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Dancing with the wolves

We arrived at the club, in complete and utter silence. Since we were there with 2 handsome guys, of course their influence got us a private booth with silencing lights. We talked, like old friends would have done, and maybe once in a while, Ralph would steal a glance from me. After a few drinks, my vision became blurry a little. And that is when I saw the blonde bimbo with a very f*ing tight dress clinging all over here. She came to us, shoved me and placed herself between me and Ralph of course.

She shoot me a very nasty look and said…

“Oh, the scum is also here… How are you dear?” I haven`t even noticed that she was talking to me, but Ralph came to my rescue….

“Marcel, it`s not ladylike to talk like that, especially with my employer, please control you manners or I will personally make sure to put you to your place!”

I beamed a little with happiness because he took my side, verbally, of course… But everything shattered once again because her reply was very bitter for my ears.

“Ow dear, then I will continue to talk like this if you promise to punish me like you did last night…” she said while touching his leg gently… I was getting sick of her little action, but as she is, she couldn`t control herself…

“Liu dear, please be a good girl and take another seat or go dance with your friend or something because we have something very private to do now.”

I was red with anger and quickly got up and go to the dance floor while someone grabbed my waist and without notice, kissed the hell out of me. I couldn`t react clearly because I was a little tipsy, but after a few minutes of sloppy kissing I realized it was Paul… and in my state, I just couldn`t say no to him anymore. When I finally realized that I kissed Paul, I was back to basics!

“Paul! What on earth do you think you are doing???”

“Kissing my girlfriend, or next girlfriend if you want to take it that way” He said while grabbing my ass. I couldn`t say I was disgusted because he was after all my ex… but something it wasn`t quite right.

I just let it slip and he handed me a drink which I drank. And I think that was one of the biggest mistakes I ever done, because from there, I started to feel a heat coming to my head and all other areas… I can`t think clearly and it seems my hormones are getting bigger and bigger.

I remember a lot of lights. Touching and a great amount of dancing… or pleasurable dancing if I may say. It was getting hotter and I liked the great atmosphere surrounding me. I kissed every little bit of Paul, oh god how I missed his touches. I know at one point, he grabbed my waist and started touching my breasts while dancing and all of a sudden a coldness touched me.

“Don`t you dare touch her like that! You bastard!” Ralph said furring with anger

Marcela, tried desperately to get him back.

Paul just turned around and one of his fists got Ralph.

“Please! STOP!” Nothing ever happened. Les quickly grabbed me from there and Drasko tried to stop Ralph from hurting Paul more. Because he was already on top of Paul, hitting with anger… all this while Marcela cried a loud… after this incident everything went dark for me!


Sunday Mornings…. The time of the week I clearly hated. The light from the windows are blinding me and my head hurts! A lot!

I finally managed to get to the bathroom when I realized what pure happiness meant. For me, it was like this… after one night from which I remember bits and pieces, I am glad I am at my house! Safe and sound!

I turn on the shower and I fall myself in love with the warm water touching my flawless skin. After one welcomed shower, I manage to follow the great smell to the kitchen… I don`t know why I have cold pancakes’ on my kitchen table but I was glad because I was so hungry.

The problem is, I can`t remember a lot from last night… I tried while eating but I was out of my euphoria while my door bell rang. I quickly got to the door.

“Liu! How are you feeling?” said Les while getting inside and quickly making coffee in the kitchen.

“Les? What happened last night? I cannot seem to gather together some pieces… “ I asked confused

“Liu, you were totally wasted! Paul got all over you and then Ralph beat the crap out of him… because he was touching you… Marcela cried, you laughed… I don`t know, everything was so awkward”

I was lost for words… I think this much I remembered…

“But Liu! I don`t know what the fuck is wrong with your Boss! I don`t like him! He is soon to be married and he beat a guy for touching you… and he drove you back home…”


“Oh my god! You don`t remember????”

“No… please Les, luminate me!” I asked angry!

“Ok so…. After he beat Paul, Marcel stuck to his side while he got your hand and they both drove you home… nothing else…”

“Are you sure Les?”

“Mhm… yes… clearly”

I don`t trust her… she is definitely lying!

“Do not lie to me!”

“Ok, ok… well… you started yelling at Ralph for giving you mixed signals… and Marcela got angry and slapped you… I am sorry Liu, Drasko got me and I couldn`t kill that bitch!”

“And that explains why my face is hurting so much… OMG… so after this wonderful experience, I am completely sure that I will lose my job starting tomorrow morning… goodbye Valencia!”

“Oh dear… do not worry” she said while hugging me.

I started crying, loud. Les tried to calm me down but there was not a single chance she will manage.

I will lose my job, I made a fool of myself and I got slapped by a bitch… and that is how life works for me.

Sunday passed crying, sobbing and watching Netflix movies… I am unemployed and I will lose my home and everything. My life was screwed!

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