Beautiful Girl

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Chapter 23

“Stop.” Dom cried as he started shaking in his sleep.

“Babe you’re okay. You’re home and safe.” I whispered in his ear trying to calm him down. His arms wrapped around me tightly.

“I love you, I’m here okay.”

“Kins.” He opened his eyes and looked me over.

“I’m right here.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Hey, it’s okay. I know you still have nightmares. If you ever want to talk about them I’m all ears. You never have to be embarrassed around me.”

“I love you so much.”

“I love you too, let’s try and get some sleep okay.” He nodded pressing his lips to mine kissing me with everything he had. Slowly he pulled away, pushing his face into the crook of my neck.

“Momma.” I carefully pulled away and turned to Rowan. He was standing up smiling as he noticed I was looking at him.

“Morning baby boy. Merry Christmas.” Carefully I pulled away from Dom, making my way over to Rowan. His little arms reached up wrapping his arms around my neck as I pulled him into my arms. I smiled kissing his cheek as he looked around.

“Let’s go see if daddy and Stef are up,” I whispered taking him to the living room where Stef was.

“Hey did you sleep okay?”

“Yea, ever since I was a kid I’ve always woken up super early on Christmas.”

“Come on, I’ll make us some coffee.” She smiled following me into the kitchen.

“Morning little man, it’s your first Christmas.”

“Go see Stef, so momma can get us some coffee.” I kissed his forehead before handing him off to her.

“Is Dom okay? Sorry, I heard him this morning?”

“Yea, it’s been a while since he’s had one.”

“Merry Christmas.” Lucas smiled as he made his way into the kitchen.


“I’m going to try and get Dom, then we will get some pictures in.” They nodded as I made my way back to my room. Dom was curled up on my side, hugging my pillow.

“Dom,” I whispered touching his hand. He quickly jerked away opening his eyes.

“Shit, Kins I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I’m sorry for waking you up. Rowan is with Lucas and Stef. We’re going to get ready to open some presents and get some pictures.”

“I’ll be out in a minute.”

“You okay?” I asked him looking him over. It’s been a couple of months since we’ve both had nightmares so I wonder what triggered it.

“Yea, come on let’s go celebrate little man's first Christmas.” He smiled kissing my forehead, taking my hand in his. We walked into the living room where Rowan was making faces with Lucas. I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of the three of them.

“Buddy looks at momma,” I said trying to get Rowan’s attention. He turned giving me a goofy look before turning right back to Lucas.

“You’re guys turn.” Stef smiled as I handed her my camera.

“Go see momma.” He kissed his cheek before handing him over to me.

“I know baby, just a couple with mom and Uncle Dom.”

We got in a couple of pictures before he started fussing. Stef got up and made him a bottle while I helped him with his first present. Rowan looked at all of us before taking apart the wrapping paper.

“Good job buddy.”

“So what is going on for the day?”

“His mom and sister are coming over then we will meet you guys are your parents.”

“Tatum and Clay are coming right?”

“Yea, they are riding with Blake.” Rowan curled up against my chest after Lucas and Stef left. Dom leaned down kissing me before going to make us some more coffee.

“That went well didn’t it.” I nodded kissing Rowan’s forehead.

“We’re very lucky.” Rowan sat up so he was looking up at me. Dom came back over sitting next to us, handing me my coffee.

“You got a long day little man. Lots of playing and snuggles.” Rowan turned to Dom, crawling over to him.

“Thanks, little man, I needed a morning cuddle session.”

“You sure you’re okay?” I frowned moving over to curl up to both of my boys.

“Yea just a bad dream. One from when I was over there.” He sighed looking the other way. I could tell that whatever it deeply bothers him.

“You know you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

“I want to tell you. it’s just hard and I don’t want to ruin this day for all of us.”

“I love you, no matter what you know that right.”

“I know and I love you too.” He leaned over pressing his lips to mine. A knock on the door pulled us apart. I carefully pulled away and went over to get the door. Arms wrapped around me as soon as I opened the door. Dom’s sister Mina and his mom Ella held me close.

“Gosh Kinsley, look at you. You’re so beautiful.” Ella smiled pulling away so she could look me.

“Momma,” Rowan yelled, making us turn to him. Mina quickly made her way over and scooped him up with Ella right behind her. Rowan wasn’t having it, so I walked over, taking him back into my arms.

“You’re okay Row. This is your aunt Mina and Grandma Ella.”

“You’re so cute. I know you just want your momma huh.”

“Hey, momma,” Dom said as he walked over wrapping his arms around him.

“There’s my boy. I never thought I would see the day that you two are finally together.” He smiled pulling away and pulling me right back into his arms.

“You and me both.” I smiled leaning up to kiss his cheek.

After hanging out with his family we finally made it to Underwood’s house.


“Yea buddy this is Nana’s house. Daddy and Stef are here too.” He pointed at the house while I smiled pulled him into my arms.

I could hear the kids yelling and screaming from the outside. Lucas’s oldest sister Bailey opened the door smiling at us.

“Merry Christmas! I’m Bailey and you must be Dominic.” He nodded shaking her hand.

“Merry Christmas!” I smiled hugging her.

“Hi, buddy come on that’s go see what all of the other babies are doing.” She took Rowan and headed into the house. I took Dom’s hand bringing into the house.

“Wow, there’s a lot of kids and people.”

“We’re lucky it’s just Lucas’s brother and sisters kids. His family is huge and I didn’t even get to meet them all.”

“About time you two showed up.” Blake smiled hugging me before turning to Dom. I’m so thankful that he is here for Dom in this weird situation.

I looked over finding Lucas had Rowan and was showing him a toy. Rowan looked at me and smiled.

“Rowan, are you having fun?” I got down to his level kissing him on the cheek.

“You did good momma.”

“You too dad.” I smiled hugging him before playing with Rowan.

“Think he’s having a good Christmas?”

“Of course he gets all kinds of toys and gets to play with a bunch of kids.” I nodded looking for Dom but he was nowhere to be found.

“I’m going to find Dom.”

“I got Row.” I nodded going to find Dom.

“Dom.” He turned to look upset.

“Dom, what’s wrong?” I could see the anger in his eyes.

“Do you still have feelings for him?” He hissed making me gasp.

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