ll talk to her.” My words were shaky, but I mean them. I put my hands down and was greeted by the relieved smile plastered on Alek’s face. He leaned in to press a kiss on my cheek, and then the other. I giggled, and my mouth was soon covered with his. We kissed and would have maybe gone further if a knock on the door hadn’t interrupted us.

“Who’s there?” Alek asked, and the only response we got was a soft childish whine.

I laughed, realizing Elan was at the door. “I’m coming baby,” I muttered, trying to get out of bed, but Alek, held me back with his hand, telling me to rest. I didn’t argue with him and watched as he walked over to the door to let Elan in. The toddler wandered into the room and went straight for the bed before climbing in next to me.

“Are you running away from your matrons again?” I asked, but he didn’t answer and just sprawled over my stomach, closing his eyes. Alek joined us soon after, and we stayed in bed together until Elan squealed in excitement. Raising his head from my stomach before blinking down at his. His face contorting into confusion as a neat formed on his face.

“That’s your sibling,” I whispered, reaching to pinch Elan’s cheek. “You’ll be a big brother soon,” I added, watching as Elan touched my stomach again, but this time he didn’t pull away from the pawing in my belly. Alek reached out to touch my stomach through my shirt too, and I watched as his blue eyes glittered with another kick. It was odd seeing such a tall big man display childish excitement like he was. My face hurt from the smile on my face. I couldn’t contain how happy I was.

There was nothing specifically amazing about the moment, but it made my heart full to be in bed with my son and mate.

The family I’ve always wanted.

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