The New Girl and the Alphas

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Chapter 5

This chapter and the next few are kind of 18+ and have teacher x student. Don’t read it if you’re uncomfortable or gonna hate on me. This is your warning, read at your own risk. Can’t promise it’s good but I’m trying lol. Ok, enjoy!

After lunch, I'm walking to my next class and someone pulls me into a classroom. Instinctively I go to punch the person but they catch my hand. So then I resort to Plan B. I scream high pitched until they let go with my eyes closed tight. They let go and cover my mouth pulling me up against them.

I can feel his body up against me and I can tell he's big. He's obviously built, in more places with one, and he's strong as fuck. He has one hand around my waist and the other on my mouth. I open my eyes and close my mouth. He lets go slowly to make sure I don't scream again and he turns me around.

My eyes widen as I see the one and only Daxton Grey. He must have seen the confusion on my face because he says, "That hurt like shit! You've definitely got some pipes girl!" He smirks and I look down embarrassed. Then I remember where we are and I ask, "Wait. Why did you pull me into a classroom?" He just looks at me and then pulls me closer by my hips.

I give him a confused look and then he kisses me. My eyes widen but I go along with it and kiss him back wrapping my hands around his neck. He smirks and starts putting his hands under my shirt. I jump because my body is freezing and somehow his hands are really warm. Then I remember Mr. Grey told me to come to his room because I have a free period and he has prep.

I pull away from Daxton and mumble, "I-I gotta go." I run away from him leaving him standing there stunned. I run to Mr. Grey's room and open the door a bit peeking in. He looks at the door and sees me. He motions for me to come in so I open the door and slip in closing the door behind me.

I set down my bag and walk over to the desk. I lean over his desk and wait for him to look up at me. He finally looks up when I sigh and he smirks. He says, "You didn't expect me to take you during the school day did you?" I nod pouting. He rolls his eyes and says, "What if someone hears?" I look at him and mumble, "Please?"

He pulls me on top of the desk while I'm still bending down and kisses me. I smile and grab his hair kissing him back. I feel his hands running up my sides and I get completely on the desk so he can touch me better. He smirks and pulls me onto his lap never breaking the kiss. His hands go up my shirt and he squeezes my breasts.

I let out a soft moan against his lips breaking the kiss. He fondles my breasts and I rock against him hearing him panting softly. He pulls my shirt off my head and down the length of my hair. I smile and start undoing his pants as he sucks on the top of my breasts above my bra. I start slipping his pants off and they get stuck at his knees. I feel him start undoing my bra and he stands up a bit as I pull off his pants and boxers quickly.

He throws my bra somewhere and sucks on my nipples as he undoes my shorts. I moan and try to help him get my shorts off because we only have 20 min. He pulls off my shorts and looks at my thong smirking. I blush pretty hard. He pulls his mouth away from my breast and sets me on the desk spreading my legs. With my thong still on he licks at my wet pussy and slips his tongue in pushing the thong to the side.

I feel him slipping off my thong and look down at him seeing his big hard dick. I start to drool a bit as he licks up my slit. His tongue hits my clit and I moan. He smirks and starts sucking on my clit having found my weak spot. I start moaning and shivering on his desk grabbing at his hair. He pulls away from my pussy and sits back down. I get down and straddle him feeling his big dick push against my pussy.

I bite my lip and start lowering myself when he stops me. I look at him confused and he says huskily, "Is this your first time?" I just giggle and shake my head my juices soaking his dick. He grabs my waist and slams into me and I open my mouth and let out a pleasured scream and he covers my mouth. He starts pulling me up and down on him and I grab onto his shoulders and moan.

I start riding him fast and hard feeling my orgasm coming on fast. I try to hold it in and keep fucking him when he groans and says, "Stop holding it in." I let out a moan and cum all over him and it leaks out of my pussy and down his dick. He smirks and pulls out pushing me to the ground. I open my mouth and he jerks off cumming in my mouth. I Swallow and giggle as he cleans me up with wipes.

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