The New Girl and the Alphas

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Chapter 10

Lea P.O.V.

I feel like a tomato with how much I'm blushing right now. I shake my head a bit and go to stand up when Evan pulls me onto him and Daxton smirks at me. I bite my lip and pout saying, "Please baby? I'm hungry for pizza."

They both laugh and Daxton nods and calls ordering pepperoni and cheese pizza. I get off of Evan and stick my tongue out at him running away. He chuckles and gets up running after me. I look back at him and yell, "You can't catch me!!"

While I'm looking back I don't notice Daxton come up behind me and he grabs my waist saying into my ear, "But I can babydoll~"

I blush and turn my head to look at him pouting and say, "No fair!"

They both just laugh at me and I make grabby hands. Daxton rolls his eyes and picks me up mumbling, "Oh your such a baby."

I pout and start whining making fake tears appear. Evan picks me up and glares at Daxton. Daxton grabs my hands and starts begging saying, "No no no please don't cry princess I'll get you anything you want don't cry."

I giggle and smile kissing him softly mumbling, "Anything?~"

He nods and I smile bigger saying, "All is forgiven! Now I want some ice cream, chocolate, and soda."

Daxton's eyes widen and he rolls his eyes saying, "Fine fine whatever you want."

I jump off of Evan and start walking around. Evan grabs my wrist lightly and says, "Babygirl what are you doing?"

I giggle and say, "I'm looking around considering neither of you has given me a tour."

Daxton rolls his eyes and says, "I'm gonna go to the store to get your stuff princess, do you want anything else?"

I look at him and walk over wrapping my arms around his neck as I pout. He groans and says, "What do you want princess?"

He puts his face in my neck and I smile a bit saying, "I need bubble bath, bath salts, bath bombs, and whip cream for my ice cream."

He looks up at me in surprise and I just smile innocently. He says, "Why do you need all that stuff?"

I roll my eyes and say, "Well, I want a bath duh."

He smacks my ass softly and mumbles, "I'll get some sprinkles and cherries too. Anything else?"

I smile at him and shake my head. He leans down and gives my lips a soft peck and grabs his keys walking out.

Daxton P.O.V.

I grab my keys and get in my car heading off to the store grumbling. I realize that my mate just played me and I'm kinda upset, but she looked so damn cute so I guess that makes up for it...this time.

I drive up to the store nodding my head to Sarcasm by a Great Big World. I get out of my car locking it and head into the store. I look around and head for the bath stuff first so the ice cream won't melt while I try to find it.

I shake my head smiling and start looking for the bath section. While I am I feel a hand on my shoulder and I instantly tense up. I turn around slowly looking at my ex, Angela. She smiles at me wrapping her arms around my neck. I roll my eyes as she kisses me. I remember how good and tight her pussy was and I start to get hard. I groan and kiss her back slamming her against the wall.

(A/N: 18+ Here y'all)

I start groping her boob and she grabs my other hand pulling me into the restroom. I smirk and as soon as we're inside the Family restroom I slam her against the door, closing it. I lift her up by her ass, kissing her against the door as she undoes my pants.

She slips my pants down and I lift my legs letting them fall to my ankles. She slides off my boxers and I let them fall down too. I rip off her shorts and slam a finger into her pussy. I lean down and say into her ear, "Mm you bad girl~ Not wearing any panties?"

She smirks and slams her lips onto mine and I kiss her back slamming my dick into her tight pussy. I thrust fast and hard into her just needing a release. She moans, "Ah!~ Oh my God Daxton!~ You're still so fucking big!!~"

I smirk pounding into her more as her loud moans reverberate off the walls. I let out loud grunts and groans and just as I'm about to release I freeze. I look at her with wide eyes remembering Lea. I go to pull away and Angela wraps her legs around my waist tightly and I cum into her pussy hard. She smirks at me moaning and cums.

I groan and throw her off of me yelling, "You knew didn't you?!?!"

She looks up at me smirking and says innocently, "I knew what?~"

I growl loudly and smack her saying, "You knew about Lea didn't you!?!?!"

She flinches and says, "You mean that whore you fucked around with a little bit?"

I growl again and scream, "I wasn't fucking around with her she's my mate!!!!"

I see her eyes widen and she says, "Reject her then. I mean you obviously love me more. Make me your Luna and reject her."

I look at her and say harshly, "You could never replace Lea. She is so much better than you."

She tears up and puts on her clothes storming out but not before yelling, "I'm gonna tell her!! She's gonna feel that you and I fucked and then I'm gonna tell her you fucked me and cheated on her!!!"

My eyes widen and I pull my pants up quickly buttoning them and throw her against the wall. I growl, "You won't tell her shit or I'll kill you!!"

She looks at me with fear and nods whimpering. Too bad I forgot that my dad knows what those pains are...

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