Crawford CEO

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You will do as I say

Back in my office, I grab the files necessary for our new client. I am supposed to meet him at lunch at 2 o`clock. While I am arranging the necessary, a new e-mail poped up on the screen. Labeled “Welcome to Crawford Co. Ms. Condie”

I quickly open it to see who is it from, it seems like my friend hasn`t forgotten me. It from itself, Clark Crawford.

“Hello Ms. Condie,

I hope this e-mail reaches you well. I am well aware of your position at my company, former company. I trust you will exceed yourself and make us most proud. I suggested to my eldest son to give you this position, since you are the most eligible to run it. If anything, or anyone, says something unpleasant to you, please contact me. Meanwhile, if you have any question, be free to answer to this e-mail and I will gladly help you.

I hope for the best and I am very proud that you are a part of our team.


Clark C. “

A sudden smile appears on my lips. What should I say to him, that he has 2 gorgeous sons? Or that one of them is laughing at me with every chance he gets? I may be a little angry for the moment but I managed to respond to his e-mail, professionally, or that is what I thought!

“Hello Mr. Crawford,

Thank you for this opportunity but it seems that only you have faith in me” Nothing subtle here I said to myself, as I continue writing “I will definitely try my best to not let you down. I am eager to start working with this Spanish client so I will definitely let you know if I have any questions. I am little afraid of the responsibility, but as I said, I will try my very best to not disappoint you. Thank you for your help and also for this position, I don`t know how can I make it up to you.


L. Condie”

And Sent! Although I tried to be as professional as I could, I can`t let down the fact that this man helped me, although he hasn`t seen me yet. After a few more minutes there was a knock on my door and I haven`t even managed to let the person inside because the door flew open. One angry man got inside, no other than Mr. CEO itself. His eyes were burning with rage as he came angrily to my office.

“Listen here Ms. Condie!” He stated, with his dark eyes and baritone voice… I backed up a little on my chair because he has a very dominant voice and I can`t gather my thoughts clearly around this.

“Just because my father wanted you here, that doesn`t mean I want you here! There are a lot of people willing and more qualified for this job so you should be grateful to me, not to my father!”

I wanted to say something, but my words won`t come out. I just stood there dumb folded at his reaction…

“So, from now on, you will do as I say, exactly as I say! If you try to go beyond me, you will be fired the next minute! Try and be grateful you ungrateful brat!”

Shocked was an understatement for my current expression. My words finally managed to get out… loudly!

“You, you are not allowed to abuse me like this! I will definitely not accept this!”

He comes closer, our foreheads almost touching…

“You will! And you should! You are in debt to me, not to my father! I accepted you here so from now on you will do as I say!”

“Then, I will gladly pack my things and leave!” I stated, firmly I thought! But the next action is not something I expected, as I turned around, trying to get to the door. Mr. Arrogant CEO grabbed my arm and turned me to face him. His eyes were still dark with anger, his eyebrows raised and his lips form a tiny line, he is angry, that thing is for sure…

“YOU WILL NOT LEAVE! You are not allowed to resign! Go and do your job you`re paid to do.” And with that, he let go of my arm and out the door he was…

I was in shock.

Usually I am not accepting this kind of treatment, since it`s my employer right to resign whenever I wish to. But his voice, so commanding just got me… somehow low. I do my best to try and get back to work, but some tears are currently falling on my checks. I am very emotional when someone is yelling angry at me. My email notification just announce me that I have one new e-mail. I quickly open it, trying to stop the tears.

“Subject: As I say!


Ms. Condie,

Due to our recent conversation, I trust you understood your position in this company. If there is everything you need, you will come to me! Not my father, since he is retired and he is trying to have a peaceful life.

I will not accept any signs of arrogance or misbehavior from your side since your job is to let our clients with a good impression of our company.

I trust the pay check will convince you about the important role your position has regarding our business growth.

Next week we will be flying to Valencia for a business meeting with one potential client. You will be there with me since you will take care of it. From Monday until Friday you should clear you schedule. My assistant will take care of the necessary miscellaneous regarding our business trip.

My assistant will contact you about the wardrobe change you need for the professional look we need in this trip.

As from now on, you will not disobey me!


Crawford Ralph “

Well, after a few minutes of reading, and re reading the e-mail, I was a bit convinced… indeed the pay check is big enough, at least that is what my contract stated. Maybe I am too volcanic, as my mother would say. I don`t answer tough, I don`t have anything to add. I quickly close my laptop and grab my bag. It`s almost 2 o`clock and I should focus on my work, I need this on my resume and everyone has to be brave to assume any kind of treatment, in a civic way of course, to grow in this business section.

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