The New Girl and the Alphas

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Chapter 3

Ok so I’m feeling good so I’m updating this twice today maybe more for this week tho idk yet. I know this is kinda short but I'm trying I swear just running out of time throughout the day.

After class, Asshole aka Andrew and walk I up to the teacher when everyone leaves. The teacher looks at him and hands him a slip, "I expect more from you, especially to a new student." Andrew looks at him angrily and yells, "But she!-" Mr. Grey cuts him off, "Don't raise your voice to me!!"

Andrew sighs and nods, "Sorry sir..." Mr. Grey looks at him suspiciously, "It's not me you should be saying sorry to." Andrew looks at me and back at Mr. Grey, "Hell No." Mr. Grey raises an eyebrow and says, "So you do want I.S.S. for bullying and detention?" Andrew's eyes widen and he mumbles, "Sorry Lea" with his teeth clenched. I smile.

Mr. Grey smiles and says, "You may go. Don't forget about detention though." Andrew rolls his eyes and stomps out of the room.

Mr. Grey looks at me and smirks. I blush a bit and mumble, "D-Do you want me to go?..." He laughs quietly and I find that I enjoy it. I smile at him and he says, "Come back to my room after school. I have an...assignment for you if you wanna do it. It'd be extra credit of course..." He runs his finger down my jaw tracing it and then down the center of my crop top. I blush hard and nod, "I'll see you at the end of the day then sir." He smirks and says, "Cya beautiful."

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