The New Girl and the Alphas

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Chapter 2

When I get to class people are staring and whispering. I roll my eyes and see the teacher sitting at his desk not paying attention. I decide to give the other students a show because all my previous teachers have been kinda pervs. So why not test him. I put my hands down on his desk a bit hard so it makes a thud and I lean down on the desk so my crop top shows everything.

He looks up getting mad and then his eyes widen. He looks at me a bit confused and says, "Do you need something?..." trailing off at the end of his sentence. I bat my lashes innocently and say in the sweetest voice I can muster, "I'm new here, and, Uhm, I was told this was my first period?" I make sure to look kinda scared and he smiles, "What's your name, dear?"

I smile and say, "Lea. Lea Davis." He smirks and says, "Well Lea, I'm Mr. Grey, welcome to language arts. Let me know if you need any help." I smile more and say giggling a bit, "Will do Mr. Grey!" I go to a seat in the back as the guy that I kneed in the nuts and his friends walk into class. I roll my eyes and Mr. Grey looks at them and says, "Boys. Late again. Take your seats, and you are going to have detention after school today." They just roll their eyes and take their seats. I look around and realize they are all sitting close to me.

I hear someone clear their throat and look up as all the students stare. When I look up I see none other than Mr. Asshole aka dude I kicked in the nuts. I raise my eyebrow at him and he gets mad and says, "That's my seat bitch!" My eyes widen a bit like I'm scared and I look at the teacher.

The teacher looks at him and yells, "Sit somewhere else Andrew! You will NOT use that language in my classroom! See me after class. Both of you." I look down kinda sad because now I have to stay too, but I nod at the teacher and he smiles.

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