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Little Peach

I managed to impress this client with the current portfolio. Everything is as he was imagined it, he stated. First, since I arrived here, I am pleased with my accomplishment. My phone rang as I was heading back to my office. My bff Leslie just texted me “Hey there stranger! Tonight at 10 get ready, grease pub awaits. I will at your place and next we will take a taxi. Kissesssss :*:* “ Finally, something fun. I quickly text her back that I will get ready and prepare myself for a dancing night with her. It seems like has been months since I saw my bff, although it was just 2 weeks while she was on vacation. I couldn`t wait to talk to her because she is the only one who can manage to make me laugh about any bad situation.

The next hour at work passed quickly. No new emails and not even any other incident. As soon as the clock ticked 5 o`clock, I grabbed my purse and headed back home. I passed near the brothers office, he looks so cute with his business suite, concentrated on some papers. Again I was staring at him, of course. He saw me and I quickly looked away. My phone rang. New number, a text message. “Princess, you look beautiful even after a work day. I wish you a fun afternoon ;). Drasko Crawford” I instantly blushed and he saw it, and he smirked. That genius handsome man seems more like his father than his other brother. I shyly waved at him and sprinted towards the elevator.

Time passes by when you are day dreaming… I am truly mesmerized about both brothers. The small one, he is sweet and demanding but the big one, he is powerful, he emanates power everywhere he goes. He is arrogant and cocky but has one beautiful smile plastered on his handsome face. Muscular arms and body and everything a girl whishes but still, he is arrogant and that is the most defying feature about him.

I changed in my club outfit, and I mean one cute little red dress with great red stilettos on. The dress is tight, just above the knees. It`s simple, and it goes great with my strapless push up. I am in a great need of push up. The door rings and there she is, my dear Leslie!

“Heeeeey girlfriend, long time no see!” she said while hugging me. “Come on, our taxi awaits”. And with that being said, I grabbed my purse and got outside into the taxi. When we got into the cab, Leslie pulls out something from her purse, a mask…. And a beautiful red one, like in venetia.

“Here you Liu`, this is for you. Put it on!”

“Ok,ok, but why do we need a mask Les`?” I asked, confused.

“Becaaaause, the party tonight it`s a masquerade and I didn`t told you that right?....” she looked at me with bright blue eyes while getting another 2 papers from her purse… “What are those???? Les`???”

“Well, since you are talking with the new editor in chief at Gossiping, we have ourselves… TA-DAM!” she hands me an invitation to a masquerade ball, in LUX club (a very prestigious club I might say).

“OMG! LES`!!! This is are just for high class, how did you? “

“I have my own strings dear, one night of fun with my best friend, whom I missed a lot!” and she hugged me, and I hugged her back.

“We`re going to have so much fun!” And our masks are identical, hers black with golden lace, and mine red with black lace.

We reached our destination and as soon as we got out of the car, we had our masks on.

“Liu`, let`s make a deal! For tonight we should be someone else, I am Anna and you are Clara. New people, for a night. What do you say?” it`s at seem she read my mind because I need a new name for me to gain pure relaxation…

“Perfect Les, hmm, I mean Anna! And also, no talking about our work or anything with pressure, just for tonight? Agree?”


And she grabbed my arm and we got inside!

The room was beautiful, with leather couches on the sides, a great chandelier and some jazz music live played from the sage. The main color was red, and it seems like we are from some mobster movies. We slowly reached the bar and ordered 2 martinis. And so the night begins!

After about 5 martini, we are dancing our shoes off on the dance floor. The music is loud in the speakers and the DJ is perfect!!! He is handsome and his music is mixed to the verge of passion. I dance with Les` while some guys are coming into our circle.

“Hello there beauties, I am Jean and this is my brother Mark! You?”

Well well… hoties! – just stated inside my mind. I didn`t got to answer because my dear friend took the initiative.

“Hey, I am Anna and she is Clara. She is a little shy so be gently with her”

Les` is drunk. Sooooo drunk… Only in that moment she has such confidence in herself. And we danced with these hoties some songs…. Until a slow song came along. I am still so tipsy and I just wanted to stay a little bit down, maybe lay a bit on the couch but a strong arm grabbed me and for my surprise the arm didn`t took me on the dance floor, but on a small hallway nearby. It was Mark, the guy from before. And he was trying to kiss me while his hands got my waist.. This is not happening! I am almost trembling in fear.

“No-no. Please! Don`t!”

“Shut up, you`ll like it!” he said, smirking but my vision is blurry. Very blurry.

I saw a shadow behind Mark and he took his hands of me. A punch in his face and this new savior of mine took my hand and left mark on the floor, beaten up.

“Are you alright? Did he hurt you?” he stated in a dark voice

He has a black mask on his face and a black tuxedo with a red tie. His body is godlike! And his voice is melting me on my knees.

“Hmm, I am alright… I-I don`t know what he was up to… I don’t know…” I try to form a real sentence;

“You look familiar” he stated looking directly in my eyes “what`s your name?”

“L-I mean – Clara”

“Never mind, it was just a thought. Well, nice to meet you C – I am Mike” and we shake hands… friendly it seems, but his grip is muscular on my tiny hand.

In that exact moment, he also seemed familiar but my fairytale with zoro was ending because 2 beautiful females came by his side. “I`m sorry Clara, but you can`t keep hot girl waiting. See you around little peach.” and he just took off with them. Gently putting his hands on their lower back. I felt a little bit jealous, but there is no need to be jealous about some unknown guy? Right? And also, little peach? Who on earth is still using that nickname…

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