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Godlike Strike

I cannot say for sure that my life was over… but god, I am certain that my dignity was!

As Monday came into view, depression took over but I had to get to work… How can I even meet eye to eye with my boss after this recent events?

Maybe, today, the luck will be by my side, maybe I am fortunate enough for that. I selected my clothes for today and I walked into the bathroom for a quick shower. After my shower there was a knock on my door but to my surprise, there was no one there.

Eventually I managed to see an envelope at my door… that`s odd. I quickly grab the envelop and open it…. I can`t express the feeling I have inside… There are pictures, from the hellish night…. All of them in compromising positions of myself and Ralph… my next ex boss. And if this wasn`t enough, there was also a note, a simple one…. “If you ever do this again, these will get public!” and on the other side of the note there was a raven… and that`s all…

I imagine that this publicity stunt could shake all my career but most of all, my boss would be exposed during his engagement with Marcela… And if logic is by my side, that is not something we want…

I have decided… after the texts, now the envelop, if anything else happens I will go to the police… I can`t stand to be harassed like this.

A few hours later:

Surprisingly I am in my office, shuffling through e-mails and until now, nothing happened and it seems I still have my job. My laptop rang and a new e-mail from Ralph just popped into the screen.


Due to personal circumstances, you will be escorted to Valencia by our new employer who will be trained for a new department opening. You will meet him during today. If you value your position into this company, you should keep your professional behavior towards him.

Tomorrow will be the departure for your trip and I will need the followings:

-Daily reports through e-mail

-24 hours availability for skype calls in case of emergencies and urgent issues

Thank you and I hope you will have a nice flight!

CEO – R.C.”

Well, it seems that I am keeping my job after all and it seems that I will also go to Valencia. Maybe today is a good day after all.

Almost at the end of the working day, Drasko came into my office, with a bored expression.

“Hey Princess! How are you today?”

“Hey… what is wrong with you?”

“Is it that obvius ha?” he stated

“ Ok… what happened?” curiosity took the best from me

“Well, we have a new employer… “ smirking at me he stated the obvious and after I rolled my eyes at him, he continued “and this new employer is our cousin… some git who goes by the name of Jim”

“Ok Drasko, I know… I think he is the one who is supposed to come with me in Valencia, since Ralph can`t… “

“He is going with you?” he stated, angrily I presume…
“Ralph said it… not me… where is this Jim?”

“I really don`t get it!” he shouted frustrated “I don’t get it why he is sending this idiot with you and he stays here …. He is just so damn complicated! He shouldn`t be sending Jim with you since he knows his style”

“Ok Drasko, you are scarry when you are angry, you know that?”

“Of course I am scarry, you just don`t seem to see the problem here? Now don`t you?” he stated, frustrated

“No! Iluminate me !”

“Never mind! Just don`t let yourself fooled by his appearance. After all, it`s not my story to tell!” and he just left, shouting the door behind him

I don`t know what his problem was but in my perplexed state I stayed for about 5 minutes… 5 minutes and Drasko came back…

“Ok, you again! You came back to yell?”

“No, listen Princess…”

“Do not Princess me! You mister!”

“I am sorry ok?”

And I was at a loss of words

“And I am sorry for not telling you the whole story but I am frustrated with my brother and he can`t see it but I can and he likes you and you like him and Jim will get in the way, that is why I reacted so furious!”

“Ok, Drasko… calm down… first of all, you brother is my boss and I am not affectionate towards him, and secondly, I don`t even know this guy, as you call him…. How can you state that he will get in the way of something that doesn`t even exists?” I am glad that at least he saw he was over reacting

“Ok, you are right… I will try to control myself…” but he couldn`t finish his sentence because the door suddenly opened and I think the most beautiful male walked in…

“Hello Ms. Condie, it`s a pleasure to meet you! I am Jim, Bratt Jim. You company for tomorrow, for a whole week”

And that smile! Oh my god… Get back to earth, back to earth and start talking.


Fever….. going down with fever…

“Hello! Princess??? Oh my god! See, I told you!”

“Uhm, sorry.. Yes yes I will come! First thing in the morning!” I fluttered my eyelashes… coward!

“Ok!... See you tomorrow then! Good bye Ms. Condie, Drasko!”

“I told you! Look! You are a mess!”

“What happened Drasko?”

“What happened? Really? You were drooling and blushing and what on earth Liu, you haven`t even introduced yourself!”

“Ah… uhm, sorry I guess?”

“You are a mess! Please behave accordingly in this trip or I will send Ralph after you! And trust me, he won`t like it… and I think neither his fiancé…. “

“Ok ok, go!” and I shoved him out of my office… Good Lord… you send me a God and you expect me to be a priest?

I should really start praying for my professional thinking to be in order or I will jump him from day one… But at least I will look forward now for my trip… Valencia, here I come! And with a fucking God beside me!

Good Lord…. I should be getting home already!

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