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Gentleman, or not?

After all that has happened, today is finally the day for my business trip.

Quickly showering in the morning, I double check my luggage and see if everything is in place. I need this trip to get back to normal, since I was actually getting kind of stressed with everything. I just hope that this week goes smoothly and nothing wrong will happen.

And after all, I will go on this trip with the handsome Jim, so this way I can drool over him an entire week! What a great way to start the day! I thought to myself, chuckling.

Once I got in the airport, my phone rang and it was Les` calling….

“Hey darling! I just called to wish you good luck! Write, video call, simple call or anything to me! Ok?”

“Of course mom!”

“Hey, i`m not joking! I want to know everything that happens there, since one little bird told me about your company on the trip… ok so it wasn`t a little bird, more like a big owl but still, one angry one for that bit!” she said laughing a bit.

“Yuck, Les`, I don`t want to know personal details about Drasko! Keep them to yourself please!” also trying to sound as subtle as possible “do you know anything about Ralph?”

“Oh, Drasko said something really but… I didn`t get it quite right… something about weeding arrangements, I don`t know! I do not want to misinform you!” she said a bit disappointed if I can tell

“Ah, ok… I was just wondering…”

“Don`t worry dear… you`ve got yourself a handsome man with you, forget Ralph… do not get yourself sad over him, please?” Les` said, clearly for me to understand…

“I won`t…. I promise! And you know me, my luck in boys only goes this far…”

“Hey! Promise me you will keep me updates, not only on your business but also on your emotions… you know I can handle anything you throw!”

“Of course! You`re my best friend… Thank you Les`! Really, this means a lot!”

“Of course beautiful! Anytime!”

“Oh, sorry, I see my companion waving, I need to go now! I will call you Les`”

“Ok! Go! Grab him!” she said laughing at the end….

I rolled my eyes, she is so childish sometimes that even I wonder how I am friends with her! Anyhow, I grab my luggage and start going towards Jim.

“Hello there miss! Are you ready?”

“Hey, yes… checked in already?”

“Of course! Let`s get a drink while we wait!” he said while grabbing me from my waist… ok so now, I should act normal, and professional!

After a while of drinking, water! We finally boarded the plane… now I can finally sleep for a few hours until we reach Valencia! Amazing week, here I come!

After a couple of hours, endless waiting for leaving the airport, we finally reached our hotel. Between Jim and the hot temperature here, I don`t know if I`m flustered by the weather or him, but either way! He is still one hot god walking besides me.

We reach the reception area and the person there gave us our keys. Let me just tell you that this 5 star hotel is amazing! I just can`t wait to get into the room. We get into the elevator and suddenly Jim leaned near me, whispering in my ear.

“Dear, if you keep wearing skirts like today, I cannot guarantee your safety since you are the room next door to mine. Keep that in mind!” he stated in a husky voice…

So now, I was at a loss of words again and blushed furiously… I managed to gather my strengths and reply. I leaned in closer to his ear but unfortunately he is so tall and I lost my balance, tripping and waiting for the fall….

“Oh, you`re already falling for me? “ he stated, chuckling…

“Ahh! You…. You should stop that.” I said gesturing around me

“And why is that miss? I just stated the obvious. Anyway, I am truly sorry if I upset you! “ He said sincerely.

“There is no problem… sorry I tripped over you…”

And then, the elevator stopped at the 8th floor and we quickly get to our rooms. Our rooms were next to each other but as soon as I entered mine I was simply amazed about it. The room was huge! There was a big bedroom on the left while in front of it it was a big flat screen. The layout was simple but I had access to a balcony with a great view over the sea! And the bathroom might be my favorite part. It was grey and with a big bath tub where I can surely relax with a glass of wine! Everything was so simple but yet huge! I quickly left my luggage on the floor and I enjoyed the wonderful sheets from my bed! It was all just so overwhelming that I fall asleep. After a few hours I got woken up by loud knocking on my door!

“Hey! Are you there dear?”

Knock knok!

“Hello, we need to go down to dinner and there is a ball organized here, also for us! Do you want to accompany me?”

“Hello ms. Condie!”

“Ok! Be right there!” I answered, finally. Opening the door I saw Jim standing there in a black suit and let me tell you, it suited him perfectly! “What`s wrong? Why on earth are you banging like this on my door?” I said half asleep…

“Well, because I don`t have your phone number and I thought you were sleeping… and as it seems, I thought right!”

“Ok, so what? Dinner?”

“Yes, dinner! Please change and meet me in the lobby? There is also a ball so dress accordingly dear. I will be waiting down there but please do not take longer than 30 minutes, we have until seven to reach dinner and it`s already six and a half.”

“Ok, I will get ready! See you there Jim!” and with that, he turned around and I could admire his back… and he has one hell of a back… if I could say so.

I quickly got back in my room but there was another knock on my door. Irritated I opened the door and to my surprise it wasn`t Jim this time….

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