The New Girl and the Alphas

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Chapter 6

Not really 18+ anymore. Sorry, it's short just wanted a little bit from his P.O.V. and didn't get as much done as I thought. Sorry, y'all I tried. And I know the last chapter kinda sucked sorry I haven't written a smut scene before. Ok try to enjoy!

Mr. Grey P.O.V

God, she felt so good! She was so tight and rode me so fast. She looks like an angel and moves so gracefully. I've never wanted someone so much. I know this is wrong with my having a wife but she's just so irresistible. As I clean her up she smiles at me and I can't help wanting another round. I caress her softly as I clean her up making sure to be gentle.

I smile at her beauty as she pants obviously exhausted. I finish cleaning her up and help her put on her bra and she runs around finding her clothes that I threw. I wipe up my dick already getting hard again and grab my clothes.

After we are both dressed I give her a passionate kiss. She smiles and wraps her arms around my neck, getting on her tippy toes. I squeeze her waist and pull away. I smile at her and say, "You had better go before my class gets here princess. See you in last period." She leaves and I smack her ass making her jump and turn to me. I smirk at her and she leaves blushing and smiling. For the rest of the day until my last period all I can think about is her and her soft moans and amazing body.

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