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Meeting The precious

Monday evening:

As I savor my glass of red wine, I scroll my Instagram page nervously. Never have I ever been this bored. I grab my laptop and open the browser. Ralph Crawford, enter!

There seems to be a lot of pages for this singular persona. I quickly shuffle through them because all of them, and I mean all of them are from gossip websites and different blogs. What caught my attention is how he is always dressed in a suit. He look gorgeous, with muscles visible through his shirt and great eyes, and the smirk, always present. It seems that this particular man is the epitome of self-confidence. The titles are mostly like this: “The playboy bachelor”, “The billionaires body” and so on… I stare at his pictures with my mouth slightly open… and I don`t usually do this. It seems he has a lot of pictures with different woman let me add… very beautiful woman. Seems like he is the super model man with super model woman at his side. I, as a feminist, would stop the staring at some pictures but I really can`t. He is one hot piece of man, and he knows really how to show it. After hours and hours of searching, I fell asleep, on the couch, in the living room. My alarm clock starts ringing, announcing that is the time for me to get ready to another day at work. I hope that today I can start my lessons so I can start working something useful.

I arrive at work at 7:45 so I have to make coffee for Mr. Crawford, as he clearly instructed me to. I have a different outfit today, I still have my sneakers but combined with a pencil skirt and on office blouse, I can definitely say that this is an actual improvement.

I get into the elevator, eager to speak with my only friend in this company, the elevator lady. As I stay there with my purse in one hand and 2 coffees in another, I am quickly shocked by another entry inside the elevator. One beautiful women, long legs, pure blonde hair and blue eyes. And a red tight, very tight dress. As she get`s inside I quickly make some space for her, as my subconscious would know that I am low, very low under her looks. We both get in silence to the last floor and it seems we both want to go to the same office. She sees me going straight ahead and she is faster than me, of course, going inside first. As I get inside I am lost for words, because this beautiful woman, quickly grabs Mr. Crawford by the collar and kisses him like they are the only ones in the office.

After I grab my thoughts together, I can finally say something “Hmm, hello Mr. Crawford! I just, just grabbed your coffee…” and with that being said, she gives me one hell of a look and he, his genuinely smirk.

“Hello Ms. Condie, you can leave it on the office.”

And as I try to go and leave it on her office, she kisses him again, pulling him above her. I blush, because this kind of affection is overwhelming, at least to be present as an outsider for this action. And after that kiss, another war is about to start….While she kissed him, fiercely, she took some steps back and bumped into me, and I managed to spill some of the coffee on my new shirt… Great day, I said to myself while trying, hard, to keep my calm!

“Ms. Condie, I said to leave it on the office and get your new dressed ass out of here!” And that`s when I snapped, mostly because I was lost for words, and I was just staring. But he brought me back to the present time, quickly, with his smirk and his answer…

“I am sorry Mr. Crawford, Ms….?” And she answered, of and she answered with all of her pride, and self-esteem.

“Future Ms. Crawford, lady, be sure to remember this properly!”

And with looks she gives me, and how he chuckles at her after that statement, I grabbed my dressed ass and get back to my office. Offended, again.

Later on, I opened my email again, responding to our last client as I assumed from Ms. Annie. I quickly schedule a meeting with him, since he wants to prepare his new bought house to impress his girlfriend’s family. They are Spanish people so he want some Spanish design. As I got caught analyzing the sketches for his interior, Annie comes inside and tells me that I should go to the cafeteria and have lunch, since it`s almost 12 pm already. With that in mind, I quickly grab my food and go to the cafeteria.

I reached the desired area and my feet stops, because Mr. Crawford, there he is. After his rude comment and hers… I was offended. And every time my self-esteem is hit, I am closing my thoughts inside my head, and also my socializing skills. As I try to get inside, slowly, my eyes stares at him. He is wonderful. Full lips, the smirk, the famous smirk on his face and those features are absolutely to die for. He has his suit pants on and one white shirt, with his muscles flexing underneath. I am staring, again, day dreaming of his looks.

And when he sees me staring at him, I almost collapse on the table next to me. I am certain that this is my worst day ever. No make-up, no nothing, I just sit here and stare at my boss’s boss because technically, I have to respond directly to the Designer Director. And that is the moment I knew. My shirt has a stain of coffee and I blush with all my face. Not just my cheeks, but I can also feel my eyes red. And that stain of coffee is from his girlfriend, slash that… his fiancé. His predator body comes to my side and all I can do is close my eyes, and hope for the best! And just how my imagination works, I was certain that he will acknowledge me, but instead, he walked pass me, to the women on my right. One gorgeous redhead whose smile is like something an angel sends to earth. Ashamed of my thoughts, I grab my purse and head back to the office and boom, my head hurts and my purse is all over the floor. All the attention of my colleagues are on me, and I quickly try to grab my things from the floor while watching for collateral damage. And the collateral damage is gorgeous! Same gold eyes but blonde hair, on his knees, helping me grab my stuff. For the moment, I can`t breathe and I can`t speak, until I realize that I am trapped into the Crawford genes, he is the brother. Good thing I did my research, it seems I was able to recognize him. After I finally got the nerves to close my mouth from staring at him, I finally managed to say something.. Thank you brain! For cooperating with me!

“Uhm, I am sorry… I didn`t mean to…”

“No problem princess. It`s my pleasure to bump into beautiful girls like you.” And while he said that, he just weighted me from head, to toe, with his gorgeous smile, evil smile playing on his lips. Our eyes met midway, just for them to be interrupted… rude interrupted…

“Mr. Drasko, would you be so kind to flirt with your employee in your office, better yet, her office?” Mr. Crawford said coldly, staring at this gorgeous man, who clearly is his precious brother.

“What did you say big brother? I am the Director of the design and I surely know beauty when I see it…” And he turns his body towards me and says “So, princess, you must be my new Team Leader Designer? Am I right?” the smirk present… the great and gorgeous smile!

“Y-Yes, I am Lisuaidh Condie, it`s a pleasure to meet you, sir!” I stated, almost with a trembling voice.

“Oh, are you scottish? Please tell me you are Scottish because I never interacted with a Scottish girl, and between you and me” he almost whispered “ I always wanted to try a scottish girl”

And in that instant I blushed and excused myself… because I don`t usually get attention, and I don`t know how to react at this attention… While I exited the door, I heard Mr. Crawford behind me…

“Little brother, you scared her off. Look at her how is she running from you, father won`t be pleased…” and they both laughed, like soundly, very soundly laughing.

Strike 2- self-esteem hurt. Again!

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