Beautiful Girl

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Chapter 7

“So how was your weekend?” Sawyer asked as I walked into her kitchen. I gave my cousin Emily a hug before sitting down next to her.

“It was good.” She turned, giving me a weird look.

“You seem happy.”

“Sawyer.” I sighed. She looked me over before gasping.

“Did you hook up with someone?” Emily asked smiling at me. I blushed to hide my face in my hands. They both gasped, as Sawyer tried to pull my hands away from my face.

“Tell us everything.”

“There’s not much to say. We hooked up and it was great.” I shrugged my shoulders looking down.

“Who was it?” Emily asked.

“Caitlyn’s brother Lucas. Everyone went to bed, so we stayed up drinking and talking.”

“Are you going to tell Dom?” He would freak out if he found out I was with some guy.

“Hell no, you know he would be pissed.” She nodded coming to sit down next to me. I sighed pulling out my phone finding a message from Dom. Pick me up from the airport?

“Speaking of Dom, he wants me to get him from the airport.”

“Good luck with that. So, are you and Lucas going to stay in touch?” She smirked while I texted Dom back that I would get him.

“I don’t know. They live two hours away, so I don’t know how that would work.”

“Well, I would say I am proud of you.” She smiled, making me groan.

“Please don’t make a big deal about this.”

“I’m sorry, I just want you to be happy.”

“I’m working on it.” She smiled squeezing my hand. Honestly being with Lucas helped me a lot. I finally felt like I was being taken care of for once instead of the other way around. He held me all night until Caitlyn came in the next morning finding us. Surprisingly she was okay with it, she said he was what I needed. Caitlyn sent me a message letting me know she gave Lucas my number.

“When do you have to get Dom?”

“Tomorrow afternoon.”

“You excited?” I nodded not knowing what I was feeling.

“Yea. With Blake being gone I feel better that Dom is around.”

“Me too but he will be home before we know it.” I nodded texting Lucas back to meet up tonight.

“What is that look for?” Emily asked smirking.

“Meeting up with Lucas later.”

“You two better be careful, I’m not ready to be an aunt.” I sighed in agreement. I for sure wasn’t ready to become a mom.

“Hey now if anyone is having a baby it’s going to be you.” Sawyer shook her head.

“Not till after the wedding.”

“That’s not for another year and a half.”

“Exactly that’s why I can’t get pregnant just yet.”

“Whatever I’m better to get going.”

“Text me I want to know everything,” I smirked before leaving heading back to my parents. I can’t believe I’m excited to see Lucas.

Walking into my parents I found my dad relaxing on the couch. Smiling I walked over sitting next to him curling up.

“Hi, baby girl.”

“Hi daddy, where’s mom?”

“With Lorelai. How’s your sister?”

“Just as crazy as always.”

“She gets that from her mothers.” He smiled, kissing my forehead.

“What do you say we watch a movie?”

“I would love that, but I already have plans.”

“What about tomorrow?”

“I have to pick up Dom. Maybe we can do breakfast.”

“Fine.” He groaned but smiled.

“Love you, daddy.”

“Love you too honey. Have fun okay.” I nodded kissing him on the cheek before heading upstairs to change. I changed into jeans and a nice shirt before leaving.

Thankfully I don’t have to drive the whole two and a half hours to his parent’s house. Lucas has an apartment about an hour away from my house and his parent's house. Going to his apartment for the first time I’m nervous. After an hour I finally made it to his apartment and went up to knock on the door. He opened the door with a smile on his face.

“Hey.” I smiled as he leaned down kissing me. His arms wrapped around my waist pulling me into the apartment while shutting the door.

“Are you hungry?” He whispered in my ear.

“For you.” I smiled.

“I was hoping you would say that.” He smirked crashing his lips back into mine as I wrapped my legs around his waist. I pulled at his shirt as he laid me down against the bed. I love the free feeling I get whenever I’m with him.

He collapsed against me as we finished together.

“Do you want some real food?”

“I probably should get going.” I sighed as he pulled away from me.

“You know you don’t have to.” I shook my head knowing where this was going to end up.

“I just got out of a really bad relationship and I’m not ready for anything.”

“You’re just trying to have fun?” He smiled as I nodded.

“I know you're not big on relationships either.”

“I get it.” He smirked.

“Thanks, so I’ll see you next time.” I nodded pulling on my clothes before leaving. Driving this hour is going to suck. He was right I was hungry, but I didn’t want it to be awkward. We were having sex and that was it. Staying would only cause problems in the end.

After picking up some food I made my way home. Surprisingly the light was still on when I pulled up to the house. I walked into the house finding my mom curled up on the couch. Since all of this has happened she has pulled away from me. I know it has been extremely hard on her but I miss spending time with her.

“Momma,” I whispered walking over to her. She lifted her head and smiled as I walked over.

“I didn’t hear you come in.”

“I didn’t want to wake you if you were sleeping.” I sighed sitting down on the couch.

“Come here.” She smiled opening her arms for me to curl up with her. I sighed moving over to curl up to her. She leaned down kissing my forehead as cuddled more into her.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been around as much. I feel like I failed both of my girls.”

“Mom you didn’t fail us. Layla was not your fault.”

“I know it wasn’t. After losing your sister it was extremely hard. Being pregnant with your brother terrified me so much I don’t think your dad realized how scared I was. After he was born I calmed down a little bit then I got pregnant with you. I was doing okay but when I found out you were a girl my fear went skyrocket. I held you in my arms and you were so perfect. I finally had my three perfect kids.”

“You blame yourself for me being deaf.” I watched as tears filled in her eyes as mine filled too.

“It’s something I struggle with.”

“Momma. I don’t blame you. I’ve accepted it a long time ago this was how it’s going to be. Yes, it’s hard but I’m okay.”

“I’m so lucky to be your mom.”

“Love you, momma.”

“Love you too baby girl. It’s getting late we should be getting ready for bed.” I nodded pulling away from her before heading upstairs. I changed into my pajamas and made my way to my mom’s room. I didn’t want to be alone tonight. She smiled, moving the covers for me to lay down. I walked over and curled right back up to her side.

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