Beautiful Girl

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Chapter 9

“Why don’t you invite Lucas?” Emily asked.

“No.” I hissed at Emily. Lucas and I were just hooking up.

“Who’s Lucas?” Emily’s brother Cole asked.

“He’s no one.” I hissed getting my stuff together.

“What is going on?” Dom asked walking into the living room.

“Come on Cole let’s go. Sorry Kins, we will meet you guys at Saywer’s.” They quickly grabbed their stuff leaving me Dom.

“What is going on, you’ve been acting weird since I’ve been back.” Dominic hissed.

“I’m fine I promise.”

“No Kinsley your not fine. Did the guy your hiding behind my back do something.” He hissed.

“No, he would never do that. Lucas is a good guy. Besides all, it is us hooking up nothing more.” Hurt and anger washed over his features.

“How could you be so stupid?” He hissed as tears filled my eyes.

“Fuck you, Dominic. This is my life and I will do what I want.” I quickly grabbed my stuff and rushed off to Sawyers. I know he’s just looking out for me but he doesn’t know Lucas.

“Kinsley I’m so sorry.” Emily cried rushing over to hug me.

“It’s not your fault. I should have told him about Lucas.”

“What happened?”

“We got into a fight. I know he’s worried about me but this time is different.” I sighed watching my sister walk into the living room. The boys must be getting all the food.

“Emily told me what happened. I think he would feel better if maybe he met him.” Sawyer said wrapping her arm around me.

“I don’t see the point. By the time he gets back I’m sure I’ll have moved on from him. I don’t have feelings for him. We both don’t want a relationship and that’s it.”

“Okay. Come on let’s watch a movie. Cole and Austin should be back anytime with the food.”

“Is Dom coming?”

“I don’t know. I think we both need time to cool down.” They nodded pulling me over to the couch so we could watch the first movie.

“Where’s Cole?” Sawyer asked Austin as he walked into the door.

“Went to check on Dominic. He said he might be over later though.” He said kissing Sawyer. Outside of me and Blake, Cole was his best friend. The three of them have been together since we were all kids.

“Kins.” Sawyer turned and looked at me.


“You need to talk to him.”

“I will later.” I sighed grabbing my phone. Mom texted me letting she was going to Lorelai’s.

After another movie the door opened. Cole walked in carrying beers. Dom walked in behind him looking upset. I hate seeing him so upset but it was his fault.

“Kins can I talk to you for a second?” Dom whispered looking hopeful. I nodded getting up from my spot and following him into the kitchen.

“That night at the bar I’ve never seen you so broken. Kinsley, you were scared of me even though it was a second. I’ve been through a lot and seen a lot. For that small second, I’ve never felt so broken.”

“Dom,” I said tears welling up in my eyes. He was right for that split second I was scared of my best friend. The one guy I knew would never hurt me and I was scared.

“If something happened to you while I’m gone I’ll never forgive myself.” I walked over wrapping my arms around him.

“I’m going to be okay. Lucas is a really good guy. He’s Caitlyn’s brother I met him when I went through for their nieces birthday. We’re both not looking for a relationship so it works.”

“All I want is for you to be happy and safe.”

“I’m getting there. I’m trying to get my life back together. I’m considering going back to school.” I smiled looking up at him but all I saw was worry.

“You’re going to be a great nurse one.” He smiled leaning down kissing my forehead.

“Thank you.”

“Come on let’s go hang out with everyone else.” I nodded following him back into the living room. Emily moved over so Dom could sit next to me.

“You okay?” Sawyer mouthed and I nodded. Dom’s arm wrapped around me making me sigh in content.

After a couple of movies, Dom and I headed back to his apartment. I went into Blake’s room grabbing some comfortable clothes before going to curl on the couch. Dom had one of the baseball games on that he was barely watching.

“Can I ask you something?” I whispered playing with my fingers.

“Do you think I will ever be good enough. That maybe one day I will get married?” He quickly whipped his head around looking at me.

“Is that why you’re with him?” He asked worried as he pulled me into his arms.

“Kinsley you are perfect. One day I promise you will be loved and taken care of the right way. You are going to make the most beautiful bride.”

“Do you think you will ever get married?” I could feel his heartbeat picking up.

“I hope so but until I’m out of the army I don’t want to put that on someone if I don’t make it back.” I understood why he felt that way but the thought of him never coming back hurt.

“You keep telling me you want me safe. I want you to stay safe too. I need my best friend.” I cried against his shirt as he held me tight.

“My goal is to always come home to you and take your brother with me.” He kisses my forehead rubbing my back soothingly.

“I don’t know how they let you two work together.”

“Me either but I’m so thankful I do. It’s nice to have a piece of home with me. The pictures and everything help but he knows the real me outside of the military.”

“Are you sure you're not in love with my brother.” I smiled whipping the tears out of my eyes. He laughed making me feel a little bit better.

“Nah I promise he is not my type.”

“Oh, really what is your type. I haven’t seen you with a girl in a while.”

“I’ve dated here and there but you know I’ve been away a lot too. As for my type, I don’t know. I want a girl that knows what she wants. I want someone I can be my complete self around. It makes me laugh all that kind of stuff.”

“I hope you find that girl. Dom, you deserve to be happy too.”

“Maybe one day we will get there.” I nodded. I hope he’s right one day we will both find our happiness.

“Let’s go to bed.”

“Can I curl up with you?”

“You know you never have to ask.” We pulled apart and made our way to his room. His arms wrapped around me making me feel like I was at home.

“I’m sorry about earlier.”

“I’m sorry too. I should have just told you about him.”

“From now on no secrets.”

“No secrets.”

“Get some sleep. I love you Kins. I promise everything is going to work out in the end.”

“Love you too Dom.” He kissed the back of my head as I closed my eyes falling right to sleep.

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