The New Girl and the Alphas

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Chapter 7

Okay here's the update y'all wanted so bad :) Also, just wanted to say thank you for all your support and patience with all my books I love you guys.

Lea P.O.V

For the rest of the day, I thought about Mr. Grey. About how big he is and how good he felt and I was in an amazing mood. After we fucked we had exchanged numbers and cleaned up to go to class. It was amazing.

A vibration in my pocket pulls me out of my daze and I grab my phone and check my messages. I see a message from Mr. Grey and smile.

Mr. Grey: Hey wanna come over tonight? *winky face*

Lea: Uhm, yea sure. What we gonna do?

Mr. Grey: I was thinking we could have some fun that wasn't being rushed. Sure your parents won't mind?

Lea: Yea my parents just left for a trip and my brother is spending the night with his girlfriend.

Mr. Grey: Shit, my son just said his plans got canceled sorry love I guess we can't do it tonight.

Lea: Oh that's fine! You can come over to my place I'll be alone.

Mr. Grey: You sure??

Lea: Yea of course! :)

Mr. Grey: See you then love <3

Lea: Cya daddy~ ;)

I close my messages and put my phone back in my pocket going to my last class of the day. When I walk in I sit down in the back plugging in my headphones. I'm just listening to my music when I feel a thump on my desk. I look up and see none other than Daxton. I raise my brow at him and he chuckles saying, "You just love taking people's seats don't you?"

I roll my eyes and put my earbud back in when he yanks it out whispering harshly in my ear, "You know Mr. Grey has a wife? I bet she and the principal would just love to know about your affair with him."

He smirks and I raise my brow saying, "Affair? I have no idea what you mean."

Then he pulls out his phone showing me pictures of me and Mr. Grey kissing and I mumble, "Perv."

He growls and pushes me backward a bit saying, "You need to cut ties with him. You're MINE."

I raise my brow and say, "I'm yours? Since when?"

He growls again and puts his mouth by my ear, "You were mine the minute we connected eyes, and I think you know exactly what I mean."

I just make a really confused face. His? How the fuck? He was just yelling at me and how does us connecting eyes make me his??? I'm so confused right now... He is so fucking bipolar.

He bites my earlobe softly and I shiver. He whispers, "You date me, or I show this to everyone and he gets fired and you get slut-shamed."

My eyes widen a bit and I say, "Are you blackmailing me so I date you???"

He just smirks and nods a bit so I say, "You could've just asked y'know...You obviously need some help down there" I point to his pants, "I can help you after class." Then I wink and put my earbud back in.

Once again he rips it outta my ear and growls, "Your mine. Now say it. Say your mine."

I shiver and say, "I-I'm yours..."

He smirks and licks my earlobe picking me up. Of course, like any normal person, I squeal/screech. He starts laughing and sits at my desk and puts me on his lap. Then I blush like a Strawberry. He just chuckles and kisses my neck right in front of everybody as they stare at us. I can't help the shiver that does down my spine and the soft moan I let out. His touch is electrifying. Like little shock waves of pleasure are going up my body and it feels amazing.

He does that all of the class, holding me, kissing me, groping me, rubbing my thighs and everybody just doesn't care. I mean yea they stared but no one said anything. Now that I think about it, I haven't seen anyone ever yell at Daxton...Weird...

Okay loves that's it for this chapter I'll be posting Chapter 8 in a bit. Hope you enjoyed and tell me what you think in the comments. Do you like Mr. Grey and Lea? Or are you team Andrew and Lea? Or should Lea go find another guy???? :) Have a lovely day! :)

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