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Lady in red

It wasn`t Jim, but it was someone from the hotel staff…

“Hello Miss Condie. I am sorry for disturbing you but You just received this package.”

He handed me a big pink box, with a perfect bow.

“Uhm, ok. Thank you!”

“If you could please sign here, just to have the proof that you received it.”

“Of course.” I signed it and said my goodbye.

I put the box on the bed and quickly opened it, to reveal a beautiful red dress. It was shorter on the front side, longer on the back side and strapless. It was perfect and awesome! I wonder who sent me this?? I started searching fanatically through the box, I expected it to be from Les`, she sometimes does this kind of stuff, but to my surprise it wasn`t from Les`, and there indeed was a note inside.

“Wear this tonight. It`s an order.

P.S. Someone might hide in the shadows. Watch for the wolf, little red riding hood

R. “

Ok, the dress is awesome and I have the perfect black pair of heels for it… But might it be from Ralph? Do I know more people with an R in the name? And also, that reference… I am certain it has an erotic scent to it. Since I am no innocent in this part either, and since is also a hot boss who certainly likes to get attention… Ok Boss!

Game on!

I finished my makeup and now it was the time for the dress!

It was perfect. It hugged my waist and my boob’s seemed bigger in it. But the best part, were my legs, they looked huge although I am a tiny person. It was a perfect dress and I can say, I felt like a princess. I quickly grabbed my heels and headed down towards the lobby. When the elevator doors opened, there were a few eyes on me, and I was feeling fcking fantastic. I saw Jim waiting and his eyes light up with amazement, and lust maybe, if I noticed correctly. He walked by my side and grabbed me by the waist.

“Come on my lady, dinner awaits!”

“Oh, stop that. You make me blush!”

“Well, you shouldn`t. You are a beautiful woman and you did me the honor to walk with me. There is nothing more I want. Let`s grab some dinner.”

“Uhm, ok. You look beautiful too”

“I always look beautiful.” He stated with a full ego.

I rolled my eyes but I allowed him to get me to dinner. We reached our table and this is how dinner has started.

After a while…

The dinner went smoothly, although I looked like a princess, a felt like so much more. The dishes were so extravagant that I was even afraid to taste them. In my whole life, I haven`t had such luxury like I have here. I can only state that life was pretty awesome for the moment. We had 5 course dishes and I was full in no time. Jim, on the other hand, was a gentleman. No more kinky remarks from his side, only great taste and perfect conversations. We talked a lot, from the weather to politics. When diner was finally over, we went to a ball room. One of the most extravagant ball room I ever seen. From the golden ceiling to the white walls. A big chandelier in the middle and a lot of dance space. The orchestra played perfectly smooth and it seems like I was born to lose myself in a place like this.

We grabbed a glass of champagne and with all my lady like personality, I quickly drank it. I needed it. I was nervous and happy. It has been a long time since I felt so happy. After I left home to work in a bigger city and to follow my dream, I was always in a some kind of depression. So this is why today, I was truly happy.

There were a lot of people on the dance floor. Their dance skills were perfect and they were moving in perfect synchronization. I honestly think that someone must have taken me from my life, and placed me here, just to have a taste from this perfect night. Just as I was lost in thoughts, it seems that Jim caught my attention. He went without a word to a wonderful lady and if I saw correctly from his stance, he asked her to dance. I cannot say that I am jealous but I felt something inside me. Who wouldn’t? Because until now I was his date here, and maybe I should’ve been the one to dance with… I quickly got interrupted from my dream state because my phone rang. I grabbed it from my purse and I saw a new message, from an unknown number.

“Don`t forget, the little red riding hood walked alone in a dark forest…. Be careful or the dark might get you.”

I frowned my eyebrows together… I can be the same unknown number from the other days, but also, it cannot. My phone rang again and I looked at the second message and I felt a strange fear building inside me.

“Stop thinking so hard, I might get and when I do, Ralph will pay for everything he is doing!”

In what universe there was a connection? Sure, Ralph was a wanted man, according to many magazines, one wealthy bachelor also and handsome, of course. He even got number one for the last 3 years. Why would someone decide to get to me just to hurt him? Maybe it was a misunderstanding in some business, but if that is so… That only means! Oh my god! I am being watched! I looked around myself and I tried to see someone who was typing or watching the phone or anything wrong… but nothing. I got to the toilet and quickly called Les`. This, because something was happening and I should tell someone about this if it means that my safety is in danger.

I quickly locked myself into the toilet and I called Les`.

“Hey Darling! I`m so glad you called, how are you?”

“Les`, just listen to me… I have received a message…” and so on, I told her the full story, from the beginning… and she was just silent, no reply, no nothing.

“Les`? you there?”

“Yes Liu, of course! Sorry, you just caught me by surprise. Look, don`t worry! I will talk with Drasko about this. You just stay there where are many people around you. If there are people, you shouldn`t have any problems. I will call you right after I talk with Drasko! Take care Liu`, please take care!”

“I will. Call me! Bye!”

And now, I was waiting for her call back…. And waiting and after a while, I decided I shouldn`t wait in the bathroom, she was right, I should be in a room full of people so this way no one could touch me. And with that in mind, I got back to the ball room.

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