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New Designer

Next Morning.

Great headache.

Well done Lu`, again!

I woke up and I am still in my living room. I take a good look at my watch and realize that today is Saturday so I am not late anywhere. I slowly get up… it seems that I fall asleep on the floor. Good job monkey! My head hurts like crazy so first thing to do is go in the kitchen, grab a glass a water and the sacred medicine, for my hangover. So, today will be another day. Let the boringness begin! After a few hours of Netflix and ice cream my telephone buzzes. I get up, scared a bit, because Leslie is on vacation and there is nobody else who will contact me, or who can contact me. I grab my phone and I have a new message. From Paul.

“Hello there beautiful, how are you today?”

I am completely frozen, maybe he want`s to talk things over? But the phone buzzes again.

“I am sorry, wrong number. I will delete you so there will be no more confusion”

I am fueled with anger and start typing on my phone, loudly as a touch pad can be.

“No problem, but please do not contact me again! I don`t want to hear anything from you for the rest of my life! Fuck off!”


And that was the only action I got for myself that Saturday. And Sunday just passed by like any other boring Netflix day.

Alarm clock!

I quickly get up, ready for my first day at work. I can say, that in the last year, today is the most excited day. If I leave out one dinner I had with my ex, which proved to be very low and without any romance included. I grab my phone and it`s 6:30 so I have to leave the house by 7:20 maximum so I can get by work at 7:50. I need an extra 10 minutes for any kind of delay I can counter. I get dressed, do my morning routine and take a quick look in the mirror. I can say that I look presentable, the skirt is a little oversize, but in rest, I can manage to rule the corporate look. I grab my keys and my purse, and hop along the corporation road!

It`s 7:45 and finally I arrive in the parking area of the company. I park my car quickly and go inside the building. Even today, as I look up, my breathing is taken away by it`s beauty! I go over the reception desk, to the beautiful blonde.

“Hello, I am Liusaidh. I will be the new assistant for the team leader for interior designs. Today is my first day. Can you guide me, please to my office?” – And I make puppy eyes, those always work. But to my surprise, they didn`t worked this time. The beautiful lady just looks at me, from under her lashes, and all she can say is:

“Aham. Elevator – 10th floor. Interior design. Help yourself.”

And after that, I just stay there, stunned… I slowly go to the elevator when I hear her laughing behind me and when I turn around she quickly moves her stare….

Maybe it`s all in my head, due to my latest depressions, but maybe she is evil, just as her look in her eyes.

I get into the elevator, with emotions all over the place. I keep my head down and press the button for the 10 floor and I get ready to talk to my friend, the elevator lady. This until he came along.

Hello there Ms. Condie. I can see that you have some little improvements regarding your outfit” and he stares at me, with his gold eyes raising an eyebrow.

“Uhm, I try. Thank you!” I try to give him the most honest response….

“That was not a compliment, just a little statement for little improvement.” Coldly, watching the door.

I felt awful, the rest of the time. I haven`t even started my work hours and he is already mocking me. Although he is beautiful on the outside, he is so rotten on the inside. I just wish for this day to pass.

I get down on the 10th floor. It`s another gorgeous room, and the woman, who looks a little older for this job, from the reception desk quickly grabs my hand and introduces herself.


“Hey, I am Liusaidh, I am here for the new assistant job, for design team leader? “

And she just stays there, staring at me…. I try to stop the silence, since I am already close to 8 0`clock.

“Can you help me to my desk? Please?”

“I suppose you are Ms. Condie. I am very sorry miss but it seems that our Team Leader just resigned Friday afternoon, and it was communicated that you will take her place. I can show you the email Mr. Crawford sent. If you still want to continue, please follow me…” she looks a little agitated, and she looks older than my mother… with age, comes wisdom… so I follow her… to the very depth of the hallway, to the last office which is now empty but with a great light, natural light. Similar to the 21st floor, it`s big and with black and white décor.

“Ms. Condie, this is your new office. Please make yourself comfortable and I will get you a cup of coffee. How do you like it?”

Still confused, I answer slightly… “Uhm, Latte Machiatto, 2 sugars, please…”

And while she returns her step to the door, I can almost be sure that I have heard her say, “just like her… “but once again, my subconscious is laughing at me. And that is when I stop my crazy thoughts.

In about 5 minutes, there is a knock on my door. A single knock followed by the same arrogant man who interviewed me. He gets inside without any concern, he is the CEO after all.

“Ms. Condie, it seems you have settled and you are on the latest news. Since today you will work in this office. You will receive a work car and telephone and laptop and you must be available 24 hours since you will be the new team leader designer. If you have something to add, now it`s the time.” He looks at me with his starry gold eyes and I am frozen to the spot. He raises an eyebrow and still, ice… “So? What do you have to say? … Anything?”

“Uhm yes, “ I try to add… “Yes, I accept this post. I will be available and I will not disappoint you Mr. Crawford, thank you! Thank you for this opportunity!”

“Aham. Of course you accept this post, you would be a fool not to. Now, change your dress style, stay firm and be sure to always, and I mean always, be on time!” His voice tone changed a bit, he is one dominant boss. I am glad I am not his assistant. As I stay glued to the spot, he charges predatory through me…

Oh, and something else Mr. Condie. I like my coffee black, be sure to have it on your desk, every morning, at 8:30 sharp. And also, get yourself a new perfume, vanilla or lavender. Not those fruity mix stuff you are wearing.” And with that being said, he leaves the office. Quickly followed by the elderly women who doesn`t look surprised at all.

This is how my work day went. But I have put my mind with one goal. To find everything I can about this Crawford Ralph. Google will definitely be my best friends. As my grandma used to say… To conquer everything, you should know everything. With that in mind, my research is the main goal!

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