Beautiful Girl

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Book 2 in the Broken series. She was his whole world but she had no idea.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Kinsley’s age is 21

(Kinsley’s pov)

“What can I get you?” I heard the bartender ask.

“Tequila.” He nodded pouring me a shot.

“Thanks.” I sighed before looking around. My eyes locked on a person I haven’t seen in months. My heart skipped a beat seeing him again.

“Hey.” Dominic smiled as he came over.

“Hi,” I whispered as he pulled me into his arms. For a moment everything felt right in the world. Nothing bad had happened, it was just me and my best friend.

“Are you here by yourself?” He asked looking at me worried.

“Yea, I just needed to clear my head.” I took the shot before looking back at him. By the look on his face, he knew that was something wrong.

“So, what’s going on with you?” I asked trying to take the attention off of me.

“Been working a lot. I’m moving back here.” He smiled. Hope and fear-filled me as I looked at him.

“Where are you staying?”

“With your brother. Now tell me where what’s his face is?” The bartender handed me another shot that I gladly took. I couldn’t look at Dom or he would see right through me.

“Work.” I sighed looking the other way. He grabbed my hand making me jerk away. My phone went off making my body go rigid. I couldn’t look at him or I would break down.

“Hello.” I tried to answer as causal as I could.

“Where the hell are you?” I froze hearing how angry he was.

“With my sister. There’s food in the oven.” I whispered. My voice shaking as I spoke.

“Get your ass home.” He hissed making me jump.

“I’ll be right there.” I hung up, slowly turning back to Dom.

“I have to go,” I said weakly, not making eye contact with him.

“Kins, look at me.” I shook my head. He cupped my cheek making me look up at him. His features softened as he saw the tears in my eyes.

“I have to go.” I tried to push him away.


“Dom.” I cried. He pulled me into arms where I cried.

“You’re safe.” He whispered against my hair as he rubbed my back.

“What am I going to do?” I sobbed.

“Talk to me.” He pleaded to make my heart shatter even more.

“Not here.” He nodded.

“Blake’s not home.”

“I’ll meet you there.”

“Promise me.” He begged, looking at me worried. He was right I would be safe with him.

“I promise.” He took my hand, as we walked to my car. I got in and watched him get in his car. I know I shouldn’t go with him but with him I’m safe. I followed him to Blake’s, parking next to him. He smiled in relief as he came over wrapping his arm around me.

“I’m so proud of you.” I stopped looking the other way.

“I should just go, this is a really bad idea.” I pulled out of his grasp, walking towards my car. He quickly came over standing in front of the door.

“Dom.” I cried trying to push him away.

“No, I’m not going to let you go. I can see the fear in your eyes. Kinsley, you flinched when I tried to grab your hand. You know you’re safe with me and I will help you with this.” I nodded walking back towards the apartment.

“I’m going to change,” I told him as I walked into Blake’s room finding some comfortable clothes. Sighing I walked back to the living room where he was waiting for me. I walked over and sat on the couch next to him.

I hate the way he was looking at me. I could see the worry lines across his forehead and the sadness in his eyes. My phone went off and this time he took it from me. He surprised me by turning it off and turning his full attention to me.

“Everything was good you know. Then he started getting mad at every little thing I did. I can barely hear, he cracked them.” Tears filled my eyes as he pulled me to him. I curled into him taking in all his comfort. For the first time, I felt safe.

“You have to promise me, you will not go back there alone.”

“What am I supposed to do?” I cried.

“You can stay here. I’m sure your brother will insist on it.” He rubbed my back soothingly trying to calm me down.

“Will you please stay with me?”

“Of course.”

“Can we go to bed?” He nodded, standing up pulling me with him. I laid down curling up against him.

“Get some sleep. You’re safe with me.”

“Thank you, Dom.” He smiled kissing my forehead. Carefully I took my hearing aids out setting them on the table.

(Dominic’s POV)

I pulled her closer, not ready to let her go just yet. A knock at the door pulled me away a little bit.

“What is going on?” Blake looked pissed and worried. Carefully I pulled away from her making sure she stayed asleep. I met Blake in the kitchen where he was pacing.

“Sawyer called me freaking out. She was supposed to go home.” He hissed through his teeth.

“She’s safe here.” He quickly stopped turning towards me.

“What do you mean safe?” I sighed looking at the door.

“He’s hurting her. Her hearing aids are broke, so she can’t hear so good. He called her phone last night and freaked out. I tried grabbing her hand to calm her down, but she flinched.” It broke my heart knowing she was scared of me, even if it was just a second.

“I knew something was off about him, but I never guess he would do that. Thank you for making her come here.” Blake groaned, rubbing his hands down his face in frustration.

“We have to get her out of there.” I nodded watching the door open. She came out looking around before her eyes landed on me. She smiled making her way over.

“There’s my little sister.”

“Blake.” He smiled pulling her into his arms.

“I’m going to get us some breakfast then we will talk. Text mom and Sawyer and let them know you’re here.” She nodded pulling away. I watched him leave before turning back to her. Her body language was still rigid, but she was trying hard not to show it.

“How did you sleep?”


“Kins.” I sighed not knowing what to say. She walked over wrapping her arms around me.

“Thank you for making me feel safe for the first time in a long time.” I kissed her hair, holding her tight in my arms.

“You better get used to it because there is no way you are going back to him.”

“He’s going to come after me.” Her voiced cracked making my heart shatter.

“You think he will be able to get through me, Blake and especially your dad?”

“Dom I’m scared.”

“I know but I’m here now and I will keep you safe.” She sighed nodding against my chest.

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