Beautiful Girl

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Chapter 27

Blake’s missing

Blake’s missing

Blake’s missing.

The two words that have been repeating in my head for the last couple of hours. As the words left Dominic’s mouth Caitlyn had fainted. We quickly got her to the doctor so her and the baby could get checked out. Paisley had called Zoey so she could come and help.

“Kinsley, what happened?” Zoey rushed over, as Dom rocked me in his arms.

“Caitlyn fainted. The doctors are making sure the baby is okay.

“I don’t understand why did she faint?” I pulled away from Dom wrapping my arms around Zoey.

“My brother is missing.” I sobbed feeling her arms wrap around me.

“This can’t be happening.”

“Mom.” Paisley yelled running over to us.

“How is she?”

“They sedated her but her and the baby are going to be okay.”

“Kinsley you should probably get some rest too. We don’t need you stressing your baby out too.”

“How?” I gasped making her smile.

“Oh honey, I’ve had six babies, I know these things.”

“Keep me updated.”

“Of course, you too okay. I want to hear all about this one too.” She smiled giving us a hug before we left. Dom stopped at Lucas’s to pick up Rowan before heading off to my parents.

Pulling up to my parents’ house I couldn’t keep it together. Hearing the news mom curled up on the floor into a fetal position. She already lost one of her babies.

Everything felt numb. Sobs wreaked my body but there was nothing I could do. Dad started pacing before grabbing his phone calling everyone he knew. I turned to Dom seeing just how broken he was. His best friend was missing.

“Look at me.” I pleaded, scared of what he was thinking.

“I should be there.” he cried pulling at his hair. Maybe if he was there no of this would happen but if he was something could have happened to both.

“No, you’re right where your supposed to be.” I cried crawling him into his lap trying to get him to look at me.

“I need to get there.”

“We’re having a baby. I need you.” I sobbed.

“So is Blake, Kinsley. He’s my brother we went in together and we were supposed to leave together.”

“I get it, but I can’t lose you.” I sobbed wrapping my arms around him. Exhaustion overcame my already tired body.

Waking up I realized I was in my old room growing up. Rowan was curled up to my side. I wanted to let him sleep but I need to be close to him.

I snuggled with Rowan a little longer before making my way downstairs. Mom was sitting on the couch with Sawyer curled up to her. Austin must have both boys at home.

“Where’s Dominic?”

“Him and dad went to see if they can figure anything out.” Sawyer whispered making me room for me on the couch.

“He wants to go over there.” tears filled my eyes.

“He’s too close they won’t send him.”

“Caitlyn’s pregnant. She’s having a girl.”

“What?” Sawyer gasped turning to look at me. Mom sat there staring at the floor, giving no response.

“She’s scared. Blake told her he didn’t want kids. She was scared we would tell him.”

“This is all so crazy.”

“Momma.” I turned finding Rowan tear stained face, holding his favorite bear.

“Come here baby.” I reached for him, pulling him into my arms.

“I scared.”

“Momma’s got you now.”

“Baby okay?” He asked looking up at me as I ran my hands through his hair.

“Yea buddy, Aunt Caitlyn and momma’s baby is okay.”

“Love you momma.”

“Love you buddy, go back to sleep momma has you.” I ran my fingers through his hair trying to get him to fall back to sleep.

“Sawyer, you should get home too.” She shook her head turning towards me.

“The boys are upstairs, and Austin is with dad.” I nodded curling more into my sister.

(Dominic’s pov)

“Clay, I can’t just sit here and do nothing.”

“I understand more you than you know. I’m the one that got him in the army. I should never had pushed that on him and you.”

“They can let me go find him.”

“Absolutely not. Your about to be a father there’s no way in hell your going. If something happened to you do you have any idea what that would do to Kinsley let alone your baby. My daughter went six years of her life not knowing me and I don’t want that for you.”

“What if I’m the other one?” I tried to reason with him. I know he’s right about the whole situation. I’m not in the right head space to go over there.

“They will find him.”

We made it back to the house where all the lights were off. All three girls were curled up on the couch with Rowan curled up to Kinsley. Carefully I pulled the two of them away from Sawyer taking her upstairs.


“I’m right here baby.”

“Promise me you’re not going anywhere.”

“Kinsley.” I sighed rubbing my thumb across her cheek.


“I promise, now get some sleep.” She nodded curling into me the best she could with Rowan sleeping in the middle of us.

As tired as I was sleep was not my friend tonight.

“Dude guess what?” Blake said running over to me.

“I’m going to see a recruiter with dad. Do you want to go with us?” Ever since we were little Blake always talked about going into the army. When I wasn’t thinking about his little sister the army was also on my mind

“Yea I’m in.”

“That would be awesome if we get shipped out together. I’m going to need my best friend with me.”

“Yea I’m the one that’s going to keep you alive.”

“Hey now it’s a part of life sometimes you have to live on the dangerous side.”

“That right there is going to get you killed.”

“Then I’ll die doing what I love.” He smiled walking off to his next class.

“Things are different now Blake, your about to be a dad.” I sighed running my hand over Kinsley’s belly where our baby was. Maybe if he would have known about the baby, he would have been a little more careful.

“Dom.” I looked up finding Rowan was awake rubbing his eyes.

“Morning buddy.

“I’m hungry.”

“Let’s get you something to eat and let your momma sleep.” He nodded as I helped him up and went downstairs. Austin was down here with his son Jagger and his newest little man Jonah.

“How come nana not down here?”

“I don’t know go see what Jag is watching.”

“Is mommy okay, everyone is sad.”

“Mommy is okay. She will tell you later what’s going on.” He nodded going over to Jagger while Austin followed me into the kitchen.


“Not much. A dream woke me right up then Rowan was hungry.”

“Yea I didn’t want the boys to wake up anyone.” As if on cue Jonah started crying just as Sawyer walked down the stairs.

“Good morning baby, come here.” She yawned taking Jonah into her arms.

“Did you find anything out?”

“No, they can’t tell us more either.”

“You’re not going right?” I shook my head seeing the worried expression on her face.

“No Kinsley would kill me of I did. Besides I’m too close to this case.”

“Did I hear right you two are finally having a baby?”

“Yea and we’re engaged.” She smiled walking over to give me a hug.

“It’s about time I can officially call you my brother. I thought she said something to Rowan about a baby, but I was too tired to question her.”

“Yea I’m excited for everything. With everything going on though I just want her to stay stress-free as possible.”

“And Caitlyn too, she going to need all of us more than anything now.”

Battlelfield is the third and final book in the series.

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