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Meeting the real anger

After a few minutes, which felt like hours, a maid came by the bathroom.

“Hello miss, are you alright from the fall??”

“Hello, uhm... yes. Thank you! I am really fine!”

“I am glad, I am supposed to take you back to the living room, if you would please follow me”

I followed her out of the bathroom and back in the living room. There one older man stood and waited for me, along with those two.

“Hello there Ms. Condie! It is a pleasure to meet you in person, finally”

He came in front of me and gently kissed my hand. He is full of warmth and although he is tall and with white hair, I am sure he is Mr. Crawford, due to his resembling with Ralph and Drasko and also by his warm voice.

“Hello Mr. Crawford! It’s nice to finally meet you!”

“You are absolutely gorgeous dear, please, come and take a seat at the table.” He gestured for me while he took a seat out for me to sit.

“Thank you!”

The table was big, but there were only 5 plates at the table. We were four, so who was the fifth?

Anyway, I am still in my dreamland from my dysfunctional fucking brain!

“Ms. Condie? What do you say? Are you looking forward for Valencia?”

“Uhm... ” Valencia is the keyword! Ah yes, the business trip! Thank you brain for being available again!

“I know it must be a lot dear, but I am sure you will be the one to tie the knot with this deal! I trust you!”

“Thank you Mr. Crawford! I will definitely do my best!” and I quickly find his older son staring at me, shooting daggers.

“Well, if it’s everything settled, I am purely happy that my hunch with you, Ms. Condie, was true!” he said to me, quickly staring at Ralph. “And with that being said, dear, I would also like you to be close to this family, since you will be the leader in the main action this company has. Especially since my son, Ralph, will soon be married, you will need to take over his role while he is with, house duties – he winks at me – if you know what I mean!”

I didn’t, I guess...

“Uhm, yes. Thank you for the opportunity Mr. Crawford!”

“It’s Clark for you dear!”

Suddenly the bell from the door rang, and quickly after that, the maid got inside with the same blondie with blue eyes.

“Hello Dear Marcela! I am glad you finally joined us! Please, let me introduce you properly to my best asset!” Said Clark, finally looking at me.

I quickly got up from the table and while I was doing this, I saw another type of fury in my boss eyes... I should at least be worried? Maybe? I should stop over thinking!

“Hello, I am Condie Liusaidh, It’s a pleasure to meet you Marcela”

And while I extend my hand to firmly shake it with this lady, which I recognize from his office, she pushed near me almost collapsing me...

“Uhm, hello! Get out of my way so I can properly greet my dear fiancé!”

And that is was, he is married. It didn’t matter that Clark narrowed his eyes suspect at me, and also that Drasko quickly got up and let her stay near her fiancé, and also it didn’t matter that he told me to stay away from his brother because, as a matter of fact, he was soon to be married and I can’t let myself to have such thoughts about him! Drasko took a seat near me and leaned to whisper another thing in my ear.

“Dear princess, do not worry. I know your look! I am about to test something here so please, cooperate with me and don’t get any wrong ideas, I still am head over heels over your bff”

And with that being said, while finally the desert was served and Clark left for the bathroom, he took a piece from his chocolate cake and gave it to me.

“Little princess, would you like a taste of mine? ” he is staring deeply into my eyes, and my knees go weak, now I know why Les likes him, he is one sweet hot piece of ass.

I followed his earlier order and quickly got a grab from his fork. And moaned as the chocolate got all my senses high. He winked at me and that is when, again, I caught his brothers stare at me, lust anger? Or anything but I can’t tell. What I can say for sure is that his fiancé is talking to him, and he is starring at my lips. Now I know Drasko was just trying to see if it gets any reaction from him... Clever boy Drasko!

He leaned to whisper. “Test failed! Forgive me if I have trespassed any boundaries but you see, my brother here, just failed in his marriage by lusting over you, don’t worry! You’ve got my back”

After the desert was over, I really needed to get to the bathroom, so I excused myself from the table. They all thought I know where the bathroom is, but my orientation sense is all over the other place. I get out of the living room, going down a hallway I got lost after a few rights and lefts. As I tried not to panick any more, I quickly tried to get back but I stumbled on a hard chest! Of course, it was Ralph!

“What on earth are you doing wandering around the hallways?”

“I was looking for the bathroom, but I can’t seem to find it!”

He gestured than for a door on his left... of course it was this fucking close!

“Ah, sorry. I forgot where it was! This house is so big...”

And he quickly dragged me into the bathroom! He pinned me on the wall and grabbed me by the waist. The moment, well, let me tell you that it was intoxicating!

“I can’t seem to control myself properly near you Ms. Condie! I should at least ” and he leans in, closer to my mouth “taste those fully lips of yours, since they seemed so eager to moan near my brother” and his lips crashed into mine, while his hand roughly grabbed my waist. The moment itself was full of passion! After a while he said... “You might not now this, but when fate happens, you can’t fight it!” his eyes are now back to their initial state, finally.

“I am sorry, Ralph, but what the fuck are you doing!” He smirks at me

“First dear princess, do not swear because it doesn’t suit you! Second dear princess, you are not allowed to tell this to anyone, if you do, I will myself fire you!”

“I am not a slut Ralph, so you should stop doing this... anything this is!” I stated, angrily!

“You are my Slut baby, and if I say so, it is so! Fix your make-up and return to the table!”

And again, he left me alone. What on earth! I swear that I would not put up with his possessive what so ever that is, anymore! Angry, I walked back to the table only to find there Drasko and Clark.

I found out that Ralph left with blondie, so the dinner was over and those two walked me to the car, thanking me that I accepted the role and whishing me luck on my Valencia trip.

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