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Blame it on Tequila

After I arrived in the ball room, my inner tension was reaching the highest ground. I knew that a room full of people will help my condition, but I never expected to get so panicked in the ball room. My vision was blurry and I couldn`t breathe … I usually had panic attacks when I was a little girl, but my feelings now indicate that I am very close to having another. 1…2…3…4….5 Inhale, exhale was my mantra and I repeated this steps for what seemed like a long time. But the process had no success. Suddenly, a pair of strong arms grabbed my waist and whispered in my ear…

“Calm down, imagine you are in a forest, in the morning. Now imagine there is a river and you can concentrate on the sound the river makes…. Can you hear it dear?”

After I gathered my strength, I could finally answer. “Yes… I can now… Thank you!” I said while I stabilized my breathing. The strong arms left loose and when I turned around there was no one there…

It seems like hours has passed until Les` called again. I quickly and clumsy answered my phone while looking for a quiet place to talk.

“Liu? How are you? Are you ok? Are you in a room full of people? Please answer me!!!”

“Hey hey! I am ok, what took you so long…? I am, I am now in the ballroom.”

“Thank God! I was so worried for you. Listen to me, I talked to Drasko and he is on his way to you. Do not leave the ball room, ok? I will be there first thing in the morning so I will also stay with you since I always wanted some girl time between ourselves.”

“Les! Why will Drasko come here? I know he has the means to come but why would he? Is this more serious that I thought?”

“Liu, you received a very dangerous treat. He wants to come there to make sure you are safe and ok and also because he doesn`t want Ralph to find out. It seems that he thinks that Ralph will throw a tantrum so he is coming to make sure you are ok and safe and also to save his brother dignity… you know? Possessiveness and stuff like that….” Les quickly whispered in the phone “So, no more panic from you side because Drasko will be there soon, he said that in about 2 hours he will arrive. Find Jim, stay close to him and be careful please!”

“Les, I don`t want to sound whiny but please, keep your phone near you because I might call you again, who knows what will happen… and thank you! Thank you for reacting so quickly, although I doubt about the Ralph business but I know there is no use to contradict you.”

“You are my BFF darling! How could I not react quickly! Go, find Jim and stay with him until Drasko will arrive! It`s an order!”

“Will do that… promise! I love you Les!”

“Love you too sweetie. Take care! Bye!”

After the phone call I decided to find Jim in the room full of people but just like fate, he found me first and quickly.

“Hello there princess! Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Hey… Yes… I guess… How are you?”

“Well, since you just catch every guys attention in the house, I decided it`s time to step in and grab you a drink. Will accompany me for an exchange of pleasantries?”

“Of course!” And I grabbed his arm and found ourselves seated at the bar.

After one and too many shots of tequila, my vision was completely blurred and this night’s threats were long forgotten.

“So, Liu, let`s play truth or dare. What do you say?”

“Well well, I never imagined such a gentleman like you will propose such a childish game… But I love it! Let`s do it! Who starts?”

“Ladie`s first!”

“Ok Jim, truth or dare?”

“Hmmm… I think I will like truth for the first round!”

“Ah, you are no fun. I always like to pick dare more…. But ok… Answer me honestly…. How can you maintain such great looking abs? ha? I am so mesmerized by them.” I said and I felt a wave of heat brushing my face… but hey, it was a decent question…

“Hmm… Gym, 3 times a week and that`s all!”

“I don`t believe you!!! Sorry!”

“Well, good for me that the rules are not stating that you need to believe me or not. Now it`s my turn if I am not mistaken.” He said with pure evil in his eyes.

“Well, hit me with your best shot!”

“Ok dear, truth? Or dare?”

“Dare me Jim!”

“I dare you to finish that drink in one gulp and meet me up in your room.” He said so casually…

“Well, if I am not mistaken, there are 2… I am only eligible to one.”

“If that is so… you little princess… I dare you to wait me in your room and I will bring your drink there!”

I quickly got up and of course I went to my room. Because after all, with all those drinks, I had some needs so why not persuade them? I got into the elevator and Jim was right there…

“Wait a minute, wasn`t I supposed to wait for you in my room? Wasn`t that my dare?” But as soon as I finished my question he grabbed me by the waist and kissed me forcefully. I gave him permission to slip inside my mouth and his touching was reverberating. He slowly found his way down my thigh and I was so overwhelmed with need that I didn`t think straight. The elevator came to a close and we found our way to the bedroom while still kissing.

After we got inside, the clothes were no more and he pushed me on the bed, and like a hunter, he came above me and started some passionate kissing session again. While my mind was in cloud nine, my body began to ache for him more and more. And like he sensed my movements, in a quick session, his hands were in my knickers. Such passion and such force.

I don`t know how it happened but in my dreamy state he was just about to enter me and after just a few thrusts he whispered in my ear making goosebumps all over my skin.

“Say it Liu, you are *thrust* mine!” and his ministrations were so overwhelming “Say it!” he demaned. So as a good girl as I am …

“Yes! I …. Am …. Yours!” and with one final thrust we reached oblivion together.

“Oh my god! You were perfect!” I said

“Well… I really am perfect right?”

And in that exact moment, the doorbell rand. So of course I forgot that it was my room so my first decision was to let Jim answer it. How can you blame a girl? After such passion? I simply forget things!

Jim opened the door and all I saw was that a fist connected with his jaw…

“You are fired Jim!” said the voice of the fist.

After a few seconds, Ralph came inside the room and now I know… it is my room! … I should`ve answered that fucked up door! Blame it on tequila girl!

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