Beautiful Girl

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Chapter 4

Dom pulled me into his arms as we left the police station.

“Can we go somewhere?” I ask Dom hopeful. Everything around me felt like a reminder that I was broken.

“Of course.”

“Momma, I’m going to go with Dom.” I turned to her as she smiled at us.

“Okay, your brother wants to talk to us later.”

“I’ll be home.” She nodded wrapping her arms around me.

“I’m so proud of you.”

“Thank you. I love you.”

“Love you too,” I said goodbye to my parents before going with Dom. We pulled up to the diner and got out.

“You’re moving back here right?” He nodded.

“Yea but I have to head back to my base in two weeks to finalize some things.”

“So does that mean you are getting out?” I asked as the waitress came over taking our orders.

“Not yet. Kins what do you think about coming with me in a couple of weeks?”

“Why?” It was a good idea but I don’t know if I’m ready to leave my parents.

“To give you a breather and everyone will know your safe me especially on a military base.”

“Can I think about it?”

“Of course.” He smiled giving my hand a reassuring squeeze.

“You’re the best.”

“What’s your major again?”

“Nursing.” I smiled.

“You’re going to be an amazing nurse.” Ever since being a little girl I knew I wanted to be a nurse.

“Thank you.”

“Remember when we were kids and you would fake getting married.” I giggled making my cheeks heat up.

“Shut up you were right there with me.”

“I couldn’t let you marry that teddy bear. He wasn’t good enough for you.”

“Hey, it’s Mr. Teddy.” He smirked as the food came. For the first time in twenty-four hours, I feel like things are going to be fine.

We ate our lunch before heading back to my parents. After having an amazing lunch I’m not ready to face reality again just yet. Dom squeezed my hand as we walked back into the house.

“Hey, sissy.” Blake smiled pulling me into his arms.

“So what is going on?” I frowned looking up at him worried.

“Why don’t you go sit down with mom.” I nodded going over to sit next to mom. Dad was already sitting next to her holding her hand tightly. Dom walked over sitting next to me, taking my hand in his.

“Dom already knows but I’m getting shipped out in two weeks.”

“For how long?” Mom asked.

“Three months.” Three months isn’t that bad it could have been six months.

“Do you know where you’re going?” I asked him.

“You know I can’t tell you that.” I nodded. He got down to my level taking my hands in his.

“This is the worst possible time to be leaving. Kins, I should be here.”

“Blake I’m going to be fine.” I sighed squeezing his hand.

“Son, we know you’re going to be worried about your sister but you have to remember to keep yourself safe as well,” Dad said making him nod his head.

“You’re an amazing brother and I would like to keep it that way.” I smiled hugging him.


“Just get your ass home safe, you understand.”

“Yes, mom.” He smiled pulling her into her arms.

“I love you, little man.”

“Mom.” He groaned making her smile.

“I know.”

“I love you guys but I have to go and talk to Sawyer.” He gave us all a hug before leaving. Mom looked at dad and I could tell they were having a silent fight.

“Momma,” I yelled.

“Sorry, I just need to clear my head.” She pulled away from him, making him sigh.

“Dad.” I turned to him worried.

“I’ll go talk to her. Why don’t you go stay with Dom?”

“Are you sure I shouldn’t stay?”

“No, it’s okay. She just needs to process everything going on.”

“Okay, love you, daddy.”

“Love you too sweetie.” He hugged me before Dom took me back to Blake’s apartment. Once we got there I went to change into comfy clothes. I walked back into the living room sitting on the couch next to him.

“Do you think mom is okay?”

“Yea, she’s just upset. Everything going on with you and then your brother leaving. It’s just really bad timing.”

“Seriously I can’t thank you for being here.”

“I’m just so thankful that I was here at the right time.”

“I’m so tired.” I sighed closing my eyes.

“Come here.” I smiled placing a pillow in his lap before curling up. I closed my eyes feeling his fingers run through my hair, helping me fall asleep.

(Dominic’s pov)

I rolled over only to find the bed empty. Last night I carried her to the bed where she curled up against my side. Sighing I got out of bed and went to the living room. Kinsley was in the kitchen looking beautiful as ever. I wish I could walk over and wrap my arms around her and kiss her. Instead, I walked in and sat at the counter.

“Good morning.” I smiled making her turn around.

“Is this okay?” She asked nervously. It was almost like she was scared of my reaction.

“Of course. You know you didn’t have to make me breakfast.” I smirked watching her features relax.

“I wanted to do something and I know pancakes are your favorite.” She smiled turning back to the stove. One day I’m going to make this girl my wife.

“So Sawyer wants me to come over.”

“I can’t tell if you want to go or not.” She sighed placing the pancakes on a plate, handing them to me. She made her plate before coming to sit down next to me.

“With you, it’s just easier. I feel like I can breathe.” She sighed, looking the other way.

“I’m happy to hear that but she is your sister and she’s worried about you.”

“I know.”

“It might be good for you.”

“Let’s hope, or you’re in for it mister.”

“Let me clean up while you get ready?”

“You sure I can do it.”

“Kins, it’s okay I got it.” I smiled, making her relax. We finished up and she went to get ready while I cleaned up.

“Hey man, where’s my sister?” Blake came in looking exhausted.

“Getting ready. Sawyer wants to meet up. Have a good night last night?”

“Yea, do you want to hit the gym?”

“Dude you look exhausted. Get some sleep and we will a little later.”

“You’re right, goodnight.” He walked around me and headed to his room. Kinsley came out dressed in more comfortable clothes.

“Is Blake here?”

“Yea, he had a long night.”

“I wish this wasn’t all happening.” I sighed pulling her into my arms, trying to help her calm down. Her arms wrapped around me relaxing in my arms.

“Go have a good time with your sister.”

“Fine.” She pulled away pouting before leaving for Sawyer’s.

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