The New Girl and the Alphas

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Chapter 4

Tried to make this chapter longer hope you like it. Enjoy!

In Every class I had today, I had to introduce myself. All the guy teachers stared and all the female teachers loved me. I'm already pretty popular too.

Now it's lunchtime and I'm walking to the cafeteria alone. I have friends, but they are already in the cafeteria. I walk in and go to the salad bar. I make my salad, grab some coffee, and grab ice cream for dessert. Then I start looking for my table.

I can't have meat because my parents say I'm allergic. I don't understand that but I don't question it. I ate meat when I was little and I blacked out so I don't know what happened. My brother, Drake, eats meat all the time though. It's so not fair that I'm the only one who got this.

So I see my friends and I walk over and see Andrew sitting there too. I roll my eyes and plop into a seat in between my two best friends, Sasha and Lily. Sasha is petite with dark brown hair with highlights down to the middle of her back, golden brown skin, dark chocolate brown eyes, a tight tye dye crop top with off the shoulder sleeves, white jean shorts, and black flats. Lily is kinda short but graceful when she walks, has bright blond hair, beautiful green eyes, and has a nice golden tan. She's wearing a bright hot pink tube top and black ripped jeans and stilettos.

I feel someone staring at the back of my head as I set down my tray and take a seat. I look around the room and roll my eyes thinking I must just be paranoid. I look at my friends as they are talking and see Andrew looking at me, but I can't tell if he's angry or what. Some girls walk by giggling and smile at him saying in unison, "Hi Andrew~" and squealing.

I start eating my salad listening to Sasha tell a story about her ex when I get a weird feeling like someone's watching me again. I look around again and see a kid sitting at a table just staring at me while his friends try to get his attention. I look at him like I'm in a trance when I feel someone poking me and look over at Lily hearing her say, "Hey Lea? You ok girl?" I shake my head and smile I'm fine sorry just kinda spaced out. She smiles a bit and says, "It's fine. We thought we lost you" and giggles.

I point over at the guy who is now talking to his friends and asks, "Hey who's he??" Everyone looks at me like I'm crazy and Sasha says, "That's Daxton Grey. Mr. Grey's badass stepson. His mum made him change his name to match her husband." Andrew, snickers and says, "No wonder he has an interest in you. You're trying to fuck his dad!" and bursts out laughing. I roll my eyes and say, "Or maybe I just want some good grades and an experienced guy who isn't an asshole and has an actual dick." I glare at him as everyone starts laughing hard and he gets a bit flustered. He glares at me and rolls his eyes, "Ok ok. You win this one, but only because I'm letting you."

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