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The Truth

The next days flew by. It was Saturday night and to my surprise I was the one bored at home. So, instead of an endless Netflix romance shuffling, I decided to call Les and hit the town for some drinks and dances.

As soon as I approached her with my idea, of course she was all in with one condition, so she can bring Drasko along with her. I am preparing myself mentally to be the outsider in this night out but still, I had to look fabulous right? Because, from next week, I will be with the douchebag, hopefully not 24/7.

As soon as 9 o’clock came, I was prepared. My black leather boots on, with a simple tight red dress. I loved how black and red were combined onto my body, so it was an excellent choice, as I thought to myself. I have myself a new found confidence, although my self esteem was recently bullied, I am determined to fight everyone and everything that stands in my way of a loving self.

A knock was on my door and I was happy to see my bff after almost one week. As soon as I get to the door, I was shocked to see, not two but three persons standing there. It was Les’ of course, with Drasko, and also with Ralph. She was wearing a green tight dress and Drasko and Ralph, the perfect sculptured body of theirs has simple denim pants with a classical white t shirt. Even in the simple outfit, they both looked amazing. I blushed a little at that sight, mostly because they have a dominating aura around them and also I can’t see eye to eye with Ralph. He is outrageously arrogant and I remember the dinner time. What on earth was he thinking, and why did he gave me such unwanted attention?

Les quickly hugged me and in a small amount of time we were downstairs with Ralph’s Porsche waiting for us in front of my apartment. For my surprise, Ralph opened the door for me in his right side. I went with the flow and actually got in, while Les and Drasko were sitting behind us. Since this is a sport car, the chair hugged me gently and safely.

“Les, in what club are we going? I thought about” and I was instantly interrupted by Ralph

“we are going to Maxime, it’s another masquerade, I heard you like masquerades Little Peach”

I was a little taken aback by his words, little peach, I think I know this nickname but I can seem to get a hold of it. Since we are going to a masquerade, I don’t have a mask, and Les, read my thoughts.

“Dear, venetia is our pleasure so I got you one. I knew you would want one.” And she hands me a bright red mask, with golden lines. I, and Les, have kind of a same mask, but hers is green , while the boys have a simple black one. I still don’t know why I accepted this, but I wanted today to just follow my gut and stop worrying.

“So, Liu’, I need to tell you something...” with a little worry in her voice

“What Les? What’s wrong?”

Both of the boys started to shift in the car, since Ralph is the driver he just stared at Les in the rearview mirror....

“Well, I kind of knew we were going to Maxime...” she said

“Ok, so?”

“SoPaulcalledandhewwantstoseeyouanditoldhimwewillbethere! Sorry Liu!!!!”

“What? Repeat? Please???”

“Paul called me, he wanted to talk to you urgently and you are not answering your phone” ah so that number was his... I couldn’t have known since I erased it... and of course, the last Paul conversation was with Ralph... “and I told him were we will be and he will come tonight too....”

I think I saw in that exact moment, Ralph squeezing the steering wheel aggressively and he narrowed his eyes on the road... Maybe it was all in my imagination... could be?

I tried to contain my calm.... “Les, first of all, from all people you knew what he did to me!”

“I know, I am sorry! But you two were great together and maybe, I thought, it was only a mistake from his side...”

With that being said from Les, I knew deep in my heart that she was right. I am still into Paul, even if I like to admit it or not. And eventually, we always got back on the same track. It was hard to stay away from him... even though, he did what he did....

“I am sorry too Les, you might be right... ” and again, sadness entered my heart...

“Liu, I will always be here for you! And if everything, Drasko will always be here for you” she said that while giving his hand a hard and evident squeeze....

“Of course dear princess, I promise I, along with Les, will protect you!” he said, a little afraid of Les and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

And that is when Ralph finally said something.

“You should all listen to me because I will only say this once. No one, and I mean no one, will ever touch her!” and he was back to driving... of course Les also snapped...

“And why is that Ralph? What rights do you have to say something like that?? You treat her like nothing and she is your employee for fuck’s sake!” Les looked pissed and Drasko said something in her ear and she slowly calmed herself. I was watching the change of replicas like a spectator...

“I think you haven’t understood me dear” he said while watching in the rearview mirror, directly at Les. And in that point, I was officially scared. He emanated power and dominance with every move of his muscles.... “Ms. Condie over here is taken, and every fucking one who dared to challenge her taker, will face death!” and that was all he said, his eyes finally returning to a normal colour... I didn’t knew what to say! What could I if I don’t understand anything he says?

“Why?” Les, silently and almost like a whisper, asked...

“Because” he said, so casually....

I can`t seem to get to the bottom of his words. As such he saw what twisted I was about his words, Ralph touched my hand and I instantly calmed... I looked at him and he has seriousness in his eyes. He mimicked “trust me” and all I could say was... “can’t”.

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