The New Girl and the Alphas

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Chapter 9

Okay so this Chapter is gonna be a mix of all of their P.O.V’s but each one might be kinda short. Enjoy

Daxton’s P.O.V.

When I told her we were werewolves I was so scared that she’d leave me...She’s my mate I can’t lose her. I need her to be a strong Alpha for my pack, and she will be my Luna. I have no idea how my dad is gonna fit into all of this though. It’s pretty funny that the Moon Goddess made my dad and I have the same mate though.

I can already tell that she’s gonna be an amazing Luna and an even better mother, if she chooses to accept me...She might accept my dad and not me or us both, I don’t know. It’s up to her but I really hope she stays with me...

~Time Skip~

When we walked in the front door I was so scared...

She sat down on the couch and looked at us motioning for us to explain. My dad and I mind linked each other. (A/N: Bold and italic with their names is the mind link)

Mr. Grey: So, do you wanna start or should I?

Daxton: How about I tell her about werewolves and Alphas Lunas and the Moon Goddess?

Mr. Grey: Okay I’ll tell her about mates then.

I look at Evelyn and sigh saying, “Please have an open mind about this okay?”

She nods and my dad and I sit next to her and I start explaining.

“Okay, so werewolves are people who turn into wolves. We have our first shift on the Full Moon of our 14 or 15 birthday. It varies for some. We live pretty long and on Full Moons, we are attracted to the moon and girls act differently, kinda like their periods, they become emotional and angry and temperamental. We live in packs, which is like our family and town, and have Alphas and Lunas who lead the packs. The Alpha is the male wolf in charge and the Luna is his mate and helps make all the decisions. We worship the Mood Goddess and believe that at the beginning of time we had 4 arms, 4 legs, and 2 faces. She ripped our bodies and soul in half and put us in different places and gave us mates, or the other half of us, to find.”

She looks at me and nods.

Evan Grey (Mr. Grey) P.O.V.

As Daxton explains all this to Lea I watch her expressions to see how she feels about it but she keeps her face pretty blank. When Daxton finishes his explanation I look at her and say, “Mates are the other half of the person’s body. It makes us feel whole. When Luna’s are normally the Alpha’s mate and sometimes people can have more than one mate. Most of the time the second or third mate is their twin, their brother or sister, or a family member. We Werewolves are very protective of their mates and their touch makes sparks and feels better than any other’s touch. Alpha’s are especially protective of their mates, more than any other werewolf. Mates mark each other by sinking their canines into each other’s neck and mating or having sexual intercourse and most of the time producing an heir for the Alpha. When an Alpha or high-ranked wolves mark their mates they turn into werewolves as well so that they can mark their mate back.”

She looks at me looks like she’s thinking about it and then she says, “And what part are you leaving out that you’re so nervous about.”

I smile softly and Daxton and I say at the same time, “’re our mate.”

She looks at us surprised and nods her head a bit saying, “Okay..makes sense I did feel sparks...”

Daxton and I look at each other and say, “There’s one more thing...We’re Alphas...So, if you accept us, you will be marked and turn into a werewolf Luna.”

She looks at us surprised and says, “C-Can I think about it?..”

We sigh and nod our heads and I say, “Of course babygirl. Do you wanna stay here tonight so you’re not alone though?..”

Lea P.O.V.

After they told me all this information I was..shocked. Completely stunned. I’m their mate...That’s...That’s pretty cool but also complicated. Can I only choose one of them? I don’t wanna hurt them...

Mr. Grey turns to me and asks, “Do you wanna stay here tonight so you’re not alone though?..”

I smile at him gratefully and say, "I'd love that Mr. Grey thank you."

He smiles back and says, "Please, call me Evan."

Then he leans toward my ear and whispers, "Or daddy~"

I blush a lot and look at Daxton who growls a bit and I straddle him and say, "And you?~"

He looks at me confused and I say, "What do you want me to call you baby?"

He smirks and says, "Well I'd say call me daddy, but, someone stole that."

Daxton glares at Evan and says, "So call me whatever you want princess."

I smile and pec his lips saying, "Okay baby."

Evan comes up behind me putting his hands on my waist and kisses my neck softly. I let out a low moan and he smirks. I lean back at him and say, "Can I sleep with both of you tonight please?"

Evan nods and so does Daxton. Daxton says, "Anything for you princess."

And Evan says at the same time as Daxton, "Anything for you babygirl."

I smile and giggle getting up blushing and say, "I'm kinda hungry can we eat now?"

That just earns me a smirk from both of them and I blush profusely.

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