Beautiful Girl

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Chapter 22


“Go sit with daddy.” Lucas reached over the table pulling Rowan into his arms. Dom reached down and squeezed my hand giving me a reassuring smile.

“So, what are you thinking about for Christmas?” Lucas asked.

“You take him Christmas eve. I was thinking for Christmas morning the four of us do it together. It’s his first Christmas and it’s important. I’ll get him for the rest of the day.” He turned to Stef and she nodded in agreement.

“That works.”

“Then next year we’ll figure it out then.” I smiled watching Rowan making faces at Stef. I’m so thankful that Stef has come into his life. I know she will take care of Rowan when I can’t be there.

“Alright, little man it’s time to get going.” We said our goodbyes before heading back to the apartment.

I sat on the floor next to Rowan as he played with his toys. I ran my fingers through his hair making him look up at me.

“Momma has to go to school for a little bit. You be good for uncle Dominic.”


“Momma loves you bud.” I kissed him before standing up. Dom came over pulling me in for a comforting hug.

“You sure you’ll be okay with him, right?”

“Kins, he’s going to be fine. Plus, you won’t be gone that long.”

“I love you.” I leaned up pressing my lips to his, giving him a quick kiss.

(Dominic’s pov)

Rowan rolled over and smiled up at me.

“Hey, little man.”


“She will be home soon bud.” He rolled back over so he could play with his toy. After everything I’ve been through, I’m so glad I have this little boy and his momma in my life.

“Book.” He handed me the book before crawling into my lap. I smiled reading the book as he curled up against me.

“Dom.” I felt someone pushing on my shoulder.

“Hmm.” I quickly opened my eyes looking for Rowan, but he wasn’t there.

“He’s okay, I laid him in his crib.”

“How did it go?”

“Good. I’m going back to school.”

“Babe that’s awesome. I’m so proud of you.”

“I want my son to have a good life and if we have any kids. I just want them to be proud of me.”

“Kins, Rowan is going to be so proud of you for whatever you do. As for our future kids, they will be just as proud of their big brother.”

“I love you. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“I love you.” I smiled pulling her onto my lap. She sighed in content as she pressed her lips to mine. Sometimes it feels like a dream that I finally get to call her mine.

“Should we get in the shower? Little man should be up soon, and we have to get to my parents soon.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I quickly scooped her taking her to the bathroom. I sighed in content as I helped her take off her shirt.

“You’re so damn beautiful.” She smiled helping me take off my shirt.

“You ready to go?” I asked as she scooped Rowan into her arms.

“Yea let’s go.” I grabbed the baby bag and followed her out the door. She got him all settled in before we made our way to her parent's house.

“There they are!” Tatum smiled opening the door for us. Kinsley was pulled into her moms’ arms as I carried Rowan into the living room.

“Hey Dominic, hey little man.” Clay smiled as I sat Rowan on the floor before taking a seat on the couch. Rowan looked up at us and smiled before turning to look for Kinsley.

“Hi, handsome come see nana.” Tatum smiled scooping Rowan into her arms. Kinsley sighed and came over curling up to my side.

“I can’t believe he’s going to be one soon.”

“I know my baby is growing up so fast. We talked to Lucas today and decided how we want to do Christmas. He’ll get him Christmas eve than in the morning all four of us will be together and I get him for the rest of the day.”

“You got lucky Kins.”

“That I did.” I smiled as Kinsley leaned over kissing my cheek. Some days I can’t believe this girl is finally mine. I never thought this day would come after everything she has been through. Before she got with Lucas things were completely different. I’ll never forget that night I got a call from Clay, Tatum was sobbing in the background. Kinsley had come home drunk with bruises all over her.

“You okay?” She asked entwining our fingers.

“Yea I’m okay.” I smiled pulling her closer against my side.


“Momma is right here baby. Cuddle with nana for a little bit before Sawyer gets here.” Just as she said that Sawyer opened the door with Austin following right behind her.

“Your belly is so cute.” Sawyer smiled pulling away.

“The boys and I are going to talk,” Clay announced as I stood up following him with Austin. Poor little man was stuck with all the girls. I’m sure he just wants his momma, or I would have taken him too.

“How’s Sawyer doing?”

“She’s good, a little crazier than before. I’m excited though but scared.”

“You’re going to be a great dad.”

“Thanks, man, so how’s everything with Kins?”

“Some days I feel like I’m in a dream I get to wake up to her. She’s going back to school and I couldn’t be prouder of her. Row is such a cool little dude and I’m glad I get help raise him.”

“You going to ask her to marry you?” Clay smirked making me smile.

“I’ve been planning that for years and I just want to wait a little longer.”

“Well, you know you have my blessing and I’m sure Blake will say the same.”

“Thanks, Clay that means a lot.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Tatum smiled walking up to wrap her arms around Clay. An arm wrapped around my waist making me turn to Kinsley holding Rowan.

“He missed his uncle Dom.”

“Come here, little man.” I smiled taking him into my arms. He curled up right under my chin making the girls coo in awe.

“I can’t wait till our little one gets here.” Sawyer smiled looking up at Austin. I hope one day Kinsley and I will be sharing moments like that. Seeing pictures of her pregnant is not the same as the real thing.

“What are you thinking about?” Kinsley whispered.

“I’ll tell you later,” I smirked kissing her forehead.

“Alright kids time to eat.” We moved sitting down at the dinner table. I sat Rowan in his high chair so Kinsley could fuss over him.

“Momma.” He cried as she got him some cereal.

“So, are you guys thinking it’s a boy or girl?” Kinsley asked as she finally asked sitting next to me.

“I’m hoping it’s a girl.”

“I’m so glad Rowan is going to have a little cousin to grow up with.”

“He has plenty of cousins.” Sawyer frowned. In a way, she was right Lucas’s family is huge and there is a lot of kids.

“Your little one is going to be the closets in age. Sawyer, you know you are a huge part of Rowan’s life. You are my big sister Sawyer.”

“I know, I don’t know where this is coming from.” Austin squeezed her shoulder trying to calm her down. I wrapped my arm around Kinsley, kissing her forehead.

(Kinsley’s pov)

“Did you have fun with everyone?” I smiled at Rowan as he splashed around in the tub. I quickly cleaned him up before getting him out. He let out a yawn as I pulled on his pajamas.

“Let’s go say goodnight.” I kissed his forehead carrying him into the kitchen where Dominic was.

“Say goodnight Uncle Dom.”

“Goodnight little man.”

“I’m going to go lay him down then we can talk.” He nodded as I took Rowan to his room laying him down. He sighed in content as he rubbed his eyes, falling right to sleep.

“Love you baby boy,” I whispered before going back to the kitchen. I walked over wrapping my arms around his waist.

“Want to tell me what you were thinking about?” He turned around wrapping his arms around my waist. He smirked leaning down kissing my forehead.

“I wish I could have seen you pregnant.”

“Dom.” I smiled.

“I know he’s not mine, but I wish I could have been here.”

“Please don’t do that. Dom I’m not done having kids. I would love to have a baby with you and experience that with you.”

“Good little man needs a sibling.” I nodded wrapping my arms around his neck, pressing my lips to his. As much as I want to have another baby there’s a part of me that’s terrified. Dominic is still in the army and I have no idea where that leaves us. He wants to be there while I’m pregnant, but we can’t promise that is going to happen.

“Kins, what’s wrong?” He rubbed my worried lines making me sigh.

“I want this you, but I’m scared. You’re still in the army. Even if we tried to plan a baby, you’re not guaranteed that time.”

“I’m in the process of getting out. Baby, I’m happy where I am.”

“What about Blake?”

“I’ve talked to him about it before and he understands. I never planned on making the army my career.”

“As long as you’re sure.”

“I’m very sure. I’ve been waiting to call you mine since we were kids.” Tears filled my eyes as he leaned down pressing his lips to mine. Finally, I can say things are going to work out in the end.

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